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Ruhe 10m 1/2 inch PTFE Thread Seal Tape, 17-1901 (Pack of 10)
  • Long Lasting Durability, Highly Adhesive & Water-Proof

  • Durable & Easy to Use

MLOP 12m Teflon Thread Tape (Pack of 5)
Holdtite 12mmx12m PTFE Thread Type Seal Tape (Pack of 1000)
By: Holdtite
Available on Request
  • Withstands High Pressure & Uniformly Thick

  • High Elongation Width Wise

Holdtite Plus 12mmx10m PTFE Thread Type Seal Tape (Pack of 500)
  • High Elongation Width Wise

  • Resistance to Most Chemicals

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Thread Sealing Tapes

100% of users prefer Thread Sealing Tapes in price range of ₹200-₹300

M-Seal 12mmx10m PTFE Thread Seal Teflon Tape (Pack of 50)
Champion 1/2 inch Teflon Thread Tape, Length: 12 m
By: Champion
Available on Request
Holdtite 12mmx4m PTFE Thread Type Seal Tape (Pack of 480)
By: Holdtite
Available on Request
  • Resistance to Most Chemicals

  • High Elongation Width Wise

M-Seal 12mmx5m PTFE Thread Seal Teflon Tape (Pack of 30)
M-Seal 12mmx12m PTFE Thread Seal Teflon Tape (Pack of 50)
Renvox Single Sided PTFE Yellow Thread Seal Teflon Tape for Plumbing Pipe Fittings (Pack of 5)
Renvox Single Sided PTFE Yellow Thread Seal Teflon Tape for Plumbing Pipe Fittings (Pack of 20)
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Renvox
Available on Request
  • Used for Pipe Fittings, Plumbing, Aquarium, Washing Machine, Water Tap

  • Ideal Product to Fix Any Water Leak

Renvox Single Sided PTFE Yellow Thread Seal Teflon Tape for Plumbing Pipe Fittings (Pack of 10)
Holdtite 12mmx8m PTFE Thread Type Seal Tape (Pack of 1000)
By: Holdtite
Available on Request
  • Resistance to Most Chemicals

  • Withstands High Pressure & Uniformly Thick

Renvox Single Sided PTFE Thread Seal Teflon Tape for Plumbing Pipe Fittings
Clint 10 Pcs 10m PTFE Thread Seal Tape Box
By: Clint
Available on Request
  • Covered with a Sturdy Plastic Cover that Protects the Tape...

  • Has a Network Structure Consisting of Micro-Slender Fibers & Knots...

Renvox Single Sided PTFE Yellow Thread Seal Teflon Tape for Plumbing Pipe Fittings (Pack of 2)

Buy Useful & Long-Lasting Teflon Tapes Online at Attractive Prices

The thread seal tape is also known as plumber’s tape or Teflon tape as well which are very useful addition to your plumbing kit. you can use these tapes in various plumbing applications, such as pipe fittings, tap fittings, and much more at the same time. These tapes are very useful for plumbers as they need these tapes for almost all types of work they do. These tapes are made with a material known as PTFE which makes them waterproof and durable. These tapes are available in different sizes and lengths for various purposes. you can get these tapes easily anywhere throughout the nation, both online as well offline. In addition, these PTFE or Teflon plumber tapes are available online at, from various top-notch brands, such as Champion, M-Seal, and more.


Various Types of Thread Sealing Tapes Available to Buy Online

Skived Plumbing Tape: Skived plumbing tape is a type of tape that comprises PTFE billets or blocks skived to get the minimum film thickness. Therefore, this thing makes the tape slim and thin which lets it stick properly to the desired place or joint. Moreover, these skived tapes are available online on Moglix, with great offers and attractive deals at the same time.


Calendared Plumbing Tape: In this type of tape, the tape goes through a process where the PTFE gets melted into a film or sheet-like material. Moreover, this tape is used in various industrial as well as commercial applications at the same time. You can easily buy these tapes online on Moglix, at reasonable prices and with some additional benefits as well.


Teflon Coated Tape: Teflon-coated tape is usually made with fibreglass fabric material substrates which are coated with Teflon. These are made with the tightly woven fibre of fibreglass which gives them proper dimensional stability and the PTFE coating gives them a slippery and anti-friction release surface at the same time. In addition, these types of tapes are also available on our website, at wholesale prices.


Laminated Thread Sealing Tape: Laminated thread sealing tapes are very common in various applications when we talk about the plumbing industry. These tapes are used for various purposes, such as binding the taps, joining pipes, and a lot of other fittings and attachment activities at the same time. Additionally, you can buy these tapes online at Moglix’s website, at the best prices and attractive offers as well.


Some Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Thread Tape

Brand: You should always choose a good brand when buying a Teflon or plumber tape. These tapes are used in plumbing-related activities and tasks. However, these tasks and applications are very important and should be done in a proper way or manner so that the task can be done efficiently. Therefore, these Teflon tapes from good brands help in doing so and never disappoint you with their quality and end result at the same time.


Material: The material that is used for making these tapes matters a lot. The tapes made from good quality material last for a longer period of time. Whereas the tapes crafted from a low-quality material last for a lesser period of time, and they also don’t perform properly where required. Therefore, you should always choose a Teflon tape that is made with good quality material.


Type: There are various types of Teflon or plumber tapes available in the market. You can choose from the huge variety and buy the one that perfectly suits your need. Some tapes have an extended length, some have a broader tape, and much more, therefore, you should always check first which type of tape you need in your plumbing applications.


Thickness: Thickness also plays an important role, as in some applications, the tape’s thickness should be minimal, whereas, in some cases, the thickness of the tape should be more. Therefore, you should always see which type of tape you require, a thick one or a thin one. you can also ask your plumber, as they have a better knowledge of these things.


Length: The lengths provided in these plumbing tapes are different in different types and models of tapes. Some tapes are way too lengthy, whereas, some are short in length at the same time. Therefore, just check how much tape length you require and then place the order for the tape you need in the plumbing applications.


Top-Selling Brands to Buy Plumbing Tapes Online on Moglix

Renvox Thread Sealing TapesRenvox is one of the best-sellers under this category and provides premium quality in its tapes at the same time. Moreover, the tapes manufactured by this brand are known for their long-lasting nature and these tapes are easy to apply as well. Furthermore, you can buy various such tapes and equipment from this brand, online at Moglix at affordable prices.


M-Seal Thread Sealing Tapes: M-Seal is one of the best-selling brands when we talk about plumbing accessories and fitment adhesives and tapes. This brand has a huge market in this segment. Moreover, there are numerous customers that trust this brand for its quality products and affordable prices at the same time. You can buy several products from M-Seal online at our website, with great offers and discounts as well.


Clint Thread Sealing Tapes: Clint is a well-known and popular brand in the category of plumbing tapes and accessories. You can trust this brand as it already has a huge customer base already in the market, with all the happy and satisfied users at the same time. Clint focuses on providing quality products to its customers, and that’s what makes this brand one of the best-sellers in this category.


Champion Thread Sealing TapesChampion is a brand that needs no introduction. This brand has been serving the nation for a long time. This brand manufactures and sells quality products at reasonable rates for its customers. All these efforts and practices from this brand make the users feel satisfied and happy with the price and performance of the products. Additionally, Champion is also one of the bestselling brands when it comes to Teflon tapes for plumbing applications.


Get Your Hands on Durable Thread Sealing Tapes at Discounted Rates Online

Plumbing is a wide category of miscellaneous tasks and activities related to taps, pipes, water fitments, and various other things. However, in all these tasks and activities, the thing that is always required is none other than a Teflon tape aka thread sealing tape or Teflon tape at the same time. Therefore, you should always have some Teflon tapes available in your toolkit so that you don’t have to rush for them when you need them. Furthermore, these plumbing tapes are used in almost all types of plumbing works that require pipe joining or tap fitments, etc. Additionally, we, at Moglix, put in our best possible efforts so that the customers can feel happy when they shop with us.


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