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Warning Tapes

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The Wonders of the Warning Tapes

From the most recent crime and murder series to the latest warning signs barring out an area in your neighborhood after a recent landslide or some other natural disaster, warning tapes will not be all that new to you. Warning tapes are signboards in ribbon form that warns people of some form of danger or caution they should take ahead. It can be on roads, buildings, forests, avenues, or pavements. You will basically see them wherever there have been people involved in an accident or the other.

Black and Yellow Tape Variety and Its Use

different types of tapes mean different things. When it comes to the black and yellow tape, it is a color combination that means a danger of a specific nature. For your information, this tape means that there is a danger of a physical hazard ahead. It can mean anything from a hole in the ground, flooding in the neighborhood ahead, a fallen tree, a landslide incident, fallen electrical wires, etc. The list goes on.

Hazard Tapes and What They Mean

Hazard tapes usually have words written on them and warn people of a variety of dangers that are ahead. It is less of a cautionary danger and more of one that people should avoid altogether if they see it. These tapes are usually used in situations where an area is marked out on all sides and that people should not come near it without proper reason or permission.

They have words like 'danger' and 'caution' written on them. When these danger tapes are used, it means that there could have been a gas leak nearby in a factory, or even a crime scene such as a hit-and-run vehicular scene, a shop broken into by miscreants, a person murdered and left in the area. Another name for these tapes is barricade tapes.

Another type of danger tape that you should know about is red and white tape. This tape usually signifies that there is a fire hazard nearby, and people should stay away or evacuate the area as soon as possible.

There are also electrical warning tapes that are used in underground hazards and made of special polyethylene that is resistant to rot and mold.

Buy Warning Tapes Online at Moglix

Moglix is a well-known B2B e-commerce site that provides industrial, mechanical, and business-oriented products at premium quality and to customer preference. Moglix provides the best prices on warning tapes with as much variety in the types of tapes as well.

There are also different types of tapes at Moglix that are adhesive, non-adhesive, or self-adhesive. Some of them can also glow in the dark, reflect, are waterproof, etc. They can also come with or without words, have more than one word, just a design of a stick figure, or dual colored arrows. Moglix warning tapes come in various materials and are from top brands like Safari, Darit, 3M, Udit, Clickforsign, Vision, and many more. Shop these tapes at your comfort and enjoy their benefits all along.

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