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Camel 200A Single Phase IGBT Technology ARC Welding Machine with Hot Start Anti-Sticking, MMA 200
  • VED System

  • Resistant to Voltage Fluctuation

iBELL IBL 220-76 160-250V IGBT Inverter Arc Welding Machine with 2 Years Warranty
4.7 (9 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹9,00024% OFF
  • Equipped with VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) Technology

  • Light Weight & Compact Design, IGBT & Overheat Protection

Xtra Power XP-WM-200A Arc Welding Machine with Accessories
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Xtra Power
₹8,34233% OFF
  • Thermal Overload Protection

  • Spray Technology Iron Shell

Spartan 6.6kVA 220A Red & Black Single Phase IGBT Arc Inverter Welding Machine with 6 Months Warranty, LT-220S12i
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Spartan
₹8,49938% OFF
  • It comes with Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine with input

  • This welding machine can be plugged into a 220V wall

Toshon ARC 200G 230VAC 200A Single Phase IGBT Welding Machine
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Toshon
₹6,9997% OFF
  • High Quality & Power Saving Design

  • IGBT Inverter Technology

Seema 200A Yellow Single Phase AC ARC Welding Machine with Accessories & 1 Year Warranty, S.SP.T.P.SR-2
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Seema
₹20,10439% OFF
  • Portable & Silicon Core Stamping

  • Low Power Consumption, Easy to Use, Long Life, Maintenance Free

Turkish Metro M-ARC200 20-200A Yellow Single Phase Heavy Duty IGBT Inverter Welding Machine
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Turkish
₹7,45838% OFF
  • It is Built to Offer Quick, Stable, Strong & More

  • Durable, Light Weight, Portable Highly Effective, Low Consumption, Easy to

iBELL 300A Dual Phase IGBT Heavy Duty Inverter ARC Welding Machine with Hot Start & 2 Years Warranty, M300-106
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹21,18750% OFF
  • Hot Start Provides Excellent ARC Ignition without the Electrode Sticking

  • Anti Sticking Feature Minimizes the Short Circuit Current in the

Bravio BR 250A Single Phase 250A Arc Welding Machine
  • Compact in Size But Powerful with Wide Rated Voltage from

  • Anti-Stick Function, Hot Start Feature, Comes with Power Boost Button...

Micro 30-280A Single Phase IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine, ARC-280
  • Current Stepless Adjustment & Easy to Use

  • Equipped with Overheating, Over Loading Protection, Reliable & Stable

Bravio BR 275A Single Phase 275A Arc Welding Machine
  • Anti-stick Function, Hot Start, Arc Force Control Function, Easy to

  • Multipurpose, Advanced Design & Hot Start Easy Portable Arc Welder

Camel 300A Single Phase IGBT Technology ARC Welding Machine with Hot Start Anti-Sticking, MMA 300
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Camel
₹22,00044% OFF
  • Smart Fan System Cooling Technology

  • Compact, Portable Highly Effective, Low Consumption, Energy Saving with Strong

Shakti Technology ARC-200N 200A Inverter ARC Welding Machine with Accessories & 6 Months Warranty
4.4 (9 Reviews)
By: Shakti Inverter
₹6,0007% OFF
  • Lightweight & Easy to Maintain

  • Easy to Use, Long Lasting & Well Designed

Shakti 200A Single Phase IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine with Hot Start & Anti-Stick Functions with 1 Year Warranty, MMA-200G
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Shakti
₹9,99933% OFF
  • Hot Start Anti-Stick Assembly & Thermal Protective Assembly

  • Multipurpose Control Panel & Versatile Design

Shakti Technology MMA-250G 250A IGBT Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions & 1 Year Warranty
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Shakti
₹9,99916% OFF
  • Anti Stick Function

  • IGBT Protection System

Micro Mini 30-250A Single/Double Phase IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine, ARC-250
  • Current Stepless Adjustment & Easy to Use

  • Equipped with Overheating, Over Loading Protection, Reliable & Stable

Micro 30-250A Single Phase IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine, ARC-250
  • Safe to Use

  • Current Stepless Adjustment & Easy to Use

GK 36 ARC 200 Single Phase MOSFET Welding Machine with Accessories & 1 Year Warranty
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Gk 36
₹10,00024% OFF
  • Best welder with strong ability for both of professional &

  • Durable,Light weight,Portable & easy to carry

Seema 200A Yellow Single Phase AC ARC Welding Machine
  • Corrosion Resistant: Yes

  • Portable & Silicon Core Stamping

Bravio BR 220A Single Phase 220A Inverter ARC Welding Machine
  • Light in Weight & Less Maintenance

  • Anti Stick & Hot Start Function

Xtra Power XP-WM-250A 30A IGBT Arc Welding Machine
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Xtra Power
₹10,19631% OFF
  • Used Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Technology

  • Generates Heat that Melts the Metal Parts so that these

Xtra Power XP-WM-300A 32A IGBT Arc Welding Machine
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Xtra Power
₹11,70226% OFF
  • Generates Heat that Melts the Metal Parts so that these

  • Easy to Weld Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper

Skarcmaster ARC 200C Jazz 200A Single Phase Portable Hot Start Inverter Arc Welding Machine
Stamp Bridge SBT ARC 200 Blue Single Phase Welding Machine & Accessories
  • Durable, Light Weight, Portable & Easy to Carry, Suitable for

  • Advanced Inverter Arc Welding Machine with Wide Voltage with Overheat

Bravio BR 200A Single Phase 200A  Arc Welding Machine
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Bravio
₹7,49024% OFF
  • Anti-stick Function, Easy to Use & Long Life

  • Anti Stick & Hot Start Function

Makute MMA300Neo 300A Blue Professional Heavy Duty Inverter ARC Welding Machine with Accessories Set
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Makute
₹10,99921% OFF
  • Easy to Use, Long Life & Well Designed

  • Light in Weight & Less Maintenance Compare to Other Welding

GK 36 300A Heavy Duty Mosfet Type Three Phase Welding Machine with Accessories & 12 Months Warranty, ARC300
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Gk 36
₹19,50012% OFF
  • Its Strong Power, Power Saver, Anti Breakdown, Stable ARC &

  • Welding Application: Used in Machinery Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Processing, Automotive

Pinaka MMA 260B 260A IGBT LCD Display Inverter Welding Machine with Accessories
  • Fast Welding Velocity, Beautiful Welding Gap, Small Size & Light

  • Strong Anti-overload Capability

Schweiber DURABLE MIG ARC 400 380V 20-400A Three Phase Welding Machine
  • Can be Used with Generator

  • Outstanding Arc Stability with Low Spatter

Shakti Technology ARC-220A 220A IGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine with Hot Start, Anti-Stick Functions, Arc Force Control & 1 Year Warranty
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Shakti
₹9,99926% OFF
  • Convenient Yet Safe

  • Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection &

Gb Kore Arc 200A Single Phase Digital Display IGBT Technology Welding Kit with Free Standard Accessories
  • Quality Assured Material

  • Compact Size & Lightweight

iBELL M220-76 Pro 220A IGBT Welding Machine with Hot Start, TSP0043
  • Adjustable ARC force function

  • Adjustable Hot Start Function

Camel MMA 200MAX 0-200A IGBT Technology Single Phase Inverter Arc Welding Machine with Overheat Protection Anti-Sticking & 6 Month Warranty
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Camel
₹9,99936% OFF
  • Anti-Sticking Preventing Against Over Loading the Unit Easing Removal of

  • Small Size, Light Weight, Energy Saving, No Noise

Multi Power 20-200A ARC Inverter Welding Machine, MP-WM-200
  • Current Regulator & IGBT Inverter Technology

  • Digital Display

Sauran ARC 200N 200A Heavy Duty Inverter Welding Machine With Accessories
  • Easy Functioning & Smooth Functionality

  • This Arc Welding Machine Comes with a Powerful Motor that

Krost Tc7730 Compact Powerful Welding Inverter Machine-Arc 200 With Safety Equipments And Welding Accessories Goggle Combo
  • Lower Energy Consumption

  • 1 M Welding Cable, Welding Holder, Boiler Suit, Welding Goggle,...

Armac MINI 200 200A Single Phase Inverter Arc Welding Machine
  • IGBT Technology

  • Auto Protection Against O.V & O.C, Digital Meter Display for

GK 36 ARC400BIJ 400A Three Phase IGBT Welding Machine with Hot Start & Anti-Stick Functions
  • Ease In Removal Of The Welded Flux, Thermostatic Control &

  • Heavy & Light Industry, Convenient And Safe Over-voltage Protection

Sauran ARC-200G 200A IGBT Inverter Welding Machine
  • Compact Design

  • Light Weight

Purchase High Quality Arc Welding Machines at Wholesale Prices

The heat needed to fuse the metal is produced by an electric arc formed between the base metal and an electrode in arc welding machines. By establishing an electric arc between a metal stick and the base material with the aid of a welding power source, arc welding devices melt metals at the point of contact. The employees use consumable or non-consumable electrodes as well as direct (DC) or alternating (AC) current. 


Arc welding is significantly less expensive than other methods. Arc welding often requires fewer resources in the first place due to gas shortages, and the equipment is affordable and widely available. Arc welding machines are used in many applications, including steel construction, heavy equipment repair, pipeline welding, and several large-scale building projects. At Moglix you can find the best industrial welding machines at affordable prices from top brands such as Banson, iBell, Shakti, GK 36, PowerHouse, and more.


Various Types of Sturdy Industrial Welding Machines Available Online

TIG Welding Machines: An inert gas is used in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding. This arc welding can join different metals, such as stainless steel, aluminium, and iron, without producing sparks. The shielding gas is an inert gas such as argon or helium, while the discharge electrode is non-consumable tungsten. The procedure involves creating an arc in an inert gas and melting and welding the base material with the heat from the arc.


MAG Welding Machines: Arc welding with an active gas is known as MAG (Metal Active Gas) welding. Other names for the procedure include CO2 arc welding and CO2 welding. This method is typically used to weld ferrous metals automatically or semi-automatically. Since CO2 reacts chemically with nonferrous metals like aluminium, it is not suitable for them.


MIG Welding Machines: Another type of arc welding is MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. Similar to TIG welding, MIG welding employs an inert gas as the shielding gas, but it uses a discharge electrode that melts while welding, making it a consumable electrode kind of welding.


The procedure is typically used to combine workpieces made of stainless steel or an aluminium alloy. Depending on the metal being welded, the right kind of shielding gas must be employed.


SMAW Welding Machines: An example of a consumable (fusible) electrode type of arc welding is shielded metal arc welding (SMAW). The electrode is a metal rod known as a shielded metal arc welding rod that is formed of the same substance as the base material. Heat is generated by the arc that forms between the electrode's core wire and the base material.


SAW Welding Machines: Electric arc welding machines of the sort used for submerged arc welding (SAW) involve a consumable electrode that is continuously supplied and a layer of fusible flux that, when molten, becomes conductive and establishes a current path between the component and the electrode.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Affordable Industrial Welding Machines

Working Specifications: Prior to anything else, one must be aware of the requirements for which the machine will be put to use. Considerations for working conditions should include materials, workspace, geographic impacts, time restraints, available skill set, and others.


Electricity Consumption: The kind of electric arc welding machines you select should be dependent on both the standard voltage present in your workspace and their power consumption. Arc welding equipment typically uses little power, but this can vary between models.


Material Type: The kind of materials being welded, as well as their thickness, must be taken into account. Different machines operate on various metals in various ways. One should choose a welding instrument that is suitable for the metal one will be working with the most.


Compressed Gases: Every model is created to perform differently under various circumstances. They operate by using a variety of pressurised gases as well. The cost and accessibility of the gas should be taken into account before purchasing the machines.


Budget: Keep in mind to account for both the cost of the welder itself as well as the cost of the consumables and accessories you'll need to operate your new welder. Along with gas and consumables, welding safety gear (helmets, gloves, coats, etc.) should be available.


Digital Technology:  Due to most welding machines now having digital interfaces rather than dial ones, welders should consider using these as a competitive advantage.


Top Brands that Sell Durable Welding Machines Online

Banson Arc Welding MachinesBanson is one of the top welding machine brands in India which satisfies customers' expectations for cutting and welding. They use a worldwide quality control system for semi manufactured and finished items while operating under strict supervision to produce the best welding equipment. In addition to being incredibly controllable, lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly, they also make the equipment resistant to overheating and current.


iBELL Arc Welding Machines: MIG, TIG, SAW, engine-driven welding generators, multipurpose welding equipment and others are all produced by iBell. They are the forerunners in the welding industry when it comes to creating portable welders, and addressing technological requirements while guaranteeing complete health and safety. Manufacturing, fabrication, aviation, agriculture, motorsports, education, and maritime all employ iBell products.


Shakti Arc Welding MachinesShakti specialises in producing effective, strong arc welding machines at affordable prices. This brand introduced digital welding techniques in the world and is continuously improving. Their apparatus is flexible and performs at a high level.


GK 36 Arc Welding Machines: GK 36 has risen to the top of the global welding and cutting machine manufacturing hierarchy thanks to its innovative efforts. They provide automated and mechanised industrial welding machines. They also specialise in machinery for single-phase arc welding transformers.


Hobart Arc Welding Machines: Hobart offers a more extended warranty than other brands. They design, experiment with and produce a range of highly durable electric arc welding machines. Their portable welders are perfect for the manufacturing, vehicle repair, maintenance, and agricultural sectors.


At Moglix, you can also get arc welding machines from other reputable brands such as Roshni, Dharia, BWI, Toshweld, ESAB, Bravio, Mass Pro, All Star, and more. 


Shop for Premium Quality Arc Welding Machines at Moglix

High end industrial welding machines with well regarded accessories are available from top brands at Moglix. They are produced using state of the art technologies and premium materials. Following thorough market research, the materials utilised to create these welding machines are selected from the most reliable and authentic suppliers. They provide the most significant answers to current industrial welding problems. For a large selection of authentic, high-quality Arc Welding Machines, Moglix is a one stop shop and a well known e-commerce platform. With just a few clicks on the Moglix site, you can order an extremely durable and high quality arc welding machine and have it delivered right to your door.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Arc Welding Machines

Why my arc welder is not working?

One of the most common reasons your welder can not spark is that the connection points between the welder and the metal pieces are dirty or clogged. This means that both the workpiece where the arc is to be formed and the connection point for the work lead clamp must be bare metal.

Why does my arc welder keep overheating?

A welding cable that is too small, flattened, frayed, or old can cause excessive resistance. Coiling the cable can also increase resistance. Insecurely fastening the work clamp to the work will cause it to overheat. Voltage drop is affected by both the size and length of the cable.