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Krost 800W Digital Portable Pipe Welding Machine
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Krost
₹5,45036% OFF
  • Temperature digital display

  • Can be welded to different plastic pipe fittings

Semco SI HWM 737U 2.8kW Intelligent Precision Pulse Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • 3 Usb Ports for Output, Charging & Testing Port for

  • LED Light Function, Setting Welding Parameter & Pulse Selection Charging...

Semco SI HWM 788H-USB 2.8kW Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Spot Welding, Lithium Battery Testing, with Three Functions Charging, Ultra-Fast

  • Both the Knob-Type Quick-Setting Pulse Group (16-Pulse) High-Current Slow Welding...

Semco SI HWM 737DH 4.3kW Intelligent Precision Pulse Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Built-in LED Light, Dual Welding Mode & High Power, Provide

  • Provides Intelligent Auto-Triggering Spot Welding, Pulse Current Precise Adjusting, Time

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Spot Welding Machines

100% of users prefer Spot Welding Machines in price range of ₹31000-₹32000

Semco SI HWM 801D 12kW Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • It Has No Interference to the Electric Circuit & No

  • Equipped with Two Super Capacitors for Energy Storage & A

Semco SI HWM 709AD Plus 3.8kW Microcomputer Precise Pulse Battery Spot Welding & Soldering Machine
  • Upgraded Exterior Design & Spot-Welding Function & Added Trigger Induction

  • The Spot-Welding Pen Automatically Spots After Touching the Welding Material

Semco SI HWM 737G Plus 4.3kW Intelligent Precision Pulse Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Dual Mode, Convenient to Move Machine & Easy to Carry

  • Welding Calibration Control, Line Control & Foot Pedal Control, Fixed

Semco SI HWM 788S-PRO 3.8kW Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • 3.8 Kw Power Rating

  • Pulse Time Range: 0.5Ms to 18Ms

Aasons Handheld Water Pipe Fusion Welding Machine for PPR/PE/PP Welding with 3Pc Die Head
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Aa Sons
Available on Request
  • The Pipe Welding Machine Built In Round Aluminum Alloy Heat...

  • Welding Plate Is Adopted Aluminum Alloy, Durable For Use, And

Aasons 20-32mm Handheld Water Pipe Fusion Welding Machine for PPR/PE/PP Welding with 3Pc Die Head
  • Welding Plate Is Adopted Aluminum Alloy, Durable For Use, And

  • The Pipe Welding Machine Built In Round Aluminum Alloy Heat...

Semco SI HWM 738AL 3.6kW Intelligent Precision Pulse Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Induction to Set Pulse Group Fast, Easy to Weld 0.2mm

  • Welding Effect, Elegant Welding Spot, Welding Head with Magnetic &

Semco SI HWM 801B 11.6kW Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Small Size & Light Weight, More Powerful & Reliable, Up...

  • Equipped with the 70B Mobile Welding Pen, 73S Handle-Push Welding...

Semco SI HWM 801A Plus 11.6kW Lithium Battery Spot Welding Machine
  • Automatically & Foot Pedal Welding Mode, Stable Output & Not

  • High Reliability Industrial Grade Design, The Temperature of The Spot-Welding...

Spot Welding Machine: A True Partner To Welders

Spot welding is a versatile, ubiquitous technique used across numerous industries to join metal surfaces securely. It involves pressing electrodes onto the metal while applying electric current to melt and fuse overlapping pieces. Unlike arc or laser welding, spot welding is quick, minimises heat damage, requires no filler metals or shielding gas, and lends itself to automation. 

With the right spot welding tool, precise welds can be made repeatedly to mass-produce components or fabricate one-off assemblies on demand. Spot welders have electrode arms that use pressure and current to make welds in seconds. Systems range from basic, manual devices to robotic welders handling high-volume production. This makes spot welding invaluable for fabrication, manufacturing, prototyping, and repair applications.


Types of Spot Welding Methods and Their Usage

Resistance Spot Welding

  • Commonly used to join metal sheets and components in the automotive, appliance, electronics, and other industries
  • It relies on a combination of electrical current, clamping force, and resistive heat to form welds
  • Can create small, precise welds rapidly
  • Portable spot welding guns allow flexibility in manufacturing


Capacitor-Discharge Spot Welding

  • Stores energy in capacitors that rapidly discharge through the metals being joined
  • No external power supply is required - self-contained energy storage
  • Adjustable discharge current and timing parameters
  • Used for delicate materials, prototypes, aerospace applications
  • Useful for field repairs due to portability


Projection Welding

  • Electrodes contact one side of workpieces, concentrating heat
  • Allows access from a single side for thick overlapping joints
  • Used for welding machinery components, gears, sprockets
  • Applicable to high-strength structural frames
  • Depth of weld penetration can be precisely controlled


Roller Spot Welding

  • Uses motorised wheels or rollers to press and feed metal sheets
  • Enables continuous long seam spot welds
  • Used in high-volume production lines
  • Ideal for drums, tubes, electronic chassis
  • Permit high speeds compared to traditional spot-welding guns


Key Factors When Selecting Spot Welding Machine

With various spot welding methods and equipment available, keep these aspects in mind when picking a system:

  • Joint Type – What type of joints need to be welded - overlap, seam, multi-sheet? This impacts electrode style.
  • Metal Type and Thickness – The system must handle the conductive and thermal properties of the metals used, along with their gauge/thickness. Consider duty cycle needs.
  • Repetition and Volume - Manual, semi-auto or robotic welder based on production volumes. The higher initial cost of automated equipment offset by productivity gains.
  • Power Supply – Match supply voltage and amp capacity to metal stackups. Consider wires, isolation transformers, capacitors if needed.
  • Electrode Force – Ensure adequate electrode pressure for the application without excess that damages metal. Pressure is key for good welds.
  • Weld Quality – Evaluate weld penetrations needs, heat affected zones, required strength, visual standards per application specifications and codes.
  • Duty Cycle Rating – Choose spot welder that can make frequent welds without overheating. This varies greatly by model. See manufacturer ratings.
  • Control and Feedback - Manual, preset or programmable weld cycles. Some add sensors and analytics for quality control.  

Why Spot Welding Tools is Essential in Industrial Work

With versatility across materials, efficiencies in production, precision, and repeatability, resistance welder delivers key user benefits:

  • Speed – Spot welds fasten materials together in seconds, keeping fabrication and manufacturing work moving.
  • Strength – Concentrated heat melts metal internally for full-depth joints without relying only on surface fusion.     
  • Automation – Machinery steadily performs sequential precision welds without operator intervention.
  • Consistency – Programmable weld cycles ensure uniform high quality welds. 
  • Adaptability – Spot weld a wide range of conductive metals and material thicknesses. Adjust parameters to suit.    
  • Reliability – Proven welding method trusted across critical manufacturing and engineering sectors.

Common Spot Welding Applications Seen in Industry

  1. Automotive - Frames, chassis, gears, axles, drivetrains, panels
  2. Appliances – Washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, more.
  3. Electronics - Computer, consumer, medical devices
  4. Batteries – Join tabs to cells
  5. HVAC and plumbing – Heat exchangers, ducting, pipes, collectors
  6. Furniture – Locking joints of desks, cabinets, shelving
  7. Aerospace – Aircraft skin panels, engine hardware
  8. Jewelry – Precious metal rings, chains, settings
  9. Ordnance – Shells, magazines, ordnance parts      

Why Buy Spot Welding Tools From Moglix   

Spot welding's ability to join metal while concentrating heat makes it an essential process where production volume, precision, and quality matter. Major industries around the globe rely daily on resistance welders for manufacturing necessities.  When looking for spot welding equipment, Moglix provides an extensive online marketplace with a wide range of spot welding machines for batteries, parts, and accessories.

Browse leading industrial brands of manual, automatic, projected, and specialised resistance welders to find the optimum solution. Consult our welding experts for personalized recommendations and advice. Invest wisely into your manufacturing capabilities with Moglix industrial supply.