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Buy Printers Online!

Printers form a vital part of the office or home as computers in today’s work environment. Therefore, to help buyers maintain a steady flow in their day to day work, Moglix presents a variety printers sourced from leading brands such as HP, Canon, Brother, PanasonicSamsungXeroxRicoh, Epson, Casio, Konica Minolta, Kyocera etc. The printers that we have as a part of our online collection will enable you to print important documents as well as photographs at excellent speeds. We have procured these printers keeping in mind the needs of our customer base who include professionals, home based users as well as owners of cyber cafes.

The printer price across all models has been devised keeping in mind the spending power of buyers from all walks of life. Therefore, you can acquire the model which serves your needs perfectly without having to spend beyond your means. The 3 in 1 printers which we are offering as a part of this collection can be used for copying, scanning and printing. They are suitable for colour and monochrome scanning and come with an ink saving mode feature. We also deal in colour laser printers, office printers etc. To find the best printer for homes & office check out our collection printers online

Smoothen Your Workflow Using All In One Printers

The all in one printers that we offer as a part of our collection can print, scan and fax with a high level of quality and resolution. If you do, then a multifunctional printer would be ideal for you. Using improved functionality, these printers are highly cost effective cost savers since you don’t have to acquire machines from different functions. Some of the unique aspects of all in one printers which form a part of our collection includes: -

  • These all in one printers are highly functional and can be used for scanning, copying and faxing. Some models can be also used for photo printing also.
  • They can be used for scanning multipage documents frequently.
  • All in one printers are suitable for scanning documents at high resolutions.
  • They offer a better printing resolution as compared to inkjet printers.

The wireless all in one printers which form a part of collection are highly versatile and have quicker copy time as compared to other models available in the market. They can be utilised for printing different types of papers like envelope, plain, label, envelope, heavy and transparent.

These multifunctional printers are ideal for use in homes and commercial use. The printers that we offer as a part of our collection have been procured from trusted brands like Canon, Brother, Panasonic, Samsung and Xerox. To opt for the best all in one printer for home use check the new range which we have on offer.

Print Maximum Pages within Minimum Time Using Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printers are the computer peripheral which produces a hard copy by spraying ink into paper. A normal inkjet can produce a copy with a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch(dpi). The best inkjet printer models which form a part of this range have a compact size. Therefore, they can be easily installed on the office desk or within limited space at home. The colour inkjet printer collection which we are offering online as a part of this category offer auto 2 side prints. They can be used for borderless printing up to A4.

We are also offering inkjet photo printers online as part of this range includes models which operate at ISO standard speed of A4. They come with an auto power on feature and can be used for printing, copying and scanning. Some of the distinctive features of inkjet printers are mentioned below: -

  • Inkjet printers offer finer, smoother details as compared to colour printers because of their high resolution.
  • Unlike laser printers, they do not require any warm up time and incur low costs for printing each page.
  • These printers use quick drying, water based inks and have a printhead with a number of small nozzles which spray ink into the paper surface.
  • They use a combination of colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which enables user to print images with the same quality as that of a photo development lab.

Best Quality of Printouts Using Laser Printers

 A laser printer is a famous type of personal computer printer which utilises a non-impact, photocopier technology. These laser printers offer a better quality of printouts as compared to inkjet printers, at a faster speed. To meet up with the needs of users, we have sourced the newest models of all in one laserjet printers online in this category. The all in one laser printers which we offer online as a part of this subcategory includes models which coded dialup of up to 100 dials. They have a quicker copying time as compared to other models also. They can handle a monthly print volume of 500-2500 pages.

We also deal in other types of printers such as laser malfunction printers, all in one color laser printers, laserjet printers etc. The laserjet printers available online as a part of this range come with a duty cycle of 250000 pages. Experience optimum quality of printing using the laser printers offered by Moglix. The unique features of laser printers are mentioned below: -

  • The speed of these multifunction laser printers is measured in pages per minute, i.e. the number of pages which it can print in one minute. The costlier the printer, the higher will be its PPM.
  • All laser printers come with a specific amount of memory installed in them. But this memory can be upgraded through the addition of certain memory modules.
  • The duplexing printing technology used by these printers makes them suitable for printing booklets.
  • Resolution of laser printers is measured in dots per inch. The greater the number, the better will be the graphic quality.

Enhance Your Printing Experience Using Wi-Fi Printers

Wireless networks are widely used in homes and businesses. They minimise the dangers of potential dangers caused by tripping and electrical fires which often take place in areas where too many cables are used. They are highly mobile also. At Moglix, we offer Wi-Fi printers online from brands like Canon, Samsung, HP, Xerox etc. These wireless printers operate using the monochrome laser printing method and offer high quality prints using Image Refinement Technology. Some of these models are equipped with a 5-line BW touchscreen LCD. Experience a smooth printing experience using our newest models of Wi-Fi printers.

Leading Brands of Printers Available At Moglix

At Moglix, we source printers from all leading brands in the market such as Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung, Panasonic, Casio etc. Some of these brands are mentioned below: -

Opt from Our New Range of Brother Printers

Brother printers have traditionally been one of the most trusted names among printer manufacturing companies in the world. At Moglix, we offer the latest collection of Brother printers within a wide price range to suit the needs of our buyers. We are offering both monochrome as well as multi-chrome scanners as a part of our collection. The Brother inkjet printers which we have on offer as a part of this range offer high quality coloured photo printing. They can be easily set up for wireless networking with other devices also.

Our new collection also includes Brother label printers, Brother A3 printers, Brother laser printers, Brother all in one printers etc. These printers operate using interpolated scanning resolution and use electro photographic LED (single pass) technology. They can be used for copying, scanning, giving Duplex (double sided) print and wired/wireless networking. Come, acquire the best deals on Brother printers from Moglix.

Avail The Best Deals On Canon Laser Printers Online

Are you looking for Canon printers within an affordable range? Moglix, one of the leading online B2B dealers of office equipment is offering best deals on Canon printers online. The printers that we have as a part of our collection include models that operate using monochrome laser technology. They can scan both coloured as well as monochrome pages & have an enlargement & reduction of 25-400%.

The Canon all in one printer models which we have on offer require minimal level of maintenance. They have a paper output of up to 100 sheets and operate using the monochrome laser beam printing method. They can be used for printing different types of papers such as plain, envelope, transparent etc. Our Canon printer range also includes Canon inkjet printers, Canon laser printers, Canon portable printers etc. Come, acquire the best deals on Canon printers at competitive prices offered by Moglix.

The Assortment of HP Printers Available Online at Best Prices

HP laser printers are highly valued for usage in homes, commercial establishments as well as big offices. To meet up with the diverse needs of users, we have sourced the newest models of HP all in one laser printers. The models which we offer as a part of HP printer’s collection come with a sleek design. The Scroll Scan of HP laser printers enable users to perform scanning using different types of papers.

They can ensure optimal quality of coloured printing at minimal costs and can be easily connected with a smartphone or tablet directly to the hp all in one printer wireless to ensure smooth printing without a network. Our range of HP printers online also include 3 in 1 printers, HP printer scanner etc. To acquire details on the best Hewlett-Packard printer scanners for home check out the new models which we have on offer.

Latest Models of Epson Printers Online @ Moglix

Epson printers are rated highly by people from all walks of life for their exciting features. To satisfy the diverse needs of users, we have come up with the newest range of Epson printers. The Epson all in one printers we have on offer satisfactory quality of performance with Duplex printing at an affordable price. They offer water and smudge resistant printing and can be easily connected with Wi-Fi directly. These printers can be used for printing at a high speed.

Our Epson printer collection also include Epson photo printers, Epson wireless printers, Epson colour printers, Epson inkjet printers etc. The price of these printers has been kept within a wide range. Therefore, you can acquire Epson printers of your choice without having to go out of your budget.

Searching for A Printer Scanner Copier? Your Quest Ends Here @ Moglix

Want to acquire multifunctional printers that can be used at scanning as well? At Moglix, we are offering printer scanner copiers from some of most eminent names in the market such as Brother. These printers have a compact design and offer an ultra-high yield of blank ink which can be used for printing numerous pages. The presence of the automatic document feeder and wireless networking capability makes them a highly trustworthy equipment for users. Come, acquire the best deals on printer scanner copiers available at Moglix.

Why Buy Printers Online from Moglix?

At Moglix, our concern is not just the product quality but also the overall buying experience of users. Therefore, we have created a vast supplier base both within India as well as overseas. The printers sourced by us are subjected to many quality tests prior to the dispatch process. Therefore, they can reach the buyers in the perfect quality, excellent working condition and at most competitive prices. We also deal in other types of office machines such as ShreddersLaminating MachinesSpiral Binding MachinesPaper TrimmersFax Machines etc. Come, a memorable experience of online buying beckons you at Moglix.

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