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Genuine Studds Thunder Helmets at Best Price Online at Moglix

In 1973, Studds's journey began. They've gone a long way from making their debut helmet in a garage to producing 14 million helmets each year. They have consistently evolved over the last five decades to ensure that they reflect on their commitment to protecting two-wheeler riders. Therefore, buying a Studds Thunder Helmet is a great choice because of its excellent quality and safety.

They have gotten a lot of love and respect from their consumers worldwide, earning them the title of the world's largest and best helmet manufacturer. They have always followed their philosophy of constant improvements and never settling for less than the finest. Our devotion to this principle is shown in their line of high-quality helmets and motorbike accessories.

Why Choose Studds Thunder Helmets?

Advanced Shell: The outermost layer in Studds Thunder Helmets (typically composed of fiberglass, polycarbonate, or carbon fiber) absorbs the greatest impact during a collision. The expanded polystyrene, or EPS, is the second layer of the helmet, normally made up of a foam layer. It cushions the head and cushions the majority of the impact during impacts. Therefore, Studds Thunder Helmets will save you from injury to your head.

Better Comfort liner: As the name implies, its sole purpose is to keep you comfortable while riding. This layer in these Helmets is both sweat-absorbent and washable. Comfort liners are made of antimicrobial textiles that absorb sweat and eliminate odors. These liners ensure that you are well ventilated within the Studds Thunder Helmet.

Washable Cheek pads: Liner and cheek pads in these Helmets are washable and interchangeable. They work hand in hand with the comfort lining to keep the helmet from moving following side impacts. Comfort liners and cheek pads are frequently composed of the same fabric. These are gentle pads in Studds Thunder Helmets that give additional cushioning to the face.

Front and rear vents: The most important aspect of a helmet's structure is ventilation. There's a potential you'll feel trapped if you wear a helmet because there's less airflow. To counteract this disadvantage, Studds Thunder Helmets are equipped with front and rear vents that allow air to circulate throughout the helmet. Cool air enters through the front vent, and warm air exits through the back vent, ensuring constant airflow.

High tech Visor: The visor is the front cover that shields your eyes from the sun, rain, and dust. These Helmets include UV-protective coatings on the visors and anti-fogging technology to avoid fog production during the monsoon. The closure system, also known as the retention system, comprises a chin strap that maintains the helmet in place while riding.

The Various Types Of Studds Thunder Helmets

Studds Thunder DRIFTER: Drifter D1 Decor is a full-face helmet with a great aerodynamic design. It has a regulated intensity EPS, a high-tech ventilation system with neck and upper air vents and warm air exhaust systems, a skin-friendly and interchangeable liner, detachable and interchangeable lower trim, and silicone-coated a double visor with a quickly removable chin strap. A special double visor button is included as well. Drifter D1 Decor is available in various sizes, graphics, and decals.

Studds NINJA ELITE: Ninja Elite is a higher impact flip-up visor helmet featuring two visors, one of which is a quick disconnect, as well as other characteristics such as a greater impact external layer and UV resistant coating, regulated density EPS, skin-friendly liner and removable liner, and a quick detachable chin strap. Ninja Elite Visor is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Modular or flip-up motorcycle helmets are hybrids between full-face helmets and open-face helmets.

Studds DOWNTOWN D1 DECOR: It also has UV resistant coating, controlled density EPS, an active ventilation system, skin-friendly and changeable liner, detachable and changeable lower trim, silicon-coated double visor, and fast release chin accessory are all elements of the Downtown D1 Decor open face helmet. D1 Decor is available in various sizes, designs, and decals.

Studds MOTOCROSS: The Motocross D2 Decor With Visor is an aerodynamically built off-road full-face helmet with a visor and other characteristics such as UV resistant coating, controlled density EPS, Skin-friendly and removable lining, upper and chin ventilators, and fast releasing chin strap. Motocross D2 Visor Decor comes in various sizes, designs, and decal possibilities.

Order Studds Thunder Helmets from Moglix

Studds Thunder Helmets make an excellent choice to keep yourself safe while riding your two-wheeler. It keeps you cool with its high-tech ventilation system even in hot summers. The products are reliable, durable, and made in India. Apart from helmets, the company manufactures Studds Riding jackets and riding gloves. One can conveniently buy all these products online. Moglix offers genuine products at the best prices along with good discounts. Buyers can order online from the comforts of their homes and get their orders delivered on time at no extra cost.