Brighten up your home with Philips LED Bulbs

Brighten up your home with Philips LED Bulbs

One of the greatest inventions of mankind include the Light Bulbs, invented by Thomas Alva Edison. Since the first model of bulbs, new innovations and developments have been made and bulbs are made to shine more brighter than ever, with the minimum consumption of electricity.

One of the best manufacturers of Light Bulbs is Philips, a brand selling out the best electronics since 1891. A company known for its various electric appliances in areas like Sound and Vision, Personal Care, Household Products , Automotive, Lighting and much more. The company was found by Gerald Philips and his father Frederick Philips, which was first set up in an empty factory in Eindhoven.

At first they started making and investing in carbon-filament lamps and other electro-technical objects. Later, the company's business bloomed, making it one of the top leading electronic brands all over the world. One of their best products includes Lights, which are highly worthwhile and affordable with long lasting features.

Philips LED Bulbs:

Available in various shapes and sizes, Philips LED bulbs are highly known for warmglow, decorative looks, and adjustable glow. LED bulbs can save upto 80% less energy than a normal conventional bulb. Their quality of light is impeccable and the amount of light emitted can be adjusted and dimmed. They are economically friendly and last long when maintained in a proper way.

Some of the best models of Philips LED Bulbs include Philips LED Lights, Philips LED tube lights, Philips LED Tube, Philips LED ceiling lights, Philips LED Strip Lights, Philips LED Panel Light, Philips Rechargeable LED Bulbs, Philips Concealed Light, Philips LED Lights for Home, Philips LED Flood Lights and much more.

Different models of Philips LED Bulbs:

Philips LED Lights:

Comfortable, dimmable and bright, Philips LED Lights are some of the most preferred lights all around the world. The light intensity can be adjusted and the light is pure and stable. They are the best replacements of incandescent and halogen lights and are suitable for any kind of atmosphere with its cozy features. They are highly affordable too.

Philips LED Tube Lights:

Philips LED tube lights, suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting, are made of polycarbonate materials, and normally found in the colours for creamwhite or warm white, for the better emission of light. It consists of a batten fixed in a frame, which can be attached to the walls and controlled by switches.

The LED bulb has a luminous flex of 2000 Lumen and runs in a wattage of 20 W. It produces great ambience and the light bounces off the ceiling, illuminating the entire room. In recent innovations, the LED tube lights are available with 2 modes, the work mode and relax mode, which can be changed just with the flip of a switch. They are suitable for both domestic and professional environments.

Philips LED Tubes:

The newest addition to the collected lighting system, it is operated by mesh networking technology, that allows wireless operation of the light. They consume 50% less energy than other lights, and have enhanced flexibility.

They are popularly known for their energy saving through advanced controls and have settings that are used to dim the lights, suitable to the user. They are easy to reconfigure and have a lighting performance of 50,000 hours. They are normally found to be used in offices, retails, industries and even warehouses.

Top Sellers

Philips Ceiling Lights:

Consisting of 5 to 8 ceiling lights, Philips Ceiling Lights are crafted from high quality glass and steel and offer a regal look of grandeur to your home. They are normally found semi flushed and have a coordinated range. They are also energy efficient and economically efficient. Designed with energy saving bulbs, they are suitable for all kinds of activities. They are normally fit in the ceiling of the living room. In addition to that, they can be complemented with floor lamps and wall lightings. They provide perfect ambience to the entire room.

Philips LED strip light:

Rare and one of the newest innovations, Philips LED Lightstrips are flexible to cut, bend and extend as your choice. They are used on cabinets, closets, under bars and fixed along entertainment systems to light them up.

They are expandable upto 10 meters and have a light output of 1600 lumen, which can be suitable for both professional and decorative purposes.

Some of the best features include its colours, which extends upto a choice of 16 million to choose from. It is energy efficient and requires a connection to a Philips Hue Bridge, one of the newest developments of Philips.

They are equipped with smart control and can be used anywhere. It is made up of silicon and provides a minimum guarantee of 2 years.

Philips LED Panel Lights:

Available in the colours of Warm, Cool and Natural white, Philips LED Panel lights can be fixed anywhere on ceilings to illuminate the entire room. It is elegantly designed with innovative ideas and has a strong light output. It is operated with a High Power LED, and has a long life. It is corded and requires the voltage of 230 V. It provides brilliant illumination and can be used in houses and also offices. Its marvellous design and brilliant illumination is second to none.

Philips Rechargeable LED Bulb:

Operated with 12 watts and having a warranty of 1 year, Philips Rechargeable LED Bulbs are one of the most commonly bought lights, since they consume less energy and can be recharged. It is battery powered and is fixed with high durable batteries and has a luminous flux of 1100 Lumen. It is fixed with LED bulbs, made up of polycarbonate. It can be switched to battery saving mode and the brightness gets reduced to 50% and when fully charged, it promises a continuous lighting backup of 4 hours. It never overcharges and it is made with the finest materials.

Philips Concealed Light:

With a warranty of an year and designed with energy saving bulbs, Philips Concealed light comes in white. They are made up of aluminium and save energy more than the others. It contains 12 Ceiling Light Fixtures and has a wattage of 8W.

They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be concealed by attaching them to various objects and they produce a brilliant glow of white. It is the concealed, compact luminaire with high light output and used in various interior applications.

Philips LED Lights for Home:

Though many lights can be used professionally and domestically, there are many lights that are specifically made for homes and are suitable for cozy outputs. Decorative light bulbs, wall lamps, floor lamps, and much more are sometimes designed for homes and houses to produce the perfect ambience and save energy. Types of lights made for home normally include Ceiling, Suspension, Wall, Spot and Desk/Table. Lights can be made with different features based on rooms. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can be bought at affordable rates.

Philips LED Flood Lights:

Philips LED flood lights are made in integrated designs with a long lifetime with an output maintenance to 30,000 hours. They are robust, waterproof and require no bulb replacements. It is light weight with slim designs and has a light kit included. They are used in places that require abundance lighting without being too sharp or highly intense. They are normally used in theatres and outdoors and in special events.


Still topping the list of light manufacturers even after nearly 3 centuries, Philips still keeps producing new innovative models and designs with smart features and techniques. The quality of the components used still remains intact, and is definitely worth the money. They can be bought online and also in shops, can be fixed effortlessly, and offer extreme comfort and perfect ambience. These varieties of bulbs can be bought online by ordering and checking them out at moglix.