Illuminate your home with sleek and stylish Spot Lighting

When you think of the spotlight, chances are you might think of all those dancing lights that illuminate the theatrical stages, while you are partially correct, that is not it. Spotlighting is not just confined to theatres or stages, but is now widely used in many other places.

LED spotlights are the most prominent ones in today's time. You must have surely seen those small beautiful lights at shops, restaurants or movie theatres on the ceilings and walls. Not only do these provide illumination but also give off an extremely classy and elegant look. This is the reason so many people are using these even at their homes, indoors and outdoors both.

Ofcourse, you can go for a traditional lighting option, but using spotlight LED lights will give you the ultra modern look that you see on TV and celebrity homes. A LED spotlight generally consists of a GU10 or MR16 bulb with a bulb holder. These can either be square or round in shape, perfectly blending in with the theme of your place to boast a contemporary look.

In the market a number of brands, shapes, sizes, and types of spotlights are available. If you are going for one, you must have an integrative knowledge about LED spotlights. We shall help you by throwing light on some of the most imperative yet basic aspects, so that you can make an enlightened decision.

Factors to consider before buying a LED spotlight-


The first and the foremost thing that you need to be clear about is for which place do you require the spotlights for. Whether it is a commercial place or your home. Even then you must know that a different spotlight might suit an area like a kitchen and a different one for the porch or garden. This is essential because this will give you an idea about whether light will be able to get fixed on the wall or the ceiling, and how much depth is available, where are the power points and so on.


It is quite a delight to know that LED spotlights come in various options. There are different color temperatures and also different colour rendering index (CRI) available, that will surely make it difficult for you to decide.

While buying your spotlight do look for the color temperature, which indicates how yellow or blue the light is. A 2700K will give an incandescent bulb glow, whereas 3000K would be more on the bluer side. To test for your homes starting from 3000K would be a great option.

While for CRI, which is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, 80+ would be a decent choice. So, do your research thoroughly on this, and mix and match to reach the most pleasant lighting for your place

Power and Brightness:

Unlike halogen bulbs where the power and brightness were directly proportional and measured in Watts, a LED spotlight might have different values for both. Power essentially talks about the input required for the light to function, whereas brightness is a representative of the intensity of the glow. In LED bulbs, brightness is measured in Lumens metric, where Lumens = Watts in Halogen bulb*15. So, this time look for both Watts and Lumens while you go to make a purchase.

Beam Angle:

A beam angle refers to the shape in which almost more than 50% of the light is distributed. If you need a spotlight that is concentrated on a single area, like often seen in museums where the spotlight is focussed upon a showpiece, a narrow angle would be a perfect fit.

However, if you want to enlighten a wider area, you would require a larger beam angle. Large beam angle will provide light to a bigger area but the intensity will be diluted. You must also keep in mind that the light dispersion increases with the increase in height. So, a perfect amalgamation of all these factors need to be considered by you.

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Now that we have established some basics of LED spotlights, the next thing is to know about all the types that are available:

  • Ceiling Spotlights:

As the name suggests ceiling spotlights are fixed in the ceiling. These come in various colours hues, shapes and sizes. Ceiling Spotlights need to be bought with the beam angle kept in mind, as these are at a considerable distance from the ground and a narrow beam angle might ruin the entire illumination experience. Ceiling spotlights are extremely suitable for kitchens and other rooms in your home. These are also suited for the waiting areas or lobbies of hotels, restaurants or theatres.

  • Wall Spotlights:

Sometimes due to various reasons ceilings might not be fit for adding lights, or even in other cases, wall spotlights can prove to be a better option. These are fixed on the walls and give an extremely glamorous look. Wall spotlights are best suited for commercial places like wedding halls, gardens, auditoriums, basically any place where grand entrances take place. If you are wanting to put some in your home, then you can definitely go for the porch, as it will make your house stand out.

  • Stage Spotlights:

Stage spotlights are spotlights that are especially curated to illuminate stages. These are much more intense, have adjustable orientation and come in many colours. These even require professionals to operate them. Everyone must have witnessed these in auditoriums. These are only suited for a niche cause.

Since we have discussed the factors and the types of spotlights available, we might as well take a glance upon the top sellers here at and see what your fellow buyers are investing in-

GM Fiesta 5W Warm Light Non-Dimmable Round Spot Light, 3000 K:

This is a round shaped LED light, with a beam angle of 24 degrees. It has a warm colour light with a CRI of 80 and a color temperature of 3000K. It has a power of 5W. It is also energy efficient and shockproof. It also does not have any UV or IR radiation.

Havells 11W Innova MFL Round Combo Pack (Alternative for MR16) Spot Light (6000K), LHOC44111664:

This is a round shaped LED spotlight. It has an incandescent light source and a power input of 11W. It has a colour temperature of 6000K, thus being extremely on the bluer side. It is a fluorescent light that will be best suited for party or commercial purposes.

Wipro Garnet 7W Warm White COB LED Spikelight, D930727:

This comes with lens optics for a better throw of light. It has a warm white colour and a brightness of 480 lm. It has a colour temperature of 2700 K. It has a narrow beam angle of 30 degrees and a power input of 7W. It is best suited for shops.

Philips 69070 7.5W InStyle LED Spot Light:

It is a round LED light, with a power of 7.5W. It has a colour temperature of 27K. It is made of aluminium and has a matte white finish. It also comes with an energy saving function, thus making it live longer.

Bajaj 2W 3000K LED Spot Light RD Spot Light, 830049:

It is a small spotlight at an extremely low rate. It comes with a colour temperature of 3000K, thus perfect for kitchens. It has a power of 2W and is apt for household purposes.


This was all about LED spotlights..! Hopefully this not only painted you a picture of all the factors that you need to ponder upon before making a purchase but also gave you examples of the best LED spotlights.

LED spotlights are indeed the trendiest lighting right now and to buy one of these would only add beauty to the place you want to use these for. So, without any second thoughts, go for these new and trendy lighting options at Moglix, and illuminate your home like never before..!