Buy energy efficient Syska Led Bulbs for your home and office

Buy energy efficient Syska Led Bulbs for your home and office

Syska Led Bulb lights, unlike the ordinary bulbs available in the market, are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. Syska smart bulb is an elegant and efficient solution from one of India's largest and leading LED manufacturers.

Syska group believes in offering a whole new segment of LED options that not only cater to the needs of basic utility but also ensures you have the luxury of attending to the desire for attractive home decor and in keeping the customers spoilt for choice!

Why should you choose Syska Led Lights?

Revamping your home? Or Furnishing a new one? Either way, Syska Led lights are the number 1 choice when it comes to LED lighting. The market is filled with a gamut of Led lights but Syska really separates itself from the crowd with its powerful, bright and energy-efficient bulbs that come at extremely affordable prices! Some of the key reasons to go for Syska Led Bulbs are -

  • Dimmable Brightness Control

Syska Led lights can be controlled from their Syska Rainbow LED from the play store/ App store. The brightness can be controlled along with the dimness, everything is customisable and can be personalised to fit your home decor and highlight what you want to highlight!

  • Colour Palette to change the colours

Syska bulbs can choose from 3 million shades. Whether it is violet, green or mauve, Syska has you covered! With a retrofit, 480 Lumens brightness level, App control, Syska ensures that it offers the most exclusive features in any LED light. The colour can be changed from the application and can be from their own wide gamut or from a photograph and the light colour can be changed periodically or with intervals based on your app settings and can even be synced to the music playing!

  • Pick and Change colours from camera or photograph

The user can also pick the desired colour from the bulb, from the camera or a photo. The colour of the bulb will be sensed and is variable on the visual perception of the photo, this means that if you want to highlight a painting you can take a picture of the painting and choose the colour gamut to be of that painting so when the light reflects from the painting it illuminates it and gives it a grand and aesthetic feeling!

  • Changes colours per music

Music Sync is an exciting new feature that Syska has announced. You can make the Led light change brightness levels based on the song playing in the background. If the Song is fast and has a rising beat, the lights will blink fast and choose aggressive colours such as red and orange. If the song is slow and soothing, the lights will change colours slowly and with more pleasing and comfortable tones such as beige and yellow.

  • Schedule bulb to go on off

This is an excellent feature when it comes to energy consumption and efficiency. You can schedule on off times on the application allowing the bulb to change colours or switch on off at the scheduled time. The bulb is also capable of changing colours depending on the time of the day, which means it would be dull in the morning and increase brightness as the day goes by. The level of personalisation and customisation available is unlimited and amazing!

Best Syska Led lights:

Syska offers a wide range of lights from Syska smart bulb to Syska Inverter bulb to Syska rechargeable bulb to Syska emergency bulb, however, we will be discussing the 5 must-have products!

Smart LED Wifi-Enabled Bulb-

Syska smart bulb connects to your phone allowing you to control the ambience and aura of your living space with the press of a button! Syska offers over 3 million shades of colours to choose from. These powerful and efficient lights make for the perfect home decor. You can wireless control your Syska led bulb 9 watt, all at the fraction of electricity that would otherwise be consumed. Now enjoy wireless smart controls and environment-friendly lighting at your convenience.

Candle Bulb-

This Syska bulb portrays the aesthetics of a lit candle. This acts as a rechargeable candle with a higher brightness quotient and mimics the shape of a burning candle, isn't that genius? This Syska inverter bulb is the perfect choice for homes, restaurants, offices and hotel spaces. Now impress your guests at parties and special occasions with this new Syska Led bulb!

LED Tube Lights-

Syska tube lights are compact, slim and elegant. This Syska led charging bulb offers 3 different tones of light, is extremely easy to install and saves more than 70% on power! Bring home this Syska LED lamp for a low-maintenance, hassle-free and environmentally friendly experience!

Colour Changing Strip Lights-

This Syska has taken the world by storm. These lights are easy to install, extremely safe and offer a wide gamut of colours to choose from. Syska Led Lights are the perfect decor item with installation possibilities on mirrors, bed rests, cabinets, kitchen counters and so much more. This Syska bulb is generally meant to act as a silhouette for existing artefacts and works beautifully when used to highlight picture frames and wall art!

0.5 Watt Bulb-

This Syska bulb is truly one of its kind. This Syska Bulb truly consumes a fraction of one watt and saves so much energy it's unbelievable! Unlike the Syska led bulb 9 watt, this Syska led charging bulb or Syska led lamp comes to the rescue with a wide range of exciting colours, energy efficiency and perfect home decor purposes! This Syska bulb is perfect for lights that remain switched on for long periods at a stretch.


Besides serving your needs for domestic and commercial purposes, Syska Led lights also cater to industrial requirements such as floodlights, street lighting and Syska led lamps. This shows how diverse and integrated Syska is in the LED industry. Syska Led lighting is taking the world by storm and can be put to use in exciting and interesting ways. If you want to give your home a makeover, we would 100% recommend exploring the jaw-dropping collection by Syska Led and STAY LIGHT YEARS AHEAD!