Different types of face shields for high defense against COVID-19

Different types of face shields for high defense against COVID-19

Face shields form an important part of personal protective equipment (PPE) and have been used for a long time. They are being used by medical professionals, industry workers, researchers, etc. But, now, there has been a sudden increase in the demand for face shields due to the pandemic.

Masks only provide protection from microbes that can transfer from the air, but a shield covers the entire face and gives much-needed safety for the whole face, especially the eyes. These face shields can be worn directly with the help of a fastening mechanism like an elastic or a thread or can be attached to a helmet.

These work the best when accompanied with a mask if we are aiming for COVID-19 protection. But, face shields have varied uses, like workers protecting their faces during mining or welding. It is also relieving that the face shields come in all sizes. For example, there are face shields for men, face shields for doctors, and face shields for mechanics.

For whichever reason you are looking to purchase a face shield, you must be well aware of all the types to make the right decision. Therefore, we will discuss the significant types of face shields so that you can make a sound decision about which one you need.

  • Medical Face Shield:

Medical face shields are generally part of the PPE kit that medical professionals use. These face shields have a plastic shield with a strap attached or comes with a headband. Medical face shields are either reusable or disposable.

These cover the entire face till the ears as the shield is curved in shape. It gives protection from viruses, bacteria, and microbes that can cause illness and can infiltrate the body through the nose, eyes, or even skin. Medical professionals use medical face shields, but seeing the current scenario, anyone dealing with the public can go for these and protect themselves.

  • Welding Face Shield:

As the name suggests, Welding face shields are used by people indulging in the activity of welding to protect themselves from inflammation of the eyes, which can lead to a condition called arc eye. The welding process radiates concentrated ultraviolet and infrared rays that can cause burns in the cornea and retina and irritate the skin on the face.

Welding face shields are also called welding helmets. These consist of a security shield with a lens shade placed right where eyes lay on the face. This shade is either made of tinted glass or plastic. The tint color and the shade's material depend on the welding process and the rays being emitted. These are a must for people undertaking the welding process.

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  • Dental Face Shield:

Well, some of you might wonder what protection do dentists need? Dentists need the same amount of protection as any other medical professional. Dealing with open mouths of patients whose medical history is not clear can lead to unnecessary health issues. In addition, since dentists have to breathe in the same air as their patients, they must wear dental face shields.

These shields provide protection from water or chemical sprays, splatter, and, most importantly, germs. Due to their transparent shield, the dentists are also able to see through clearly. These can be worn using a headband or can be attached to masks. These are more or less like every other medical face shield.

  • Industrial Face Shields:

Industrial face shields can be used across various industries by workers. These shields generally consist of a helmet or headgear that protects the skull and a transparent shield attached to the helmet that covers the face. This double protection of the skull and face makes these shields vital for the workers, and the industry heads should make sure that their workers are being provided with these.

Industrial face shields protect the workers from inhalation of harmful substances like dirt, chemicals, and vapors, while also safeguarding them against any physical injury. One can also buy the visor and helmet separately. The visors, like any other face shield, can get attached to the helmet. A holistic safety tool like this should be used compulsory by workers.

  • Glass Face Shield vs Plastic Face Shields:

Both the glass face shield and plastic face shield have a transparent visor. Consequently, both are of good quality and reusable. However, if you are looking for disposable shields, you will have to go for plastic face shields.

The choice also depends upon the kind of work you are doing and the protection you require. For example, welding face shields use glass shades while medical face shields are mostly plastic-made and disposable. Glass face shields are also costlier on apparent grounds.

  • Kiddies Face Shields:

It is pretty evident that most face shields cater to the adult population, but kids are equally in need of all-around protection, especially now. While traveling, it is a must for travelers to wear face shields, often provided by the public transport authorities themselves. Even if they do not, you must equip yourself. The children's face shields are designed to cover a child's face perfectly.

These also come in attractive colors and designs to allure kids so that they are willing to wear shields without any tantrums. One can also buy a face shield for babies to protect your newborn from germs and bacteria.

  • Pivot Face Shields:

Most of the face shields mentioned above sit affixed on your face and cannot be moved. Therefore, if you desire to take a break for lunch or drinking water, you will have to remove the entire shield. To avoid this, pivot face shields were designed. These face shields are mounted on the head and can be moved away from the face when needed without being removed entirely.

  • Food Grade Plastic Shields:

These face shields are designed to be used by workers who work in any food industry or even chefs and bakers. Food grade plastic shields are worn to protect the food items from any kind of contamination that can come from the workers working on producing them or cooking them. This is indeed a great measure in times of pandemic every food factory and restaurant should vigilantly undertake to maintain the quality of the eatables.


This was all the necessary information about the types of face shields available in the market that you must know. These face shields can be purchased as a single piece if you are buying them for yourself. However, you can also get wholesale face shields for your workers or passengers or any other commercial setting from Moglix. The wholesale price will also be much more reasonable and will give your workers a morale boost for working in a safer and healthier environment. So go ahead and make a worthwhile and healthy investment for not just your safety, but everyones..!