Types of face shields and advantages of wearing them

Types of face shields and advantages of wearing them

A face shield is a protective face cover meant to protect you from hazards, chemicals, small flying objects or insects, body fluids, or other infectious materials. A face shield effectively prevents infectious droplets from entering your body through the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Perhaps the main advantage of wearing a face shield is that it prevents you from constantly touching your face, nose, and eyes. It prevents viruses, germ, or bacteria from entering your body.

Face shields are manufactured using polycarbonate and cellulose acetate, which have heat and chemical resistance. Face shields are now being used by many of us for protecting ourselves from Covid. Earlier, they were explicitly used by healthcare professionals for protection against hazardous substances getting into the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Although a face mask plays a vital role in protecting you from inhaling aerosol droplets that may carry the virus, wearing a face shield gives a double layer of protection from the virus and other harmful substances.

Advantages to using a face shield:

  • Face shields act as barriers from extreme aerosol droplets while protecting the person wearing it.
  • Another advantage is that it protects your entire face, including eyes, nose, and mouth that acts as a gateway for the virus to enter the body.
  • Wearing a face mask also prevents you from touching your own eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Non-disposable face shields can be used for a long time as they are reusable and washable but one should stop using them if they get damaged or cracked.
  • It improves comfort as there is a better possibility to breathe freely.
  • They are priced reasonably and are easy to replace. One may procure them at lesser rates if they are bought in bulk.

What is the right way to wear a face shield?

  • Choose a face shield based on the activity you are about to perform as well as your comfort. Do check the quality of the face shield before purchasing.
  • Place the shield over your head and secure it safely. Make sure it is tight-fitted and does not come loose. It should cover your face thoroughly.
  • Fasten any snaps or straps, if available, to ensure that the mask fits correctly.

Types of face shields:

  • Headband face shield:

    This is the most common type of face shield that fits around your forehead. Most of them include straps for comfort, so that they can be used for an extended period of time.

  • Food-grade plastic shield:

    This is typically used by chefs and bakers and are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safety and durability product that can be used by anyone who is handling food products.

  • Disposable face shield:

    These face shields are for one-time use only. They should be thrown away after a single use. These can be bought in bulk for reasonable rates.

  • Wide face shield:

    Wide face shields cover from your forehead to chin, but unlike the regular type of face masks, they have a wider coverage.

  • Pivot face shield:

    These face shields have a pivot on top, which makes having food much easier as you can remove it easily.

  • Face shield with built-in goggles:

    The previously mentioned face shield fits on the person's forehead, but the face shield with built-in goggles does not fit via headband but using an in-built glass. As a result, they are more comfortable than headband face shields.

  • Gaiter:

    Preferably used for mountaineering, these face shields have gained prominence during this pandemic situation.

  • Bandana:

    Bandanas are another kind of face shield that is used to cover your nose and mouth. A bandana can also be used as a fashion accessory.

Buying face shields can be difficult due to the many companies manufacturing them. Moglix offers some of the best face shields from reputed brands like Prima, Gliders, Karam, Safies, Shree Arc, Venus, and much more. Some of these are listed below:

These face shields are lightweight and have PU foam padding and an anti-fog PET sheet, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable soft elastic headband with 250-micron thickness, 210 mm length, and 300 mm width.

This face shield is optically clear with perfect vision thanks to its double-sided anti-fog vision. It is highly comfortable to wear and provides full face protection from saliva, splash, spray, droplets, and much more. The material used is PET and sponge and has a thickness of 350 microns.

It has a 200-micron thickness curved screen design, thick, soft sponges, high quality elastic, and a double-sided anti-fog vision to produce a comfortable fitting and a clear vision.


Now that you know about different types of face shields and how to wear them, we recommend you to use them and protect yourself from dust, pollution, and other infectious materials. We have also listed a few top-selling products that are highly appreciated by many customers.

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