Use protective face shields for enhanced protection against Covid-19

People are taking personal protection seriously due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis. At the moment, our health, immunity, personal hygiene and social distance are critical and taking precedence over everything else. With rising Covid-19 cases, it is now safer to leave our homes only when necessary and with complete protection. Therefore, many people today tend to use additional safety protection such as protective face shields to cover their lips, nose, and eyes simultaneously in addition to sanitisers and masks. Protective shields are one of the most effective and cost-efficient forms of protective equipment available.

What is a protective face shield?

While many people are unfamiliar with safety face shields, healthcare workers are pretty familiar with them. They are worn in medical settings when the risk of body fluids or toxic chemicals coming near the mouth, nose and eyes is high. Protective face shields also offer an additional layer of security against any kind of virus contact. They are indispensable for medical professionals who must intubate or treat COVID-19 patients. Numerous other frontline professionals, including family members, are wearing safety face shields as a result of Covid-19.

A face shield is an item of PPE (personal protective equipment), a Plexiglas or curved plastic panel fixed to a headband, which can be worn over the face. The shield should cover the chin and fit properly on the face, leaving no gap between the forehead and the band.

Besides additional safety, protective shields are a great gear to avoid foggy glasses, constant sweating and bad breath.

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Types of safety face shields:

Faces shields are made of good polycarbonate material because of their optical clarity and impact resistance. They mainly come in two types, disposable and reusable face shields.

  • Reusable shields:

    Like its name can be reused after cleaning until they are damaged, broken or scratched. These shields are sturdy, durable and available in various patterns. Reusable shields protect our face from smoke, spit, mist, droplet, mud, splatter, tar, and while providing crystal clear vision for ease of mission completion. These are great for both personal and medical use.

  • Disposable shields:

    Disposable shields are one-time use gears, mostly used by medical professionals and front-line workers. They are made of soft but high-quality plastic material that protects the wearer's face, nose and eyes from liquids, aerosols, sprays, splatters and flying debris.

How to get the maximum benefit from protective shields:

Most of the doctors believe it is time to step up protection by implementing additional measures. Following are some guidelines to follow to gain maximum benefit from protective plastic face shields.

  • Use a mask with a face protector:

To achieve maximum benefits and safety against Covid-19, it is always best to wear the protective plastic face shield with a face mask. As masks only protect our nose and mouth, shields cover both our eyes, nose and mouth, providing an additional layer over the face mask.

  • Ensuring the safety face shield fits correctly:

The face shield should always rest to the level of the chin or below. Unless there is a mask, the face shield should fit snugly and prevent opening between the forehead and the shield to avoid the risk of droplet leakage. Additionally, the shield should meet our ears on the sides, leaving a minimum gap.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting after every use:

Reusable face shields need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use. Most of the products come with cleaning directions and steps. In case, there are no directions provided, reusable face shields can be cleaned with regular disinfectants, neutral detergent and clean water.

How to clean the reusable face shields:

For personal use:

  • Soak the reusable face shield in soapy water for a few minutes to remove any surface bacteria before gently cleaning it with a soft sponge or rag.
  • Rinse the shield properly after cleaning followed by drying it with a fluffy cotton or microfiber towel.
  • Clean the headpiece separately.
  • Antibacterial wipes can also be used to disinfect the shield, but be vigilant because some can leave a stain.
  • Wipes containing 70% isopropyl alcohol are also great to sanitise the reusable face shield.
  • Resist cleaning the shield with a scrub, window or household cleaner as it may leave scratches or damage it.

For medical use:

  • Wipe the inside and outside of the shield with a sterile rag saturated with a neutral detergent solution or a cleansing wipe, wearing gloves is mandatory.
  • Wipe the exterior of the face mask with an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant solution using a wipe or clean rag.
  • To extract residue, scrub the outside of the face protector with a towel and water or alcohol.
  • Fully dry the shield (air dry or clean absorbent towel is ideal).
  • Remove the gloves and clean the hands.

Everyone is aware that this pandemic will not end soon, which means that recent practices such as wearing masks in public, frequent hand sanitization, and social isolation will persist for an extended period of time. Besides these habits, putting a little extra effort to protect ourselves from this virus would be beneficial. This includes using protective face shields along with masks while stepping out will provide us enhanced protection against Covid-19. To purchase face shields and other protective gear browse through India's trusted ecommerce store Moglix to find some of the best products at affordable prices.