Different Types of Juicers available in the market

Different Types of Juicers available in the market

A juicer is a must have kitchen appliance. A juicer is used to draw out juice from fruits and vegetables. Any juicer will contain at least two parts, one which contains the pulp and the other which collects the juice.

Having a juicer that can give you fresh and healthy juice can prove to be of immense benefits. Juices are one of the tastier ways to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. Let's be honest, who does not love juice? Be it kids or adults, everybody would rather take fruits in the form of a juice.

There are many reasons why one might drink juice instead of eating fruits or vegetables. Juices are easy to consume especially for patients. It is also easier for parents to make the kids drink juice rather than eat fruits. Juices can also give you the benefit of mixing various fruits and vegetables and having a wholesome drink rich in all good nutrients.

In the end what matters is getting your body to fill up with vitamins and juices are one of the best mediums of this intake. Going for processed juices which claim to be fresh, however, will completely ruin the entire purpose of juices. These packaged juices are full of preservatives and free of vitamins!

It is hence essential to have a juicer that can help you extract juices and have you consume them freshly. So, if you have made up your mind about buying a juicer and are dazed about which one to buy, leave it on us!

We have compiled all the information that you might need which will help you make the best buy...!

Types of Juicers:

Now that we have walked through all the major aspects you must focus upon, let us also take a look at the types of Juicers available in the market.

  • Manual Juicer-

A manual juicer, often called as a hand juicer requires human efforts for extracting the juice. These work without electricity, thus are slow juicers. These are also portable juicers, and hence can be easily carried anywhere. These require the users to cut the fruits into two generally and then press, squeeze and move it around a cone like structure, all the juice gets collected in a container below this. These juicers limit the kind of fruits or vegetables that can be used and are only suited for few.

  • Blenders-

Another portable option for making juice on the go. Blenders or blenders juicers, are blenders designed keeping in mind the juicing process. Of Course there are the bigger blenders that also do the job, but the portable ones are much more popular for juicing. These blend everything up the fibres, the seeds and the pulp, bulking up the yield and affecting the taste, whereas, a juicer removes most of these. However, buying a blender juicer can help you in other kitchen work too and help at multiple tasks.

  • Centrifugal Juicer-

A centrifugal juicer is the most common electric juicer. It works at a speed of 1600-3000 RPM. Centrifugal force is used to separate the juice from the chopped fruits and vegetables that are put inside the juicer. The juice passes through a strainer, leaving the pulp behind. These juicers are the most economical and easy to clean. But, centrifugal juicers make a lot of noise and produce excess foam which might be unappreciated by many.

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  • Masticating Juicer-

Masticating juicers are also known as slow juicers or cold press. These juicers ground the fruits and vegetables into a fine pulp, releasing nutrients and enzymes which are otherwise removed by a juicer, making the yield richer in colour and health benefits. However, these run at a speed of 80-120 RPM, hence the name. These juicers do not cause noise, are easy to clean and form less foam. But, these are slightly on the heavier side both in weight and investment.

  • Electric Citrus Juicer-

A citrus juicer is a manual juicer designed mainly for citrus fruits like oranges and limes. It consists of a cone shaped head covered in gear like protrusions accompanied by a container. The fruits are cut into two, a half of which when squeezed around this head removes the pulp from the juice, which passes from the strainer to the container below. An electric citrus juicer does this job with the help of electricity, instead of manually rotating the fruit around, you will just have to hold it while the head will rotate itself.

  • USB Juicer-

Another one of the mini and portable juicers, and USB juicer is the one you can carry around with you all day to any place with your juice stored in it. This type of juicer runs on a battery which can be charged using a USB cable. You just have to put the chopped fruits or vegetables inside it and let it do its job. It has a size that suits the juice requirement of one person. The juice made is stored in it and can be drunk from it directly. Thus, it converts to a bottle or sipper. It is a must have for fitness freaks, gym goers or office workers.

Important factors to keep in mind while buying a juicer:

  • Electricity-

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is do you need an electric juicer or a manual one. A manual juicer will have you rotate the fruit around and extract manually by your hands, whereas in electric juicer you will only have to put in the chopped pieces. Electric juicers generally come with more functions, so it is completely upon you what you would want.

  • Capacity-

Next thing to look for is the juicing capacity. If you are looking for a juicer for home for a few people or for not regular use, you will require a small juicer or a mini juicer. But if you are looking to buy a juice for your shop or hotel, you would obviously require a bigger capacity juicer.

  • Speed-

If you are willing to buy an electrically run juicer, you must consider the speed of the juicer at which it rotates or the centrifugal speed. Some fruits and vegetables require a slower speed for the juice to come out like berries. Whereas, some require a higher speed and pressure for the job to get done. It is advisable to buy a juicer with multiple speeds.

  • Cleaning Time-

If you are someone who is always on a run and has no time to clean, or someone who relies upon house help for domestic chores, you must also look at the design and the ease of cleaning. Go for a design which is less complicated and more durable, which can be easily handled and cleaned by anyone.

  • Material-

Another thing that you need to consider is the material of your juicer. Whether you want a plastic juicer, steel juicer or any other alloy, you must make a decision regarding it. Metal juicers last longer but are heavy, whereas plastic juicers are lightweight and easy to carry around but are susceptible to easy damage.

  • Budget-

Goes without saying, budget plays a major role in deciding what juicer must come at your place. Hand juicers or mini juicers are available at very low rates whereas blenders or electric juicers will require more dimes. So, as per your budget make a choice.


These were all the types of juicers that are available in the market. Consider all the factors discussed above and join the pieces together to find the best one that suits all your needs and budget, so that you can make refreshing juice and live a healthy lifestyle!