Everything about Juicer machine: Tips to consider before buying

Everything about Juicer machine: Tips to consider before buying

Having a healthy lifestyle is good for the human body. It becomes easy to maintain that lifestyle if the food intake options are healthy. Drinking healthy juice can go a long way. But the process of making the same can take a lot of effort. Therefore using a juicer for the same can help the user in the most crucial way.

Operating such a device is easy and less time-consuming than the traditional method of making juice. But there are a lot of factors which need to be considered before buying one. On top of that, there are different brands and models of juicers. So, discussing some of the top brands/models of juicers along with some factors to be kept in mind before buying the juicer is discussed below.

Things to know before buying a juicer:

Feeder Tube Size:

Choose a fruit juicer with a wide feeding tube that can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables. If the tube is small, it will take a lot of time to dice them and fit the juices tube. This helps in reducing the preparation time.

Multiple Speeds:

It is better to choose a model that comes with multiple speed settings. Slow speeds are suitable for juicing soft fruits. And higher speeds are beneficial for hard food produce like carrots, beetroot, coconut, and others. Because more motor power is required to break down the fibers of hard produce.

Pulp Ejection:

Juicing fruits and vegetables definitely gives you some leftover pulp and some amount of skin. Few mix juicer collect the pulp externally in a separate collector specifically sized for it or collect in an internal basket. External pulp ejection system helps you to juice large quantities continuously instead of stopping your machine, opening it, and emptying the basket.

Yield Amount:

Masticating juicers extract more yield because of their slow processing method. If you want to know whether a maximum pulp is extracted or not, you can check the pulp. The drier the pulp is, the better the outcome is because maximum juice is extracted. If the pulp is wet and drippy, then it indicates the inefficiency of the juicer.

Juice container:

To avoid splashes while juicing, most of the juicers come with a juice container specifically designed to match the spout. If the juicer doesn't come with a juice container, then the juicing process can be messy.

Cord length and storage:

More flexibility and portability can be achieved if the cord is up to four feet or more. Models with longer cords have a way to conceal the cord when not in use. Juice extractors are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Compact juicers are easy to store and don't have many parts to clean and are apt for people who have limited kitchen space.


It is better to avoid models that make a loud noise. Blender juicers and centrifugal juicers are the noisiest ones as they run on higher rpm (ranging from 5000 to 15000). If you want to know whether the model you choose is noisy or not, then check the rpm. If the rpm is higher, then the noise will be high as well. And vice versa.

Easy to use:

The usage of the juicer should be simple and easy. Juicers that have lesser parts and a wider tube will make the preparation and cleaning easy. Compared to horizontal type juicers, compact juicers like centrifugal and vertical masticating are easy to use.

Top Sellers

Top best selling Juicers in the Indian market:

Philips juicer machine comes with a drip-stopping spout that prevents the juice from dripping out and comes with a capacity of 1 L. You can make use of the pulp selector feature to make your juice all the pulpier. This mix juicer consumes not more than 25 W of power and hence, you can save on your power bills as well.

Sporting a sleek and compact design, the Philips Citrus Press ensures easy serving with the well-shaped juice jug. The fruit juicer bears a drip-stop at the spout to prevent the juice from dripping letting you keep the appliance clean, and a cord storage facility for keeping the cord wrapped in.

The Philips citrus juices come with a capacity of one liter to conveniently hold the juice you're making. The pulp selector feature lets you select pulp grade to make the juice more smooth and more pulpier.

Featuring a powerful and highly effective Jex 16 juicer by Bajaj that comes with 800 watts motor. This juicer machine is capable of converting any fruit or vegetable into a perfect juice.

Offering 2 variations in the speed of the juicer to suit your needs, requirements, and types of fruits and vegetables. Easily removable strainer or cutter and washable that makes its cleaning easy and hygienic to use next time.

The Philips juicer is the 1st centrifugal juicer on the market with a pre-clean function. By pouring water in the pusher, you can create a water fountain in the appliance, which rinses away the unwanted fibers from the lid and makes the sieve easier to clean.

The Philips juicer is designed for easy cleaning with the help of QuickClean technology. Cleaning can now be done within 1 minute, with the help of an integrated pulp container and smooth surfaces. The pulp will all be collected in the only place where it should be: in the pulp container of your Philips juicer.

That means there is no need to remove the pulp from other parts such as the lid anymore. Due to the round design and smooth surfaces without nooks and crannies, the pulp is easy to reach and the container is much easier to clean. This juice maker is simple and easy to use for the user.


Now we have a brief idea about some of the models of juicers, their features, and how they help the user to save time and enjoy the process at the same time. The factors on which the buying decision depends are also discussed, which can give a clear picture to the user before buying the juice maker.

Juicer: FAQs

Q. Which is the best juicer to buy?

A. Philips, Bajaj, Usha, Sujata, Butterfly and Havells are some of the popular brands that you can choose from to buy the best juicer for your kitchen.

Q. Which juicer is good for home use?

A. Sujata Megamix 3 Litre 900W Juicer, Havells Rigo 500W White Juicer and Philips 500W White and Blue Juicer are some of the good juicer models for home use.

Q. Which is a good juicer for beginners?

A. Centrifugal juicers are quite affordable and are one of the best juicers for beginners. They spin the ingredients at a very fast rate and also chop them at the same time. These juicers also tend to produce less heat and are often considered the safest to use for beginners.

Q. Which is a good inexpensive juicer?

A. Havells Citrus Press, Prestige PCT and Jaipan 350W Juicer, JP-JUICY are a few recommended inexpensive juicers to buy for home use.