Different types of Office Tables to ensure comfort and convenience

Different types of Office Tables to ensure comfort convenience

A table is a piece of furniture that consists of a top supported by four legs generally. We have all used tables throughout our lives. Tables can be used for multiple purposes, you can place things on it, eat, work, and whatnot!

Tables demand attention the moment one enters the room, therefore it is very important that one chooses a table that is not only of a good quality but also is pleasing to the eyes. This goes for any kind of table be it for the home or for the office.

Everything is at such a fast pace in the office, that having a table with the right requirements can really help you get things organized and save your time. Not only that, having the right office furniture is essential as it represents the ideologies, theme and purpose of your organization. Right furniture attracts the clients or the people visiting and gives a sense of professionalism.

Office Tables come in many shapes, sizes, designs and materials. These tables can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Some of these may be made of one material and covered with another. The options are never ending. Also, with the onset of the pandemic many people had to shift their offices to homes. Even at your house, it can be of huge help to have an office table for home.

Office tables are vital to keep your spine erect and prevent any health issues, since you will be working for long hours. They also help you to keep your things well managed and organized. To have an office table also gives a feeling of personal space, that can help you concentrate better.

So, if you are looking to buy one and are not sure which one to go for, we have arranged all the information that you might require to make the right decision!

Types of Office Tables:

  • Executive Office Table:

These are medium sized office tables, best suited for medium to large office spaces. Executive office table consists of file and box drawers. It has a double pedestal design and a flat top with ample leg room underneath. The drawers are on either side. Executive office tables have always been popular and one of the most sought after traditionally.

  • Computer Office Table:

This table is made to accommodate a desktop. It consists of a table top to keep the monitor and your commodities, with leg space and space for the CPU below. It may also consist of drawers on the side. TIt also comes with the required sockets and holes to accommodate all the wiring. If you work on a desktop,it will surely be your best match.

  • Shell Office Table:

A shell office table is a basic table with three sides. It has two vertical planks that support the top of the table. It will look the best when set beside a wall. However, it does not offer any storage space, but can be used to put decorative pieces for your office, or if you are working from home and are simply looking to keep your laptop somewhere and have a station to work, this would serve fine!

  • Writing Office Table:

As the name suggests these tables are aimed at facilitating writing work. These are best suited for small spaces and less work. These consist of a basic four leg table structure, with open space below (sometimes accompanied by a drawer) and are not the sturdiest ones out there. Again, a writing office table can be great if you do not have much clutter to organize and just need a basic work station.

  • Folding Office Table:

Folding office tables are the best option if you have a very limited working area and want to make the best use of it. Also you do not have a permanent office space, which is how things have been ever since the pandemic and constantly move around, having a folding office table can be of great aid! These can easily fold into a tiny flat piece and can be transported anywhere.

  • Floating Office Table:

Floating office table is truly the most stylish addition that one can have in the office. This modern office table is attached to the wall and makes it look as if these are floating. Since it is attached to the wall, it leaves a lot of room on the floor and thus is a good option for small to medium sized workspace.

These were some of the major types of Office Tables that one can add to their office and create a statement. Let us now look at what your peers have been buying so that you get a better idea of what is in vogue.

Best Office Tables that boosts the productivity:

This wooden office table has adjustable height between 26-36 inches. It is dirtproof and also movable. This is a mobile desk and is suited for small spaces like home offices. It has wheels attached to its legs. Due to its adjustability and mobility it can be used by both children and adults.

This is a stylish and sleek looking table that will definitely uplift your office. It comes with sufficient drawers and storage space to keep your things organized and can accommodate a desktop. It is built of strong particle board and is easy to carry despite its medium size. Its appealing looks and storage space are indeed a selling point.

This beautiful office table is made of mango wood and has the most alluring looks. The wood has a coating of furniture polish on it which makes it easier to clean. It consists of a three side desk with a separate movable tray for fitting the keyboard. If you are looking to buy a table for your office and work extensively on a computer, this one's for you!

Price- ?10,159

This office table is made of pine wood. It is a portable table that can accommodate a laptop and many other things. It comes with separate compartments which will keep your things organized. It also has an anti slip feature that keeps all the commodities upright and still. It also comes with adjustable height. If you work from home or work from different places, this should surely be accompanying you.

This steel office table is a rectangular table with sufficient leg room below the top. It also comes with three drawers which will keep your documents and files managed. It has a dimension of 4x2 ft. This can serve as a computer desk too. So, if you are looking for a stationary office table that can serve as your work station as well as computer desk, this might be the one.

So this was all the necessary information that you might need before you take a step forward into the direction of better concentration, organized files and no neck pain! An office table is definitely a piece of furniture that can prove extremely worthy once you start using it. Make sure before buying one, you consider all your needs. Since most office tables are economically feasible, budget should not be an issue. Go ahead and invest in one, because not only will these maximize productivity but also the comfort!