Different types of tables for homes and offices

Different types of tables for homes and offices

Without a centre table, a sofa set is always incomplete. Just like that, every set-up is incomplete without an appropriate table complementing it. When looking to purchase a table, you can get quite confused seeing the different kinds of tables available in the market for your home and office; you have your console table, coffee table, side table, end table and whatnot.

It could take a lot of time figuring out which is which if you're not well-versed with the interior design industry. This is why we have categorised the most common and popular tables for your home and office so you don't have to waste your precious time scrolling through tons of catalogue and end up buying an expensive piece that does not go with the interior of your home.

Different types of tables for home and office:

  • Coffee Table

A coffee table is also known as the centre table. A coffee table is especially meant to give your sofa sets a better look by filling the empty space and making the sofa set more prominent. A simple coffee table can act as a small study table, conference table or a workstation table for impromptu meetings held over a cup of coffee.

It is also advised to never buy the coffee table from the same place you purchased your sofa set as it can lead to your home looking like a furniture store. A coffee table must be small and aesthetic and preferably of a darker shade, you know if you spill a cup of coffee.

Coffee tables can act as storage units as well. You can choose from a wide range of designs and shapes, from elegant and hard-wearing materials to nestled or country-style tables, you can make a choice that would portray a stylish display that not only keeps your cups or remotes nearby handy but also makes for a brilliant centrepiece for your living room.

  • Desktop Table/ Office Table

It is important for your desktop table/ office table to look clean, elegant and classy. When choosing your desktop table/ office table, make sure that the furniture you purchase is modern and sets a positive vibe in your home. Choosing old fashioned or dark furniture can give your office a dull, boring and sometimes even an intimidating appearance and can get depressing at times.

Besides, modern furniture such as a workstation table and home work table is usually lightweight and is made using glass, wood or steel. Even desktop table/ office tables are made using products and fabrics that can easily be replaced or restored, thereby making them economical too and affordable for the mass majority.

If you wish to purchase a desktop table/ office table then consider buying them online. Make a list of your requirements and wishes and then start searching and comparing the products and rates from different brands that deal with furniture. Purchasing your furniture in bulk is much cheaper than going in for single items especially when it comes to a desktop table/ office table.

Online stores give you some of the best deals when it comes to modern furniture. You could also easily get quotes for the required quantity and quality of the material. You also have the advantage of doing some mix and match when it comes to purchasing your furniture online.

  • Side table/ Corner table/ End table

A Side table/ Corner table/ End table often goes right next to your sofa on the side. The primary reason for you to own a Side table/ Corner table/ End table next to your bed/ sofa would be to increase the storage and act as a convenient place to keep handy items such as your charger, remotes and cups. A Side table/ Corner table/ End table must match your bed/sofa that you are trying to pair it with. It could act as a viable storage unit for your magazines, books, coasters and private items.

Displaying an antique showpiece or a lamp would be a great idea to increase the aesthetics of your surroundings. You can also decorate it with some pictures that reflect the persona of your surroundings. A Side table/ Corner table/ End table must always be the same height in the corner as the piece it is complementing and must match the interior to continue and enhance the aesthetics. You could also treat your Side table/ Corner table/ End table like a corner study table if the size is appropriate and it would act as a small study table.

  • Dressing table

Dressing tables are often paired with a huge mirror and are a workstation table for your make-up and cosmetics. There is one important thing to note here, that the dresser is different from a chest. The difference between a chest and a dresser is that a chest is usually just a set of drawers and a dresser is a set of drawers with either a mirror or a cupboard with shelves attached to the top.

A dresser table would usually be solid wood, engineered wood or metal. A dressing table could be a very important part of a woman's life. For them, it is more than just a furniture unit. It acts like a very important item in terms of utility such as keeping clothes, makeup items and other accessories.


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