Enjoy uninterrupted live streaming with webcam for PC

Enjoy uninterrupted live streaming with webcam for PC

In this era of social distancing and work from home, being tech-savvy is increasingly becoming the need of the hour. Along with computers, gadgets like webcams may now be categorized as essentials" in every household. Online meetings that are prevalent for professional or educational purposes and social functions are now possible, with the ready availability of these webcams.

What is a webcam?

Basically, a webcam is a video camera that can be connected to the computer to stream video and still images in continuity. Software like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, along with several others, control and enable the streaming of these videos. Virtual activities like Vlogging, distance learning, gaming, live streaming, or plain video conferencing are all possible using a webcam.

These are either built within devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, or others or are also available as stand-alone tools and must be connected externally. While webcams for PCs, laptops, desktops, or mobiles are mostly built-in, the stand-alone webcams are essentially external devices that can be used for CCTVs and other surveillance purposes.

Things to Know Before Investing in a WebCam:

To organize and attend Zoom meetings, one requires the best webcam possible. There is a broad range of webcams available, in varied brands and prices. The pricing of any webcam for PC usually depends on the brands and the features that increase their exclusivity.

Noise-canceling mics are another must-have specification in a webcam that is deemed the best. Options like HD autofocus, light correction feature, and five-element glasses result in razor-sharp images and videos. The presence of these features in a webcam also signifies it as the best one; hence, you should ensure that these features are present in it before buying.

Usually, most of the latest webcams include high-definition capture; however, when you buy a webcam for a PC or a laptop, ensure that the resolution for capture is higher than 720p. Actually, if you want a webcam for desktop, and require uninterrupted, high-quality streaming, you must opt for one that has the capacity of 1080p at 60 fps (frames per second) or more.

Are webcams better than laptop cameras?

Laptop cameras have lenses that face the user only. Hence there are limitations in camera performance. These are usually selfie cameras or webcams. This webcam for laptops is usually inbuilt and small-sized; therefore, along with compromised image quality, they are just sufficient for taking selfies and require an external webcam or a front-facing device to usher operations like video calling.

Is autofocus important for a Webcam?

Webcams for PC these days are all upgraded versions these days and have several high-quality features built within them, one of them being the autofocus system. However, whenever you buy any premium webcam for a computer, you must ensure that it includes the autofocus feature enabling the camera lens to adjust and pre-set at a specified range of focus at least around 40 cm or beyond. Ideally, if the webcam is of a higher range, the camera will automatically focus both in and out and emphasize the sharpness of the image.

Are webcam system requirements important?

For all those laymen who desire to record good videos or arrange glitch-free virtual meets, gaining information on the system requirements before buying a webcam for a computer is always helpful. Though webcams are designed to be connected to computers or other devices, not all are compatible.

For instance, a Linux or Mac is not compatible with just any webcam for PC, as they require a webcam with good memory as well as high-speed processors, usually not available in the regular ones. Thus before buying any webcam for a desktop, it is always advisable to check its system requirements.


A webcam for PCs in today's day and age is an integral communicating device that can help people connect virtually at any given point in time. Choosing the appropriate one that fits your specification and your pockets can be quite a task. However, the above-mentioned pointers are a good source to equip yourself with relevant knowledge about webcams before buying them. Here at Moglix, you will find some of the finest quality webcams from reputable brands at unbeatable prices.

Webcam: FAQs

Q. Which is the best webcam to buy?

A. Webcams from popular brands like Logitech, Quantum, Foxin, Hp, and Rapoo guarantee excellent quality and performance. These webcams also offer high resolution and are ideal for live streaming.

Q. Can I use a mobile camera as a webcam?

A. If your phone runs Android, you can turn it into a webcam using DroidCam, which is a free app available on the Play Store. Along with that, you need to install Windows client from Dev47Apps on your PC. Once both these software are installed, your mobile camera is ready to function as a webcam. Make sure that both your mobile phone and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Q. What is a functional Webcam?

A. These webcams are designed to offer a wide range of features with high-quality video. You may use it to accomplish things like video conferencing, Skype calls, selfies, live stream videos, and more.

Q. How many types of Webcams are there?

A. There are primarily two types of webcams, each with its own set of features. Networks webcams are the most basic webcams that are pre-installed on your computer. These are frequently used for a brief period of time. IP Cameras or webcams are meant for continuous surveillance and many provide better video quality than a network camera. This webcam is commonly used for security systems, pet cams, and other applications that demand prolonged use.