Everything about mixer grinder: Tips to conisde before buying

Everything about mixer grinder: Tips to consider before buying

If a saga about the machines or the technology that fuels their creation is written from an Indian household context we can name a plethora of examples. Anything from the washing machines that have allowed us to wash our clothes without any hassles to machines like the stoves that have saved the Indian women from most of the ordeals that would be making her life even more miserable will be included.

When we are writing sagas on such topics a mixer grinder may not be the first thing that comes to most people's mind but for some people, no other equipment has been able to bring about transformations to their user's life as much as what the mixer grinder has managed to do so.

The mixer grinder was a piece of equipment that was able to dramatically capture the idea of modernity as it was able to blend in the magic of blending, mixing, and grinding all together under one lid.

Some things to consider when buying a mixer grinder:


The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing not just a mixer grinder but any electrical appliance for that matter is the wattage. To grind tougher and harder substances you will require a mixer grinder with higher wattage. When it comes to our Indian kitchens anything between 500W and 750W will be ok.


When it comes to cars we look for torque power likewise when it comes to mixies whether its a mixer juicer or a mixer grinder you will be considering the rpm. So for a mixer grinder, anything from 18000 to 23000 RPM will be required but at the same time for a mixer juicer, you should be looking for a mixer grinder with low to medium rpm.

If a juicer mixer grinder is having a very rpm rate the liquid or spices may not get blended very effectively.

Some of the best mixer grinders in the market will be coming up with knobs and switches with which you will be able to increase or decrease the speed of the rotor as per your requirements.


Despite the brand, every mixer grinder will be coming up with the main body and a jar but what differentiates a mixer grinder from the best mixer grinder is its blades. As far as a mixer grinder is concerned blades are the most important factor as they do all the cutting and chopping.

The best mixer grinder comes with stainless steel preferably of the 304 grade. According to expert chefs the grade of steel matters, a lot as the better the steel quality the more resistant the blades will be resistant to oxidation and corrosion.


You must have heard of the phrase “the more the better so when it comes to juicer mixer grinder the more jars you are having the better. With 2 or more mixer grinders you can use them each for separate purposes like one for making chutneys, one for making juices, and another for making purees, etc. It's not just the number of jars but their ergonomics is also a factor, a good mixer grinder should be one that is able to perfectly blend in functionality aesthetics with a good UX design.

The best mixer grinder in the market comes with lids that are break-resistant and durable bodies that allow them to withstand the daily wear and tear of Indian kitchens.


Whether we are buying an AC or a laptop we will be asking for its warranty period, all good quality products come with a min of 1 to 2-year warranty. But since in a mixer grinder all the heavy-duty is done by the rotors, when you are purchasing a mixer grinder enquire about the motors warranty period specifically.


One of the 4ps that marketers mix to increase the sales of their products and services, the mixer grinder price will depend upon the features it is providing you. So whether its a mixer grinder or a mixer juicer don't evaluate them on the basis of their price. Despite the fallacious belief that pricey products are better than the cheaper ones, it is not true.

So the best mixer grinder will not be the one that eats the biggest chunk of your salary, look for a mixer grinder that comes with a few essential features like a knob to regulate the speed, one or two jars, and a juicer.