Popular Mixer Grinder brands in India

Popular Mixer Grinder brands in India

Mixer grinders might be one of the most important kitchen appliances whose invention has saved a lot of time and energy. Mixer grinders are designed for multiple purposes like grinding, blending, pureeing, mincing, and even chopping into tiny pieces. There might be two or three jars per set used for different purposes like making puree using wet ingredients or making powdered substances. Almost anything from idli or dosa batter to masala powders can be made thanks to mixer grinders. The top mixer grinder brands in India are listed below.

Sujata mixer grinder:

The company was established in 1980 with the mission to provide high-quality kitchen appliances to consumers at a reasonable rate without compromising its design, quality, or safety. It has built a grand reputation in the last 41 years while providing customer satisfaction. Even though it is made in India, the appliances produced by the brand are used in almost 18 countries.

Sujata offers two mixer grinders, namely, Dynamix and Supermix. Both of these run on a heavy-duty, Universal type 900 Watts with double ball bearing motor and have 3 stainless steel jars used as a regular blender, dry grinder, and chutney grinder. Sujata mixer grinder is completely shock-proof and safe.

Preethi mixer:

Preethi mixer is considered India's largest mixer grinder company since 1978. Preethi appliances are found in more than 10 million households across the world and are considered as one of the most nationally reputed kitchen appliance companies. They aim to make cooking easy and fun with the use of high-tech upgrades. Unlike the previous brand, Preethi offers a wide collection of mixer grinders. They have come up with different series of grinders like Zodiac series, Hands-Free series, Blue Leaf series, Turbo Vent series, 1 Crore series, North American series, Commercial series, and much more. With a Preethi mixer grinder, you can prepare quick and delicious meals.

Philips mixer grinder:

Philips India Limited was established in 1996 to focus primarily on improving patients' health but as years passed by, they slowly started branching out into different fields of home appliances. Their products include video and audio players, electronic gadgets, health care equipment, automotive accessories, and kitchen appliances.

Philips has about ten mixer grinders powered by a fast processing motor specialized in grinding/ blending spices, masala, purees, chutneys, dips, dosa, and idli batter. Multiple jars are provided with each mixer grinder to facilitate different purposes and produce smooth results.

Bajaj mixer grinder:

Bajaj has a wide collection when it comes to home appliances like room heaters, air coolers, water heaters, irons, fans, and lights, as well as kitchen appliances like grinders, blenders, processors, choppers, cookers, induction stoves, and much more.

Bajaj mixer grinders consume less power but are quite efficient, sturdy, and provide powerful performance. They ensure less spillage while usage and can withstand sudden voltage changes. Apart from all these amazing features, they are quite reasonably priced. Bajaj offers a wide selection of mixer grinders so pick one that is the most convenient for your home.

Prestige mixer grinder:

For over the past five decades, Prestige has specialized in kitchen appliances like cook-tops, chimneys, pressure cookers, choppers and blenders, and different cookware. Prestige offers a warranty (for a limited period of time), after-sales services and customer support for all their products, and assured transportation and installation.

Prestige mixer grinders have a compact structure, elegantly built with a power-packed performance. All their mixer grinders offer high-quality results whereby the whole process becomes easier and less time-consuming.

Butterfly mixer grinders:

Butterfly appliances have been in the market for more than 50 years and are the first to introduce stainless- steel pressure cookers, LPG stoves, and vacuum flasks in India. Most of their products include kitchen appliances, kitchenware, breakfast appliances, and home appliances.

Butterfly mixer grinders come in multiple colour shades with either three or four jars for grinding wet and dry ingredients separately. The motor wattage ranges from 500W to 750W. Signature, Spectra, Matchless, Desire, Cyclone are some of the best mixer grinders offered by Butterfly.

Bosch mixer grinder:

For more than a century, Bosch home appliances have tried to make our life easier and more convenient. It is considered Europe's number one home appliance brand. They aim to provide home appliances with uncompromised quality, technical perfection, and full reliability in a consumer-friendly manner.

Each appliance brought out by the company is updated with the latest technology to assist in kitchen chores. Their mixer grinders are equipped with a unique Stone Pounding Technology that recreates the coarse texture for masalas which is the same as the traditional grinding methods. They also provide hands-free mixing and grinding facilities for easier grinding with less strain. TrueMixx range is a series of mixer grinders by Bosch.

Panasonic mixer grinder:

The brand name was created in 1955 but its operations started only in the year 1972. They aimed to create a better life and a better world for people to live in. Customer satisfaction and sustainability initiatives were two of their main focus points. Their products range from home entertainment and appliances to beauty care accessories.

Most of their super mixer grinders come in various colour shades. The maximum number of jars offered by Panasonic is six, each with different purposes. The high-powered motor makes it easy to blend almost all types of ingredients thus, making our job easier.

Usha mixer grinder:

Usha Cook specializes in kitchen appliances like wet grinders, mixer and juicer grinders, processors, cook-tops, induction stoves, electric cookers, toasters, grillers, and electric kettles and coffee makers. Their mixer grinders run on speedy motors and stainless steel blades to provide stronger, faster, and better performance. They provide customer support, a limited warranty, and free home services for all their products.

Havells mixer grinder:

Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods company with worldwide recognition and fame for a wide range of products like Industrial Domestic Circuit Protection Devices, Cables Wires, Motors, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters, Power Capacitors and many more.

Havells produces the best quality mixer grinders with durability and easy handling. Their heavy-duty motor, stainless steel jar, and blades make the grinding process more convenient. They are available in multiple colours with a warranty.

Wonderchef mixer:

Wonderchef has German standards of quality and uses Italian designs to create aesthetic yet extremely functional products. They try to balance the design, material, technology, and production process to provide high-quality performance to the customers.

They use a high-tech motor to provide speedy and better performance to ensure customer satisfaction. Vietri, Victor, Premium, Capri, Power, and Regalia Power are some of the mixer grinders offered by Wonderchef. Some of the services they offer include a cancellation policy, a refund policy, and a return policy.

Maharaja mixer grinder:

Founded back in 1976, they have a trusted and highly reputed position in the market and are the largest disturbed brand in the country. Maharaja Whiteline specializes in home appliances like iron, air coolers, and room heaters as well as kitchen appliances like juice mixer, hand blender, mixer grinder, and much more. They function on powerful motors that can last up to 30 minutes of continuous usage.

Most of these mixer grinders are composed of 3 or 4 jars specialized in different ways of grinding or blending. These grinders are easy to operate, and clean and are highly durable and extremely convenient. They provide reliable performance at reasonable rates.

Sumeet mixer grinder:

Established in 1963, Sumeet emphasizes product quality, durability, and high-tech specialization after understanding customer requirements. They aim to provide top-quality precuts at reasonable rates. Sumeet mixer grinder comes in two series, that is, Sumeet Asia Kitchen Machine and Sumeet Domestic Plus both of which run on powerful motors to provide ease in the grinding process.

Morphy Richards mixer:

For about 80 years, Morphy Richards has been one of the leading companies in household appliances. They produce elegant designs working in high-end technology. Their products include food preparation appliances like mixers and blenders, cooking appliances like toasters, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and home appliances like electric iron, water heater, and much more.

These mixer grinders come with powerful motors, pulse facilities, and safety features like overload protection and lid locks. Morphy Richards mixers are equipped with stunning features and come at a very reasonable rate.

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