Intel HD graphics card: Ultimate option for high quality images and videos

Intel HD graphics card: Ultimate option for high quality images and videos

If you are out there looking to buy graphics cards, but are afraid you might make the wrong pick and are in need of comprehensive information regarding these, you have reached your destination. Here we will walk through all the must have knowledge for you to make the right decision, with a special emphasis upon Intel graphics card, as it is no doubt that Intel produces the best quality graphics card that will surely give you the best user experience.

What are graphics cards?

We love watching these breathtaking visuals on our screen, right? These visuals are produced by what we call a graphics card. A graphics card is a hardware device that produces the image we see on monitors. Basically, a graphics card is responsible for graphics.

A graphics card converts data into signals that are readable by the computer. Graphics cards are also used to increase the definition of the graphics by producing high definition, high resolution visuals. It also enhances the video memory of the computer. Graphics cards are used extensively by gamers and video editors. But, can be used by anyone who wishes to see better graphics on screen.

Why Intel?

Intel is the world's most renowned technology company. Most computers use Intel processors. Intel also produces chipsets, integrated circuits, embedded processors, flash memory and of course, graphics cards. Their products are known to be the best. Over the years they have created a legacy of its own. No one would doubt the working of a device if it is produced by Intel. This worldwide trust and recognition is why one should go for Intel.

Intel Graphics and Intel GPU

Intel Graphics cards along with the Intel GPU provide an enriching experience with HD graphics without any lag that magnifies the satisfying experience for gamers and video editors. Intel HD graphics cards that come integrated in their processors as well as discrete graphics cards. They offer many products for a wholesome graphical experience.

But with Intel's Xe architecture being the core of all its graphics, let's also get an idea about what this is. Intel came up with the Xe technology in December, 2019. It is a complex that includes graphic and marketing segments. It aims to give one solution to every problem. It takes in account everything from gaming, OTT workload, computing solutions for data centers and many more things. It allows Intel to deliver high quality products for multiple workloads that may have scalar, vector, matrix and spatial needs.

Now that we have discussed Intel's Xe architecture, we can look into their major products.

Top Sellers

  • Intel Iris Xe Max Graphics:

Intel Irox Xe Max can be paired with 11th Generation Intel Core processors. It is the perfect fit for gaming and creating HD content. It is Intel's first discrete GPU catered for thin laptops. It uses the Deep Link technology which makes it easy for the CPU and GPU to work in harmony which boosts the performance. This technology renders a better dynamic power sharing and AI performance to give a phenomenal user experience. It has options like image upscaling, auto reframe and intelligent content search. It also has a feature to share the creations instantly. Iris Xe Max will be a delight for content creators!

  • Intel Server GPU:

This Intel GPU allows high density and low latency cloud gaming. It also is great at transcoding or encoding high definition data for OTT platforms. It gives 5.5 x more streams and improves bits rate efficiency by 22%. It also has a low power consumption. GPU based graphics cards are highly efficient at improving the gaming experience exponentially.

  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics:

Intel Iris Xe dedicated graphics are available in selected few systems. Intel Iris Xe supports upto 3 4K HDR displays simultaneously. This produces videos that will augment the creativity for creators by giving a smooth experience. This also supports easy multitasking without diminishing the quality of visuals in any way. It comes with an intel add-in card. It also enables a high fidelity video calling with the help of AV1 codec support and low bandwidth. It supports AVC, HEVC, VP9 and SCC transcoding. The DP4a AI also serves swift video and photo editing. The 4K UHD graphics will indeed give an unparalleled experience to gamers as well as even movie watchers!

  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics:

Intel Iris Plus is considered to be one of the best integrated graphics cards. These are used in the 10th generation processors. The Intel Iris Plus G series is immensely popular with the G7 being the most used. It uses the laptop's RAM as video memory. It has an impressive 64 execution units. It is considered a low end graphic processor, but can decently support gaming.


Intel is indeed one of the most widely trusted brands when it comes to buying processors, graphics cards, memory chips and more. The brand not only promises high quality products but also guarantees excellent performance catering to all the requirements of the user. Planning to buy these powerful graphics cards at reasonable prices? Well, then head over to Moglix where you can find all these products in stock for quick and easy purchase.