Powerful Graphic Card brands for the unmatched gaming experience

Powerful Graphic Card brands for the unmatched gaming experience

Graphics cards are a key component of any gaming PC or laptop. Their main job is to convert all the binary ones and zeros into stunning pixels on your screen. Also called a video card or a display card, these devices typically contain dedicated RAM chips to store data related to the images or videos or any other media information.

Apart from gaming applications, these graphic or video cards can also be used in creative applications like Adobe Photoshop for editing images, videos and more. When it comes to choosing the perfect video card for your PC, multiple brands are available in the market. To make your choice easy, below we have discussed the best graphic cards available for ultimate gaming experience...! Check them out...

Best graphic cards for powerful gaming experience:

The new ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030 Nvidia graphics card, powered by the award-winning NVIDIA Pascal architecture, accelerates your entire PC experience. Its powerful graphics engine and state-of-the-art technologies provide a performance upgrade to drive today's most demanding PC applications.

The Nvidia graphics card GeForce GT 1030 performs admirably in the competitive gaming titles it was designed to serve. Moreover, a low price, power-friendly architecture, and compelling form factor make the card accessible to just about anyone with an available PCIe slot.

GeForce GT 1030 utilizes an all-new graphics processor called GP108, composed of 1.8 billion transistors. It's a teeny thing at just 70mm, thanks to the same 14nm FinFET process used to manufacture GP107. Compare that to the GeForce GT 730s GK208 chip with 1.02 billion transistors in an 84mm die. Or how about the GeForce GTX 750 Ti, which were making the GT 1030 in today's benchmarks? That card's GM107 GPU has a similar transistor count as GP108, but in a 148mm2 die, owing to its 28nm manufacturing process.

Here's the thing, though: whereas GeForce GTX 750 Ti employs five Streaming Multiprocessors, GT 1030 comes equipped with three. Given 128 CUDA cores per SM/SMM in the Pascal and Maxwell architectures, that's 384 cores for GT 1030 and 640 for GTX 750 Ti. Both designs also expose eight texture units per SM, totalling 24 on GeForce GT 1030, while GTX 750 Ti gets 40.

The two GPUs feature a pair of ROP partitions, giving you up to 16 32-bit integer pixels per clock. However, those partitions are aligned with 256KB slices of L2 cache on GP108 and 1MB slices of L2 on GM107. That means GeForce GT 1030 includes 512KB L2 totala big reduction from the GTX 750 Ti's 2MB. And whereas GeForce GTX 750 Ti utilizes two 64-bit memory controllers, GT 1030s specs break the memory bus down into a pair of 32-bit controllers, adding up to a 64-bit interface. Thats a lot of lost resources for a ~4% difference in complexity.

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Make your entire PC experience faster with the new ZOTAC GeForce GT 710 dedicated Zotac graphics card. Now, you can enjoy better performance than integrated graphics in all your favourite PC applications delivering rock-solid reliability and stability with GeForce Experience.

The new ZOTAC GeForce GT 1030, powered by the award-winning NVIDIA Pascal architecture, accelerates your entire PC experience. Its powerful Zotac graphics card engine and state-of-the-art technologies provide a performance upgrade to drive today's most demanding PC applications.

The GeForce GT 1030 is supplied by Zotac. Due to the low-profile PCB, this graphics card can easily be built into even the smallest of cases. The tiny graphics chip is nicknamed GP108 and is manufactured with the A1-stepping process.

Official data about the chip has not been published yet, hence it can only be speculated how many transistors can be found on the 14-nm-built die. The Zotac graphics card GeForce GT 1030 features 384 shaders, its 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM is connected via a 64-bit interface and it supports up to four PCIe Gen3 lanes.

The new Pascal-based entry-level chip replaced the Nvidia GeForce GT 730. It is also available for notebooks as the GeForce MX 150. The support for modern video codecs (H.265, VP9 codec) makes the Zotac graphics card GeForce GT 1030 indeed an interesting upgrade for a domestic living-room PC.

This is particularly attractive if the PC is not yet equipped with one of the rather expensive seventh-generation Intel Core-i7 chips, since the GeForce GT 1030 plays buttery smooth 4K YouTube content in the Edge browser.

As far as externals are concerned, the Zotac graphics card GeForce GT 1030 offers DVI-D and HDMI-2.0b ports able to output 4K content at 60 Hz. On the downside, there is no DisplayPort port. Older 4K displays that lack HDMI-2.0b may therefore be limited to only 30 Hz for 4K content.

  • Intel Graphic Cards

The Intel graphics card UHD Graphics 620 (GT2) is an integrated graphics unit, which can be found in various ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processors of the Kaby Lake Refresh generation (8th generation Core). Compared to the similarly named Intel HD Graphics 620 in the 2016 Kaby Lake CPUs, only the name changed from HD to UHD.

It is clocked with up to 1.150 MHz and therefore 100 MHz higher than the old HD Intel graphics card 620 (max. 1.050 MHz) and offer a comparable performance. Due to its lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache, the HD 620 has to access the main memory (2x 64bit DDR3/DDR4).

The exact performance of the UHD Intel graphics card 620 depends on various factors like L3 cache size, memory configuration (DDR3/DDR4) and maximum clock rate of the specific model and is similar to the Intel HD Graphics 620 and Intel HD Graphics 630.

Compared to the average HD Graphics 620, the UHD graphics profits from the quad-core CPU a bit in our gaming benchmarks. Therefore, it should be positioned between a GeForce 910M and 920M dedicated graphics card from an intel graphics card.

For games, the drivers however are not that fast updated and tested as with GeForce graphics cards. In our tests, the UHD 620 is most suited for casual games like Team Fortress 2, Rocket League or Farming Simulator 17. See below for a list of modern games tested with various models.

The revised video engine now supports H.265/HEVC Main10 profile in hardware with 10-bit colours. Furthermore, Google's VP9 codec can also be hardware decoded. The first models do not support HDCP 2.2 and therefore Netflix 4K. This was added with the new models in 2017 and beginning of May 2017 also the older CPU models like the i3-7100U are now shipped with a new S-Spec Code that supports HDCP 2.2. HDMI 2.0 however is still only supported with an external converter chip (LSPCon).


An underpowered graphics card can lead to poor visuals and makes the photo and video editing tasks tedious and time consuming. Therefore selecting a powerful graphics card is recommended for hassle free experience. All the brands and models explained above with amazing features promise unmatched gaming experience and are also well suited for media applications such as photo and video editing.

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