List of Various Weight Machines Prices in India

List of Various Weight Machines Prices in India

Buying a weight machine can be a lot of tedious work, you need to look for the right weighing machine that suits your lifestyle at the lowest price. So, leave the complex work of researching to us, and choose the best weighing machine that can partner with your health regime.

Here's a guide for buying a weight machine

As per brands and features, weight scale price varies from low to high. But, sometimes, we do not need a costly weight machine with prominent features that can help you meet your health goals. Further, Digital weight machine prices can be slightly higher than analog as they are more accurate and provide more features. Plus, electronic weighing machine prices may be higher as compared to digital weighing machines due to better features and reliability.

Digital Weight machine

There is a wide range of digital weight machines available in the market but finding the best digital weight machine at the lowest price is a challenge.

Electronic weight machine

Electronic weight machines are far more reliable than other weight scales. Further, they need to be plugged into a power socket to display weight and other features.

Electronic weight machine prices may vary as per their capacity such as an electronic weight machine of 100kg costs you around Rs.4000-8000. Further, a good electronic weighing machine of 50kg capacity comes within the range of Rs.2000-4000.

There are several brands in the market that provide electronic weight machines of 50kg and 100kg capacity. But if you are looking to buy a weighing machine in your budget then Excel, Virgo, and Stealodeal are perfect for you.

Weighing scale price as per capacity

Body weight machine prices differ as per the capacity, the higher the capacity, the more the price. Further, below is the list of body weight machine prices as per their capacities.

5Kg weight machine

5kg weight machines are ideal for measuring small objects just as food, protein intake, and other small things. Plus, the 5kg weighing machine price ranges from lowest of Rs. 300 to as high as Rs.3000.

Dr. Trust, a well-known weighing machine brand provides one of the best 5kg weight machines at an affordable price.

20kg weight machine price

The 20kg weight machine price is higher than the 5kg weight machine price, due to its capacity. Further, some of the brands also provide additional features to improve their quality.

30kg weight machine price

30kg weight machines are used in malls, supermarkets, shops, etc., to measure the quantity of the heavier objects. Further, you can also use a 30kg weighing machine to check your kids weight.

50kg and 100kg weight machine price

100kg weight machines and 50kg weight machines are used widely for commercial purposes. They are used to measure the quantity of grains or other objects. Also, they are slightly bigger, as compared to body weighing machines, thus are not used in households.

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