Planning to Buy A Window AC? Take a Glance at These Aspects!

Window AC is one of the most accepted air conditioners from the past decades. Though ductless split air conditioners have increased their market share, the window air conditioner is still in demand for conventional homes. This type of air conditioner doesn?? require a substantial installation workload. They are also preferred for their budgetary prices. Energy efficiency and low electricity bills are every customer?? desire to avoid huge spending. It is well-delivered by these air conditioners as they are installed directly on windows enabling it to acquire the hot air without any interruptions.

Their efficiency can further enhance with inverter compressors. So, while selecting a window air conditioner, one should consider different factors such as their capacity, energy-efficiency ratio, noise levels, and components material quality. These air conditioners have got the variety that needs to be considered while acquiring one for your house. The window AC price relies on various factors. Pick up the one that suits your budget and room.

Factors that Affect Window AC Price:

Though the conventional form of cooling has got tough competition, there is still demand for these window units in traditional homes. The window air conditioner?? price is fixed after considering various factors and its features.

As time progresses, the relevance and demand for eco-friendly gadgets have enhanced. The same trend is observed in the air conditioners segment. Energy efficiency is one of the prominent factors creating a huge difference in the value of windows AC. The energy efficiency of the window AC can be measured using the Energy-Efficient Ratio (EER). It depends on the capacity and the overall power of the window AC. The window AC is considered the most efficient AC as its back directly faces the outer side of the window, thus transferring the hot air directly.

The capacity of the air conditioner is one of the essentials that affects the price. You need to purchase a large-capacity window air conditioner for large areas and a low-capacity window AC for small flats. They are present in different capacities such as 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, etc.

The window AC grabs star ratings for their performance. If the air conditioner has a higher rating, then the price will be on the higher side and vice-versa.

An air conditioner with unique features such as low noise level, fan settings, and several modes to give you a high-end performance contributes to the higher price.

Usage of premium quality materials in the unit's components will affect its performance, service life, and price.

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Types of Windows AC that you can look for:

There are numerous types of AC models for windows available in the market:

  • Double:

    Hang window AC for standard windows where covers fill the additional space.
  • Through-the-wall AC:

    This kind of AC can be installed through the wall with no requirement of windows.
  • Vertical Sliding window AC:

    They are taller in height and can be installed in less expansive windows.
  • Conventional Horizontal window AC:

    They are best suited for more expansive windows.

Criteria that Determines the Best Window AC:

The choice of the best window AC will depend on your requirement.


  • If the window AC is to be installed in the office, then prefer an AC with a low noise level for a quiet environment.
  • The high energy efficient unit will save high on electricity bills since the air conditioner needs to work for long hours in offices.
  • An inverter compressor AC can be more effective. As the inverter-composed AC doesn?? shut down the compressor, but it controls the cooling and electricity supply to the unit, this leads to higher savings.
  • Offices need higher capacity window units due to the heat generated from electrical gadgets such as computers, printers, scanners, etc.


  • The apartments with high ceilings require window units with higher capacity to give high cooling.
  • If you stay in a cold environment, the air conditioner with dehumidifiers and heaters can be a great option.
  • The acquisition of units for apartments also depends on the frequency of usage. Comparatively less amount of cooling is demanded at homes.

The best window AC, whether for offices or homes, is the one that uses the excellent quality of components to impart good service life. Also, the air conditioner with a higher star rating will provide good results.

Key considerations while buying the best window AC for your room:

  • Analyzing the BTU is required to cool the number of square feet.
  • Besides considering window AC price, it is essential to consider the cost of electricity spent to get the cooling.
  • Windows AC is also available with an in-built dehumidifier, heater, and cooling fan.
  • Consider buying these ACs with remote control for comfortable enjoyment of a cooled environment.
  • Purchase an AC with different modes coupled with an LCD screen to guide the user for domestic use.
  • Pick up one with a clean filter indication to let you know the cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Investing in the cooling agent should be made after comparing different models. Mount the window AC after analyzing the sufficient number of models that are available today. Minimum installation expense and elegant appearance are also factors that you should examine before buying the window unit.

Window AC: FAQs

Q. Which is the best window AC?

A. There are different types of window AC. One should buy it as per their preference. It is necessary to consider its energy efficiency feature along with comparing its affordability. They are available with various innovative options such as low noise level, inverter compressor, and many more.

Q. How many types of window AC are there?

A. There are numerous types of window AC existing in the market. You will find many options suitable for your room like- air conditioner for small spaces, sliding windows, energy-efficient, light-weight, and many elegant appearing window units to give appropriate cooling in summer. You can go through the above list to get more information on the kinds of windows AC.

Q. What is the life of a window AC?

A. The life of window AC varies from unit to unit depending upon its maintainability. Removal of dirt, frequent cleaning, no sunlight installation, and many such reasons can affect their service life. If proper care and maintenance are undertaken, they can impart a service life of 10 years or 20 years, depending on the usage of material in the manufacturing of these kinds of AC.

Q. Are Window AC good?

A. The window AC price fits in the budget. They are considered to be the most economical and easy to install air conditioners. They give high cooling as compared to other air conditioners.