Top Trending Speakers Brands Available Online with Price List

Top Trending Speakers Brands Available Online with Price List

Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Tv shows and Movies are just some of the various kinds of content we consume every day. Our life revolves around watching and listening to new movies and videos every single day, whether it's on our mobile phones or our laptops, a great speaker is absolutely essential to enjoy this content the way it was meant to be consumed, with high quality audio and picture.

This is why we will be discussing the top speaker brands in India and help you decide which brand suits your needs!

  • JBL Speakers

JBL has been one of the most iconic and popular speaker brands across the globe for the last ten years. Whether it's a small portable speaker to a home theatre system, JBL has you covered with its wide gamut of options available on its website. JBL is a loved brand because of its premium quality audio, high quality and durable materials used in wielding the speaker and its amazing technology that lets you integrate with the latest Bluetooth drivers and a mobile application that lets you control the speaker.

  • Bose Speakers

Bose is a high-end speaker brand that is known across the world for its extremely premium-quality audio and its aesthetic speaker designs that are highly appealing to the eyes. If you are looking for the best speakers and audio equipment that is the latest and greatest in terms of technology, Bose has a wide range of speakers that will fit your needs. Bose speakers are definitely some of the best speakers available in the market if you are willing to pay the price.

  • Marshall Speakers

Marshall is known as the muscle car of Bluetooth speakers. With powerful technology allowing heavy bass and sound that is robust enough to have crowds dancing and enjoying. Marshall speakers are premium high-end speakers and are usually used in the living room and for larger spaces as they have a wide sound range that is extremely loud and can fill big spaces with ease. Marshall speakers come with a unique design and look premium and expensive. The speaker offers convenient control, top-mounted volume, bass, treble controls and a mobile application to track the audio graphics.

  • Boat Speakers

Boat is a speaker and audio brand that has exponentially grown over the last 5 years. Boat offers extremely stylish speakers at reasonable prices. Boat got a lot of attention and recognition as it was offering high quality speakers offering the latest technology at a price point which was too good to be true. That's how it began its journey and hundreds of speaker models later, Boat is still industry leading for popular and inexpensive speakers.

  • Sony Speakers

Sony has been industry leading in terms of electronic appliances and ever since it has launched speakers, it has had a ground-breaking level of success in the field. Sony is extremely popular as a brand and offers high-tech audio devices at affordable prices. Sony speakers usually come in smaller sizes but pack a heavy punch in terms of loudspeakers. Sony speakers have a very versatile range of products.

  • Ahuja Speakers

Ahuja is one of India's leading manufacturers and exporters of public address. Ahuja has been in the industry since 1940 and almost seven decades later, it is still a highly trusted brand. Ahuja speakers offer a wide range of high-end variants. Ahuja speakers offer high-quality audio, latest Bluetooth drivers and technology that offers vertical dispersion and focus directivity of the sound waves.

Google has been one of the biggest companies in the world with its revolutionary search engine, but is it also the best in terms of audio devices and speakers? Not quite yet but it's definitely going down that path. With its latest range of Google home smart speakers, you can directly communicate with your voice giving commands and asking the google assistant to change the song. It can tell you the weather, news, read you a story and much more! They are affordable smart speakers offered by the most trusted company of our times!

  • FD Speakers

Under the flagship of Fenda, FD is slowly becoming a popular speaker and audio device company. These speakers offer high quality audio, great designs and overall performance. These can be used for professional purposes as well as home purposes. This brand is on the way to becoming the best audio technology of our times.

Zebronics has been industry leading for its lifestyle and gaming products. It has made some industry changing technological advancements in its field, they also offer amazing sound quality speakers and rich immersive experience with its audio features. Zebronics have brilliant designs making them the best budget speakers available in the market. Whether it comes to desktop speakers to portable speakers, Zebronics has you covered!

Philips speakers have the ability to make us feel emotions so intensely that it almost takes our breath away. Philip speakers offer innovative features, latest Bluetooth connectivity, wide gamut of products and a reasonable price point.Philip offers speakers in all size ranges and audio profiles. They offer high quality audio that has extreme bass and vocal support to further intensify any experience!

  • Harman Kardon Speakers

Harman Kardon is not for the average user; it is for someone who is passionate about sound and music and would invest in it appropriately. Harman Kardon offers absolutely beautiful speakers that have a premium industrial design paired with a premium blended wool coating that it gives a premium feel. It comes with smart sound quality as these speakers have voice command control paired with google assistant and the best sound quality any speaker can offer.

  • Infinity Speakers

Infinity offers powerful and graceful speakers that are gaining popularity as one of the industry leading audio devices. The speakers dont offer the most extensive frequency response range but offer clear and powerful sounds in the range they're designed to perform. They are reasonably priced budget speakers and are definitely a trendy and zesty choice for someone looking to purchase a stylish form, smart design and enhanced sound quality.

  • Ubon speakers

Ubon is an Indian based company that is one of the largest consumer electronics producers and manufacturers in the industry. Ubon wireless speakers offer exceptional sound quality, comprehensive Bluetooth and wired speakers with HD sound quality that deliver surprisingly loud and clear stereo sound everywhere. They are a good choice for someone looking to buy their first speaker!

  • Intex Speakers

Intex offers speakers for everyone. They have portable speakers, desktop speakers and home theatre systems. They have high-quality and a special feature known as the intex woofer that allows truly immersive audio experiences that makes movies and shows come alive. They have waterproof variants, wired variants and every product serves a different purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Get the party started with the latest Intex speaker.