Types Of Speakers Available In The Market

Types Of Speakers Available In The Market

Speakers are the most widely used tech devices across the globe. Speakers can be seen everywhere where there's a public gathering. Be it any occasion, ceremony, political rally, school assembly, indoor/outdoor party, almost everywhere you'll see a set of speakers. Who doesn't love to groove with these amplifiers when your favorite tune turns on? What are the different types of speakers available in the market? Which ones are perfect for indoor fun and which are good for outdoor fun? What's the difference between all types of speakers? Don't worry amigos, I gotcha!

Speakers made for home:

With the current era of modernization and technology, every tech device is becoming slimmer, sleeker, light-weighed, and packed with loads of functions. Earlier we used to have a huge box TV but day by day they are becoming slimmer. Now, we have LCDs, LEDs, QLEDs, and many more varieties which are amazingly sleeker and possess loads of functionalities.

But, unfortunately with the reduction in the thickness of tv the sound quality is often altered. The reason being the speakers are placed in minimal space and the angles for reflection of sound waves are inappropriate. In such cases, we opt for different types of tv speakers and some of them are listed below:

Home Theatre

Maybe you are too busy to visit theatres with your family on Sundays? And you wish to relish your Sunday indoors. That is precisely when you start to feel how great would it be if my home were a theatre?! Home theatre systems are here for the rescue! A home theatre comprises a TV or a projector screen, a video source, a home theatre receiver, and speakers (including the center speaker, right and left forward speakers, right and left rear speakers, special effect speakers, and a set of subwoofers).

If you already have a 4KR HDR TV or OLED, then you can save your money on purchasing another tv, but if you have anything less than a 4KR HDR TV, then you might want to buy one too to get the wholesome feel.

While selecting the woofer speakers to add the extra touch to a distinct home theatre experience do check these points. A woofer speaker must be compatible with the other front and rear speakers, exceedingly low-frequency extension, and accurate frequency response.

The most crucial thing while purchasing a home theatre is to consider the size of your room. As you will have to adjust speakers in your room, one must first consider if they have the proper space for fitting a home theatre.


If a home theatre system is over-budget for you then soundbars are totally worth it. A soundbar is a thin rectangular device that can be placed on or below your TV. As mentioned earlier, the slimmer versions of TVs contain extremely packed speakers and hence, hindered sound quality. Soundbars have the ultimate role of providing crystal clear sound no matter how slow the voice of the speaker is. Soundbars are apt solutions for getting good quality sound instead of purchasing a big mess of home theatre. Soundbars can be active which contains a built-in amp or passive for which you'll have to purchase other plug-ins. In a nutshell, soundbars are ideal replacements for the home theatre.

Tower Speakers

If both the soundbar and home theatre dont fit your taste then you can choose tower speakers. Tower speakers are classy and appealing to look at. Also, they provide a rich sound quality while binge-watching your favorite series. If you love to groove all alone in your living room then tower speakers will surely provide the best sound quality. Do remember to purchase a tower speaker with a built-in amplifier to avoid the mess of wires all around.

Speakers for computers:

Computer/PC Speakers

Computers have in-built speakers but if you wish to enhance the audio effect while playing your favorite game then you'll need a set of extra computer speakers. Computer speakers have amplifiers within them that provide much better sound quality and experience than traditional pc speakers. They can come in all price ranges starting from cheaper which will provide mere extra sound to expensive ones that will have subwoofers as well.

Bluetooth Speakers

The exquisitely trendy, vividly versatile, relentlessly portable, and terrifically affordable speakers in the town are the wireless Bluetooth speakers. They are also referred to as wireless speakers. As they are connected to your device via Bluetooth connectivity they are effortlessly wireless. You can carry them almost anywhere and everywhere.

These small wireless speakers provide an amazing sound quality, are rechargeable, durable, and handy in nature. You could literally carry them anywhere without caring about wires and cables.

Some Bluetooth speakers are waterproof as well! Bang on you can carry them to pool parties this summer. They are freaking cute as they have these LED lights in them that glow while they are playing and this feature makes them even more enticing. Bluetooth speakers can be connected to any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. Thus, they can easily connect to your laptops, computers, mobiles, and TVs.

Miscellaneous Speakers

Party Speakers

After a week-long of work and fatigue, when it's finally the time of the week when you are about to jazz up, and your friends are buzzing you with the texts, where's the party tonight?. You definitely don't wish to crash the fun with a small speaker with no bass or high sound quality, do you? Party speakers from different brands like Boat, JBL, Sony have amazing audio quality and are compact in design. Some models also have microphone connection portals so that you can enjoy your very own karaoke.

Car Speakers

Are you bored of the speakers installed in your car? Do you want an extra volume and amplified sound quality? You can surely install new car speakers by replacing the previous ones or you can keep them both. Car speakers are installed in the cars to increase the audio quality. Car speakers consist of woofers, tweeter materials, surrounding support, etc. They can be installed in front doors, in rear areas, in tailgates as well. Car speakers are good if your factory-installed speakers fail to provide the sound in the rear seats.

DJ Speakers

Hey DJ! Make some noise will you?! Every time the audience goes crazy they demand even higher volumes so that they can lose themselves in the beats of the music. DJ speakers definitely need subwoofers to maintain the frequency at lower ranges or else the distorted sound becomes unpleasant to hear. While buying DJ speakers you can select certain less heavy models that are easy to manage. Also, look for active speakers instead of passive ones.


There are tons of varieties, brands, and models of speakers in the market. Every speaker has the same function to enhance and uplift the audio quality. You can buy a speaker that fits your budget and requirements and tune in to newer frequencies every day.