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Aczet – Manufacturing Brilliance

Aczet Pvt. Ltd. has made a mark in the market due to its wide range of products. It has established its presence in more than 35 countries all over the globe. The company uses a wide range of research studies to ensure that their products are in sync with the different needs of the customers. All Aczet products come with various quality certifications like NTEP, OIML, EC type approval and CE, which ensure that all the manufactured products have an optimum quality. Some of the best Aczet products readily available on Moglix include Aczet precision balance, Rotary Evaporator, Leak Tester, ice flaker, milk analyser among others.

Aczet Precision Balance – Accurate Measurements

This precision balance has an internal calibration and a built-in hanger for balance weighing. It comes with a large backlight with an LCD display which makes the readings easy to read. The levelling bubble and the adjustable feet are easy to set up and provide precise readings.

Aczet Rotary Evaporator- Trouble-free and easy to Maintain

The rotary evaporator has a variable speed of 20 to 280 rpm. It is easy to use and has a standard distillation solution. It comes equipped with a digital control temperature and a slanting type condenser. It has a motorized up and down control switch and it also comes with six different types of attachable flakes.

Aczet Leak Tester – Accurate and Precise

The leak tester has a vacuum holding time of 0.1-60 minutes and an inlet holding time of 0.25 to 0.6 mpa. It uses compressed air as a power source. The vacuum generator easily checks for any leaks with the maximum precision. All the different checking parameters can be digitally set and managed.

Aczet Ice Flake Maker- Compact and Sleek

The Aczet ice flake maker uses the technique of wind cooling condensation. It has a compact design and a luxurious appearance. It has an overload indication and a highly efficient compressor. It comes with a high quality stainless steel exterior and sturdy design.

Aczet Milk Analyzer - Easy to Use

This ultrasonic milk analyser is simple to use and maintain. It comes with a feature of self calibration and has easily readable results. It has a portable design and can be easily stored in any corner.