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KisanKraft Machines: Your key to Greener Crops

KisanKraft provides its consumers with an exclusive range of agri-machines to make their farm life effortless. KisanKraft machines are designed to help users with tiling, irrigation, spraying, planting, seeding, and the maintenance of lawns. KisanKraft is an ISO-certified and ISI-approved company in the agricultural sector that sells agri-machines, seed, and power tools.

Agriculture is undoubtedly the backbone of our economy as the farmlands take care of all our food consumption demands. Today’s world observes an advancement in almost all aspects of our lives, then how could the agricultural sector be left behind? From mechanised help to laboratory developed seeds and fertilizers, you can have it all. Upgrade your farm fields with KisanKraft Machines and see your cultivation problems instantly resolved.

KisanKraft Machines Varieties and Qualities

KisanKraft presents its consumers an exceptional range of latest Agri-Machinery. The agricultural solutions offered by KisanKraft machines are reliable, long-lasting and economical. Their models are designed and imported, keeping in mind the needs of small-scale as well as large-scale farmlands. They cover all the facets of cultivation, be it tiling, planting, irrigation or harvesting. Their models are robust with simplified operation and compact design.

KisanKraft Cultivators: KisanKraft Machines provide advanced technology and standard quality inter cultivators. They are equipped with four-stroke petrol and diesel engines and provide high performance in varied soil types. Forward and reverse gears present in them make operation easy. They are compact and fuel-efficient with compatible accessories. KisanKraft employs the Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute set by the government of India that itself assures the highest quality products. It continuously upgrades its technology and provides exceptional service to its buyers. Models include Kisankraft KK-IC-205P 4 Stroke Petrol Inter Cultivator.

KisanKraft Sprayers: These Spraying Solutions have a varied range of agricultural sprayers, including battery-based and manual sprayers. They are high-performance devices with low maintenance and simplified operation. Their style ensures user comfort and stability. They are lightweight and capable of spraying crop protection chemicals on farms and gardens. They can also be used for disinfecting workplaces or public areas. KisanKraft provides more than 300 FMTTI-approved models encompassing all significant phases of cultivation. Models include Kisankraft Hand Operated Pressure Sprayer, KK-PS5000.

KisanKraft Sprinklers and Pumps: They have significantly functioning Water Pumps, Open-well Submersible Pumps, and sprinklers as your go-to irrigation solutions. They have optimum port diameters, speed range, suction and engine power. Their products are electricity-based, like Water Pump (Electric) KK-WPE-2510 and fuel-based, like Kisankraft Farmboy Petrol Water Pump. The KisanKraft Machines come under the subsidy schemes the State and Central Governments conferred for farm mechanisation. This further lowers the prices of the farm equipment.

KisanKraft Seeders and Hole Diggers: KisanKraft offers a number of Hole Diggers and Seeders, which can be automated or manually operated. They are air-cooled and have a decent engine with a stabiliser system. The models designed and manufactured by KisanKraft are provided at reasonable in-budget rates. They are matched to the requirements of marginal and small farmers. They can be used to drill pits for plantations. The models are designed to give a quality performance in nearly all soil types and field conditions with low maintenance. The material used in the equipment, and its arrangement, ensure it. The company also provides spare parts and accessories. Models include Kisankraft 8 Inch Auger Bit.

KisanKraft Lawn Mowers and Garden Equipment: A wide variety of products, including lawnmowers, shears, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and many more, are available. They can be easily operated and are provided as manual, electrical and fuel-based. They have an affordable price range for all their products. Products include Kisankraft KK-LME-1900 Lawn Mower, Kisankraft Manual Lawn Mower, and Kisankraft Carbon Steel Hedge Shear. KisanKraft products online are offered in a varied range for their customers to be used in fields, lawns, and gardens. From seeding to planting solutions, from weeding to spraying solutions, it has the answer for all your gardening problems.

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KisanKraft Machines arrive with solutions to all your farming issues. From Ploughing machines to Planting and Spraying agri-machines, it has just the equipment to maintain your farms, gardens, and lawns. Its solutions have been appreciated and awarded globally for their contributions to the green economy solutions. KisanKraft aims at enhancing the livelihood of small and marginalised farmers with the advanced refinement of its technology and products. They offer high-grade and affordable agri-machines. Shop your KisanKraft Products online at Moglix. Here you can opt from the countless options accessible at discounted prices. Within a few clicks, your order will be placed to be delivered to your doorstep.