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Surya: An Emerging Brand of Standard Products

In earlier times, Surya remained a steel manufacturing company. With the adoption of wide advancements, the brand has emerged out to produce several categories of products. In 1984, Surya entered into manufacturing lighting products with effective performance. It adopted LED technology for saving huge power and electricity. The brand has integrated plants in several regions for manufacturing the products with the right technology.

What are the different types of Surya Products?

The brand has emerged out as a great option for bringing several kinds of home appliances. In the list of Surya products, there exist huge options with distinct features, style, and use. The products manufactured by the brand are mentioned in the following points:

Lightning & Luminaries

In lightning products, consumers get a wide list of options. It includes LED fitting, lamps, downlighter, power driver, and so on. Apart from this, all the FTL fitting products are easily available in standard quality. All the needs of industrial, railway, architectural, and commercial sectors are met. The light sources are present with specified durability for each product. The smart options include HID lamps, high mast, and so on.

Steel Pipes

The brand has sourced spiral welded pipes, ERW pipes, and hollow section pipes. The wide range is presented with different customization options.

Home Appliances

When looking for the home appliances products manufactured by Surya, one gets to find huge sections. The list of sections includes cooking products, heating appliances, electric kettles, and so on.

Cooling Appliances

In this section, one gets a proper temperature control system to survive in any season. In the summers, less electricity consuming air coolers are present. In the winter season, systems such as halogen heater, heat convector, and quartz heater are present in every price range.

Why Choose Surya Products?

All the appliances or products manufactured by Surya pass through the proper processing. A test is also a performance for checking the validity of electrical heating or cooling systems. The design and styling options are present in a diversified range. The brand has managed to cope up with the changing environment. It stands out as an emerging company with advanced technology to manufacture several lighting products. Many times, people rely on Surya for home appliances due to the following reasons:

  • It has created a brand image with high customer satisfaction.

  • It has adopted the latest technologies.

  • The products are assured in terms of quality standards.

  • A proper guarantee or warranty period is attached to each appliance.

  • There is a proper warranty period attached to every product.