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Falcon Small Hand Digging Trowel, FWT-203
4.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹12528% OFF
  • For Planting & Transplanting, Fixed Plastic Handle

  • Sturdy Built

Wolf Garten 5cm Planting Trowel, LU-2P
By: Wolf Garten
₹51419% OFF
  • Handle Prevents Blisters on the Fingers

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Wolf Garten LU-2K Flower Trowel
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Wolf Garten
₹75034% OFF
  • Comfort Grip for Added Support

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Falcon Big Hand Digging Trowel, FWT-204
By: Falcon
₹13027% OFF
  • Ergonomic Handle

  • For Planting & Transplanting, Fixed Plastic Handle

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Wolf Garten LU-P 5cm Planting Trowel, MTAK-MA-HA-1875
  • Lightweight Design for Easy Use

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Bellota Aluminium Trowel, AHM 3001
By: Bellota
₹97521% OFF
  • Strong easy to clean

  • Light

Falcon FWT-204 Plastic Premium Hand Digging Trowel
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹1303% OFF
  • Easy to Use & Light Weight

Implemental Gardening Trowel, bkjagan699
By: Implemental
₹49917% OFF
  • Ergonomically Designed Handle Reduces Hand & Wrist Fatigue While Weeding

Falcon FWT-203 Hand Digging Trowel
By: Falcon
₹12528% OFF
  • Light weight

  • Easy to use

Unison Digging Trowel, UEI-1001
By: Unison
₹14020% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 9876300254

Globus 5cm Carbon Steel Trowel for Gardening, GGT-523
Globus 8 inch Carbon Steel Trowel for Gardening, GGT-524
Kag Spectacular Garden Tool Trowel, 905
Pier Imports 204 Steel Hand Digging Trowel, PI-05
By: Pier Imports
₹23760% OFF
Pier Imports 203 Steel Hand Digging Trowel, PI-04
By: Pier Imports
₹20760% OFF
Garden Tools Weeding Trowel With Wooden Handle, WT- 211
By: Garden Tools
Available on Request
  • Wooden Handle

Wolf Garten LU-Z Flower Trowel
By: Wolf Garten
Available on Request
  • Light weight Design for Easy Use

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Ingco 60mm Stainless Steel Putty Trowel, HPUT08060
By: Ingco
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 9999464092

Garden Tools Weeding Trowel With PVC Handle, WT- 201
By: Garden Tools
Available on Request
  • PVC Handle

Wolf Garten LU-Z 8cm Steel Flower Trowel, MTAK-MA-HA-1874
By: Wolf Garten
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

  • Durable & Long-lasting Anti-Rust Chrome Coating

Landscaping Tool Basics: The Hand Trowel

Landscaping is in the details. This might seem trivial and possibly even obvious at first glance, but it truly is in the fine details. Experienced hobbits in the field of gardening, for example, will be among the first to tell you how important it is to carefully choose everything from the direction the garden is facing to the composition of the pots the plants rest in – even the most trivial things matter. Having established that, it’s not a very long connection to make that each of these issues would have its own unique solution in the form of either particular techniques or even particular tools.

And as it turns out, they do – most of the issues faced by landscapers can easily be thwarted using handy, often simple tools and devices. Processes such as gardening, tiling, or bricklaying can be made so much simpler using tools such as shears, spades, rakes, and more. One such basic yet instrumental tool in the realm of digging and casting is the hand trowel tool.

The Different Ways to Use Trowels

A trowel is a compact, hand-held tool used for digging, smoothing, applying, and removing small amounts of various materials. A trowel is stereotypical observed in the hands of a glove-wearing gardener trying to plant new Tulips into their backyard, often in the form of a garden trowel or a transplanting trowel. But it is also often utilized by masons and bricklayers for applying and spreading concrete and adhesives between layers of bricks and stones during masonry constructions in the form of digging trowels.

Garden trowels and transplanting trowels are typically broad and curved at the end. These are not meant to withstand much pressure or harsh chemicals, so they are usually made of forged carbon steel. Digging trowels, on the other hand, are designed to resist far more mechanical and chemical damage, so they are made using resistant stainless steel, which makes them able to withstand rust and considerable corrosion.

Just as most tools and instruments do, hand trowel tools also have their own power-tool variant conveniently called the power trowel. These are electrically-powered, heavy-duty devices used less commonly in domestic settings and more in industrial settings. These versions often build on the traditional digging trowel design but improve on the mechanical output and efficiency.

What Are Common Types of Trowels?

Trowels are categorized broadly based on what type of landscaping they’re used for, and again based on the nature of their function:

In the realm of gardening, gardening trowels and digging trowels have a scoop-like blade allowing them to extract a set volume of soil. These are comparable to spades and shovels but only in basic function. Transplanting trowels, which have more pointed blades, are used routinely when a certain plant, flower, or seedling needs to be moved between two places.

In the realm of masonry, a bricklayer’s trowel has an angular flat, blade while a pointing trowel is a scaled-down version of the same design. Float trowels have a rectangular blade and are used for leveling off rough surfaces; gauging trowels are used for mixing plaster ingredients. Notched trowels are used to administer adhesives during layering tasks.

Different Aspects of Applying Trowels

Due to their versatile design, hand trowel tools find their use in a wide variety of circumstances. Foremost and most obvious is the use of garden trowels and transplanting trowels in gardening processes. The former is a more general name given to trowels used for plowing and tilling the soil, while the latter defines a trowel with a narrower blade used to transfer plants and small seedlings from one area to another. Some forms of digging trowels can also be applied in masonry due to its angular blade structure and flat surface width.

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