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Unison UEI/1077CW Cycle Wheel Hoe Weeder
4.6 (13 Reviews)
By: Unison
₹3,01015% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 9876300254

  • Easy to Handle

Hectare Yellow Wheel Hoe with 7 inch Weeder, 3 Tooth Cultivator & Furrow Attachment
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Hectare
₹6,99938% OFF
  • Sleek , Light Weight & Simple Design for Long Duration

  • It Has Been Ergonomically Designed to Suit Height of All...

Wolf Garten SH-M Multi Star Swoe Style Hoe without Handle
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,2006% OFF
  • Sharp Weeding Blade on Rear Cuts Through Weeds Fast

  • Constructed Of High Quality Metal

Wolf Garten LN-2K Double Hoe
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,12414% OFF
  • For Placing Bulbs & Container Plants, Up to About 6

  • Comfort Area On the Handle Supports the Hoeing Movement

Wolf Garten DH-M Multi Star Dutch Hoe without Handle
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,05025% OFF
  • Extra Sharp Blade

  • Particularly Stable as it is Super-Hardened

Wolf Garten HU-M 15 15cm Floral Hoe, MTAK-MA-HA-1870
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,14515% OFF
  • Cut Weed Under & Between Plants Effortlessly

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Wolf Garten 10cm Draw Hoe, HU-M 10
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,53632% OFF
  • Extra Sharp Blade & Easily Removes Weeds Between Plants &

  • Rec Handle: Zm 150

Wolf Garten 5cm Double Hoe, LL-M
By: Wolf Garten
₹63012% OFF
  • Rec. Handle: Zm 30

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Wolf Garten GS-M14 Scuffle Hoe
By: Wolf Garten
₹90525% OFF
  • The Durable, Sharp, Super-Hardened Blade Provides Extra Surface Area to

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Yuvcon Wheel Hoe with 3 Manual Attachment, YUV-W-003
  • Easy to Handle

  • Easy Maintenance & Design

Wolf Garten IL-M3 Multi-Change Double Hoe
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,00017% OFF
  • Rake Width: 8 cm

  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Wolf Garten HW-M 15 Multi Star Draw Hoe
By: Wolf Garten
₹1,2006% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 1416727710 & Email Id:

Garden Tools Trowel Type Garden Hoe With 12 Inch Handle, GHT- 71
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Garden Tools
₹59929% OFF
Garden Tools Kandhali Type Garden Hoe With 12 Inch Handle, GHK- 73
Jar 12 inch Steel Handle Garden Hoe, JGT-114
Jar 12 inch Steel Handle Hoe Trovel, JGT-116
Jar 12 inch Steel Handle Hoe Trovel, JGT-115
Yuvcon Mild Steel Two Prong Garden Hoe, YUV1137
Garden Tools Trowel Type Garden Hoe, GHT- 61
By: Garden Tools
₹59937% OFF
Garden Tools Frok Type Garden Hoe With 12 Inch Handle, GHF- 72
By: Garden Tools
Available on Request
Pye 3 inch Hand Hoe, PYE-2106
By: Pye
Available on Request

Gardening Hoes – The Multi-Purpose Must-Haves for Outdoorsmen

Garden hoes are ancient tools of gardening and farming. They date back to the time of Harappan Civilizations as well. These tools are made from iron and wood. Their main purpose is to help remove weeds from the farmland or the garden area.

For amateur gardeners and professionals, having the proper tools makes all the difference in efficiency and ease. One indispensable tool for any gardener’s arsenal is the versatile hoe.

While choosing a home, there are various types and criteria, and here we will explore the world of gardening hoes. We’ll examine the many types available, critical factors in choosing the right home, and prominent brands crafting these essential gardening instruments.


Popular Types of Hoes and Their Uses

They are of many types: dutch hoe, digging hoe, hand hoe, flat hoe, agricultural hoe, etc. All of these have one primary function which is to eliminate weeds. Weeds are the unnecessary and unimportant plants that grow in the soil. These get into the nutrition needs of the main crop and hamper their growth.


  • Garden hoes are the most common type, featuring a flat rectangular blade attached to a long handle. Their classic shape makes garden hoes perfect for breaking up and turning soil, cutting weeds, planting furrows and trenches, and general cultivation tasks. Garden hoes come in varying blade widths and shapes, like triangles, hearts, and hexagons, to suit different purposes.

  • Warren hoes are characterised by their distinct arrowhead-shaped blades. The pointed precision tip allows for accurate weeding around established shrubs, plants, and trees without disturbing their root systems or the surrounding soil. Warren hoes provide detailed weed control between garden rows and hard-to-reach spots.

  • Scuffle hoes, also known as hula hoes, have an oscillating paddle-shaped blade attached perpendicularly to the handle. As the name suggests, they are pushed and pulled (“scuffled”) through the soil to slice weeds off below the surface with minimal soil disruption. Scuffle hoes excel at quick, efficient weeding across larger garden areas.

  • Onion hoes feature a small heart-shaped blade perfect for detailed weeding and light cultivation in confined spaces like raised beds or container gardens. The compact size and sharp pointed tip provide excellent manoeuvrability around precious plants and accuracy in tight spots.

  • Dutch hoes have an extra-long, broad blade that makes weeding wide rows or beds simple and fast. The lengthy blade is ideal for scraping and slicing weeds from the soil surface. Dutch hoes are also handy for creating shallow furrows for planting seeds or bulb sets.

  • Digging hoe: These are the most primeval ones in the history of hoes. These hoes show a chopping type of action. They are usually used for digging and tilling purposes. These hoes are heavy. It is because when you hit these hoes on the ground they penetrate the layers of soil and dig deep.

  • Draw hoe: These hoes are used to remove or eliminate unnecessary plants i.e., weeds. They have a pulling action which means they hold the weeds and scrape them off the soil. These hoes are convenient for removing weeds from the soil.

  • Reciprocating hoe: They also go by names like action hoe & oscillating hoe. The reason why they are named so is that they can go forward and backward. They have a pivot around which they show these movements. They also help to get rid of weeds in an easy yet effective manner.

Essential Considerations When Selecting a Hoe

  • Blade material: Stainless steel offers durability and rust resistance but may require frequent sharpening. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen but needs more maintenance to prevent rust. Choose based on your climate and preferences.
  • Handle length: Longer handles provide extended reach and leverage for working large areas but less control for precision tasks. Shorter handles allow strength and accuracy in compact spaces.
  • Blade shape: Opt for a blade shape that suits your purpose. Pointed tips like warren hoes are great for detailed weeding. Paddle shapes quickly work in large areas.
  • Weight: Lighter hoes reduce fatigue from extended use but limit chopping power. Heavier ones provide leverage for tough jobs like digging but cause strain over time. Find the optimal balance.
  • Handle material: Wood looks traditional but can weather and split. Fiberglass and metal are durable options that won’t warp. Consider grip and shock absorption, too.
  • Added features: Ergonomic padded grips improve comfort and control. Serrated edges make slicing through roots easier. Analyse special features that enhance usability.

Top Brands Crafting Quality Gardening Hoes

Wolf Garten Hoe Tools

  • This reputable company produced a huge range of hoes honed for gardening efficiency, comfort, and ergonomics since 1992.
  • Wolf Garten hoes feature premium craftsmanship, replaceable blades, and balanced designs.
  • All their hoes are manufactured in Germany to the highest engineering standards.

Unison Hoe Tools

  • These are known for dependable hoes built for simplicity and ease of use by gardeners of all skill levels.
  • Unison Hoes always provides consistent, reliable performance season after season.
  • It offers a range of products, including cycle wheel hoes, hand hoes, etc.

Hectare Hoe Tools

  • Offers robust, heavy-duty hoes that stand up to repeated use for breaking ground, weeding, and cultivation.
  • Hectare wheel hoes are made extra tough and durable for avid gardeners.
  • With sharper blades, it provides strength and longevity for frequent outdoor use.

Whether you are looking for a grape hoe, draw hoe or garden hoe tool, you can get them at Moglix. Other brands available at Moglix are Pye, JAR, Yuvcon, and Garden Tools.


Moglix Is the Ideal Retailer for Gardening Hoes

Hoes are a gardener’s best friend in weed management, soil preparation, furrowing, and general garden care. Selecting the right type of hoe for your unique needs and gardening style is key to working comfortably and efficiently. Moglix makes finding the perfect hoe easy with its expansive selection of styles and brands. As a trusted retailer, Moglix’s garden tools exceed quality, durability, and value expectations. Equip yourself with the ideal gardening hoe from Moglix’s selection and make garden chores a pleasure.


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