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Garden hoes are ancient tools of gardening and farming. They date back to the time of Harappan Civilizations as well. These tools are made from iron and wood. Their main purpose is to help remove weeds from the farmland or the garden area.

They are of many types: dutch hoe, digging hoe, hand hoe, flat hoe, agricultural hoe, etc. All of these have one primary function which is to eliminate weeds. Weeds are the unnecessary and unimportant plants that grow into the soil. These get into the nutrition needs of the main crop and hamper their growth.

It becomes necessary to remove them unless you want a healthy and fruitful crop. They are the best manual ways to get rid of them. You can pick from a variety of hoes as per your need. While purchasing a garden hoe or hand-held hoe make sure you know the size of hoe you will require. For small gardens, a handheld hoe should be sufficient. For larger areas, draw hoes are perfect. Because draw hoes have the fastest speed of removing weeds.

Types of Gardening Hoes Available Online

Digging hoe: These are the most primeval ones in the history of hoes. These hoes show a chopping type of action. They are usually used for digging and tilling purposes. These hoes are heavy. It is because when you hit these hoes on the ground they penetrate the layers of soil and dig deep.

Draw hoe: These hoes are used to remove or eliminate unnecessary plants i.e., weeds. They have a pulling action which means they hold the weeds and scrape them off the soil. These hoes are convenient to remove weeds from the soil.

Reciprocating hoe: They also go by names like action hoe & oscillating hoe. The reason why they are named so is that they can go forward and backward. They have a pivot around which they show these movements. They also help to get rid of weeds in an easy yet effective manner.

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