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Hacksaw Blades

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Hacksaw Blades for Easy and Neat Cutting

Most electricians, plumbers, and carpenters have to cut through metals, wood, or rigid plastic. It is not a simple task. It needs a sharp tool with a proper grip. Here the hacksaw blades come in handy. These blades are fine-tooth saw blades, mainly made to cut metal. Most of these hacksaws are all hand saw which is blended in with the C-shaped frame that holds the blade intact. Such hacksaws have a pistol grip or handle for the convenience of the people. The frame has pins to attach the narrow disposable blades. These frames can adjust blades of different sizes. Usually, a screw is used to fasten the blades with the frame.

Hacksaw Blade Types for Better Understanding

There are different types of hacksaws based on the types of cutters. These blades are classified as course grade, medium grade, fine grade, superfine grade, flexible blade, and ail hard blade.

Junior Hacksaw Blades for Small Tasks

The junior hacksaw blades are just 150mm in length. The fastening on the blade happens by the frame, and it is used for light sort of work where using ordinary hacksaw will be difficult.

Hacksaw Blade for Wood for Woodworks

Superfine grade blades are the choices that one must opt for woodworks. Hacksaw blade for wood is set particularly for the nature of work that the person has to use with wood. It is not easy to cut a piece of wood easily, just like metals. A wavy teethed blade is better than a staggered teethed blade to go for.

Hacksaw Blade for Metals for Hassle-Free Cuttings

The course grade or medium grade can be used according to the thickness of the metal and chosen as a hacksaw blade for metal.

How to Set and Use the Hacksaw Blades

Selection of the hacksaw blade must be made by the material that needs to be cut. The blade should be fastened within the frame as to cut the material when thrust forward. So the blade must be in that direction only. The angle must be maintained to have clear visibility to see cutting lines. The left-hand pressure should hold the material, and the blade must be placed at the start of the line. Balance on the left-hand side and the right foot must be placed backward. The two teeth at least should be in constant contact with the material. Pressure must be put on the forward stroke and lessened with the backward stroke. When the end of the cutting is reached, the speed must be slowed down.

Necessary Precautions Before the Use of Hacksaw Blades

The hacksaw blade must be fit carefully and checked properly before starting the work. It should not be too tight nor too loose. The material should be placed in the proper position before starting work. The blades should never be used slanting. If it slants, it can break, and so one must begin with a fresh cut. If the blade gets cut, it is better to use the replacing blade that has been used a certain number of times, just as the broken blade, than a brand new one. Water can be used as a coolant. After the use of the tool, the blade should be removed or loosened for safety purposes.

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Hacksaw Blades - Price Range

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Miranda Hacksaw Blades₹5₹2853
De Neers Hacksaw Blades₹7₹755
Taparia Hacksaw Blades₹44₹8066
Bipico Hacksaw Blades₹40₹3020
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