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Hacksaw Frames

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Hacksaw Frames with Perfect Fit for Hacksaw Blades

Hacksaw blades are closed toothed blades that are predominantly used in the process of cutting metal, wood, and plastic. A hacksaw frame is an arch-shaped frame that holds the blade firmly and provides comfort and safety. It aids in the accurate cutting of the material. For minor to major works, this frame proves to be an essential tool for the workers. The C shape structure provides a tight grip for cutting.

Even though they were initially manufactured of cutting metals, various other materials such as wood, plastic, and rubber can be cut with these tools now. These frames are also called Hexa blade frames, and carpenters, plumbers, and electricians utilize them for the daily professional completion of their tasks. Everyone can also use it for minor cutting works at home without calling laborers for petty tasks. This can be a handy tool to cut out a bar of wood or plastic containers for small household use.

Types of Hacksaw Frames

Depending on the frame adjustment, there are two types of hacksaw frames. They are fixed frames and adjustable hacksaw frames. In the fixed frame, the blade's length is not adjustable. According to the size of the frame, the proper size blades are inserted into it before use. This kind of blade frame is manufactured by bending the flat iron at the right angle. The frame's handles are either straight or as a pistol and can be chosen depending on the comfort factor.

The other frame is adjustable. Unlike the fixed frame, these come in different structures. They can be adjusted for the required lengths. Blades of various lengths and sizes can be used by adjusting the gap between the blades before setting the blade in them. This makes it more versatile. The clips and pins allow the adjustment of the blades.

The hacksaw handles are either straight, pistol, tubular or flexible, and users can choose the one according to their need and comfort. The handles are either made of plastic, metal, wood and provide a firm grip for working.

Precautions Before Putting Hexa Blade Frame to Work

The blades are to be adjusted and fitted to the hacksaw frame accurately. The blades should not be too loose or too tight. The clips or fasteners must be carefully tightened and checked before beginning to cut. For the fixed frame, the proper sized blade must be utilized. While for the adjustable frame, the blade must be properly fitted and checked before use. Once the cutting process is completed, the blades should be removed from the frame, or the blades should be loosened.

Buy Authentic Hacksaw Frames Online

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hacksaw Frames

Is a hacksaw teeth direction for metal and wood different?

Yes, a Metal Cutting Blades contain more teeth per inch and are designed to cut harder, denser materials. They normally range from 10 to 18 TPI, but can go as high as 24 TPI. Because they leave a smooth edge, they are often useful for finishing cuts in wood.

Can you sharpen a hacksaw?

Fortunately, sharpening a handsaw does not require the skills of an professional. A little time, the right tools, and a few easy techniques will restore the cutting edge of the blade. For resetting the teeth, you'll need a saw set and a taper file or two.

Hacksaw Frames - Price Range

Hacksaw FramesMin PriceMax Price
Visko Hacksaw Frames₹64₹273
Universal Tools Hacksaw Frames₹60₹153
Breeze Hacksaw Frames₹137₹434
De Neers Hacksaw Frames₹50₹1284
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