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Stanley 22 inch BI Heavy Duty Handsaw, STHT20376-LA
  • Email Id:

Johnson Tools Multi Steel Adjustable Coping Hand Saw Set with 144 Pcs Blades, JTAA-1
4.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Johnson Tools
₹4998% OFF
  • It can be Used with All Types of Jewellers Saw

Stanley 254mm Mini Hacksaw, 0-20-807
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹2031% OFF
  • Structurally designed for maximum strength & durability

  • Handle covers blade to help protect hand

Stanley 150mm Junior Hacksaw, 0-15-218
4.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹55613% OFF
  • Deep throat for good work capacity

  • Quick release hacksaw features a lever moulded into grip handle

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of Hacksaws

20% of users prefer Hacksaws in price range of ₹800-₹900

13% of users prefer Hacksaws in price range of ₹400-₹500

7% of users prefer Hacksaws in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

60% of users prefer Hacksaws in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Hacksaws

20% of users prefer Hacksaws of Stanley brand

20% of users prefer Hacksaws of Kravetto brand

13% of users prefer Hacksaws of Johnson Tools brand

47% of users prefer Hacksaws of other brands

Lovely 6 inch Coping Saw With 10 Blades Spare
Stanley 254mm Adjustable Frame Rubber Grip Hacksaw, 15-265-23
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹1,17613% OFF
  • Comfort pistol grip handle with patented pattern for better grip

  • Allows positioning of the blade at 90 deg for more

Implemental 3 Pcs Steel Hand Saw Set for Plywood Cutting
By: Implemental
₹1,49928% OFF
  • Handsaws are Powerful, Portable, & Able to Tackle Many of...

  • Very Easy to Use for Normal Person to Any Other

Groz 425mm Super Cut Hi-Tension Adjustable Hacksaw, HF/40/BL
  • Blade can be tensioned up to 5X more than conventional...

  • Strongest & fastest cutting hacksaw frame

37% of users buy Hacksaws in 22 inch Size

88% of users buy Hacksaws in Steel Frame Material

B K Jagan & Co 260mm Carbon Steel Mini Hacksaw with Plastic Handle
Stanley 305mm Steel Frame Hacksaw, 15-166
By: Stanley
₹1,7614% OFF
  • Aluminium handle - 12 inch blade

  • Positive locking mechanism

Proskit SW-106 6 Inch Junior Multi-Purpose Saw
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Proskit
₹47020% OFF
  • Ideal for all the jobs found at work, in the

  • Made of S55C carbon steel blade with aluminum alloy frame

Groz 430mm Handyman's Hacksaw, HF/15/BS
By: Groz
₹56413% OFF
  • Aluminium die cast handle, unbreakable in normal use provides comfortable...

  • Rectangular section of the tubular bow ensures perfect combination of

B K Jagan & Co 18 inch Carbon Steel Hand Saw with Plastic Handle
Implemental 20 inch Plastic Handle Hand Saw
By: Implemental
₹74935% OFF
  • Ergonomic Handle: the Pistol Grip Gives you a Comfortable, Solid

  • The Woodwork Saw a Quick Cut in the Garden Cutting

Deli Dl6001 12 inch Square Frame Hacksaw
By: Deli
₹1,00038% OFF
  • Hand Tool Kit, Industrial Quality Hacksaw Frame Designed for Professional

  • Durable, Useful & Square Section Tubular Frame for Perfect Combination

B K Jagan & Co 24 inch Chromium Vanadium Steel Professional Block Cutter with Plastic Handle
  • Ergonomic Handle Pistol Grip Gives You a Comfortable Solid Feel

Wadfow 22 inch Steel Blade Hand Saw, WHW1122
Ketsy 18 inch 7 Teeth Stainless Steel Yellow Handsaw, 314
  • Fold Ground Finishing Your Works 30% Faster &smooch Enough without

Lovely 6 inch Coping Saw
By: Lovely
₹19917% OFF
Deli Dl353712 12 inch Carbon Steel Curved Frame Hacksaw
  • Ergonomic Die Cast Plastic Handle for Comfortable Grip, Guarded Grip

Lovely 6 inch Plastic Light Weight Mini Hacksaw/Mini Saw
B K Jagan & Co 6 inch Steel Chrome Plated Mini Hacksaw
By: B K Jagan & Co
₹49934% OFF
Lovely 6 inch Light Weight Junior Saw With 10 Blades Spare
Lovely 6 inch Light Weight Junior Saw
By: Lovely
₹19935% OFF
Wadfow 20 inch Steel Blade Hand Saw, WHW1120
B K Jagan & Co 20 inch Iron Hand Saw with Plastic Handle
Lovely 6 inch Plastic Light Weight Mini Hacksaw/Mini Saw With 10 Blades Spare
JCB 6 Inch Junior Hacksaw, 22025329
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • The compact & lightweight strong steel frame has a blade...

  • Tough junior saw designed for small to medium sawing applications

Akar Mild Steel with Blade Tubular Hacksaw, No. 550, Size: 12 Inch (Pack of 10)
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Akar
Available on Request
Akar Mild Steel with Blade Hacksaw, No. 550, Size: 4 mm (Pack of 10)
Stanley 305mm Steel Frame Hacksaw, 15-166 (Pack of 6)
4.6 (20 Reviews)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Positive locking mechanism

  • Two blade position 90 deg / 55 deg

Kravetto 300mm Tenon Saw
By: Kravetto
Available on Request
JCB 12 Inch Professional Hacksaw, 22025268
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Easy to use blade tensioning device helps to set the

  • Industrial quality hacksaw frame designed for the professional user

Akar Chrome Plated Junior 6 Inch Hacksaw & Blade, No. 550 (Pack of 25)
Black+Decker 250mm Orange & Black Bi-Material Handle Mini Hacksaw, BDHT20345 (Pack of 12)
By: Black & Decker
Available on Request
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Wokin 550mm Steel Hand Saw, 310222
By: Wokin
Available on Request
Akar Mild Steel with Blade Hacksaw, No. 550, Size: 6 mm (Pack of 10)
Black+Decker 300mm Orange & Black Metal Hacksaw, BDHT20344 (Pack of 6)
By: Black & Decker
Available on Request
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JCB 12 Inch Heavy Duty Hacksaw, 22025275
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Ergonomic cushion grip handle for improved control and comfort during

  • Comes complete with 12 inch (300 mm) Bi-metal HSS blade

Stanley 150mm Junior Hacksaw, 0-15-218 (Pack of 10)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Deep throat for good work capacity

  • 1 Blade free

Hacksaws - Cutting Tools That Hack Through The Toughest Materials

Hacksaws are handsaws designed for cutting hard materials like metal, plastic, wood, and more than normal saws that can’t easily cut through. The thin, fine-toothed blade has the hardness and rigidity to hack its way through sheet metals, rods, and bars, among other stock, with accuracy. They are a staple tool for workshops, garages, factories, or sites dealing with pipes, frames, machinery, or construction fabrication. Hacksaws have a C-shaped frame that has a removable blade for cutting.

Models range from basic hand hacksaws to electric or hydraulic power hacksaws. A suitable hacksaw and using the right technique lets you make precise cuts in metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

Prominent Types of Hacksaws and Their Usage

Here are the hacksaw-type bullet points converted into easy sentences with clarity:

Manual/Hand Hacksaw

  • Manual hacksaws are simple, lightweight models for cutting softer metals manually.
  • They are ideal for small cutting tasks where the power supply is unavailable.
  • Coping saw variants have a narrow blade for tight curved cuts.

Electric Hacksaw  

  • Electric hacksaws operate via an electric motor that provides powered sawing action.
  • They are used for faster cutting of larger-diameter materials.
  • Electric hacksaws offer adjustable speed, cutting angle, and automatic material feeding.  

Circular Hacksaws

  • Circular hacksaws have a round cutting blade for fast, continuous cuts over longer material lengths.
  • They are motor-driven with a vice used to grip the workpiece that requires cutting firmly.
  • Cutting is done by automatically feeding rods, bars, pipes, or extrusions.  

Band Hacksaws  

  • Band hacksaws employ a seamless band blade that runs over rotating wheels, enabling superior cutting speed and efficiency.
  • The most advanced band variants are automatically fed using work material for high-production work.  

Reciprocating Power Hacksaws 

  • Reciprocating power hacksaws use a blade that moves back and forth to penetrate tough metal stocks.
  • Hydraulics or an electric motor provide the reciprocating drive power.
  • They are heavy-duty models designed for extensive industrial steel-cutting work.

Key Factors To Consider When Selecting a Hacksaw

With many types available for light or heavy-duty sawing, keep these aspects in mind to pick suitable hacksaws as per your usage:

  • Cutting Needs: The material shapes, dimensions, and hardness dictate ideal blade tooth pitch and frame depth suitability. Evaluate if you mainly cut pipe, rods, bars, channels, angles, or plate stock and pick hacksaw size accordingly.
  • Portability: Lightweight hand hacksaws under 300 gm are suitable for mobile use at various work sites, while heavy fixed or power models work in stationary shop environments. Consider hacksaw weight and ease of transport.
  • Power Source: Hacksaw operation via electric mains, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic lines, and manual leverage; each has pros and cons you should compare. Also, check if backup power needs to be applied.
  • Production Rate: For low-volume needs, manual hacksaws suffice, while for high-production shops, hydraulic or electronically automated models deliver the fastest cutting speeds. Analyze your weekly/monthly cutting needs.
  • Adjustability: Blade angle and material feeding adjustments allow adapting the hacksaw to varied stock shapes and diameters for optimal sawing action. See available adjustment range.
  • Safety: Integrated protective covers, vibration dampeners, SOS markings, and disable switches protect long-term operator health and allow emergency power cut-off. Ensure hacksaws have safety features as mandated.
  • Cost: The ideal hacksaw balances fast metal-cutting capability with competitive pricing for good ROI while also keeping service/maintenance costs in check through product reliability. Do life-cycle cost analysis.


Top Hacksaw Brands You Must Look At

Top hack saw manufacturers design models balancing efficiency, durability, and ease of use at reasonable prices. Here are prominent hacksaw brands in India:

Kravetto Hacksaws

  • One of the leading cutting tools companies based in Gujarat
  • The extensive range includes hacksaws, hole saws, reciprocating saws,
  • Quality focus with options in hand, power, circular, band hacksaws
  • Robust all-metal body hacksaws built for heavy-duty workshop use

Lovely Hacksaws

  • Professional power tools brand under Hitachi Koki  
  • Manufactures quality power tool accessories along with saws
  • Electric and air hacksaws with adjustable vice and controls
  • Saws built using advanced Japanese technology  

Stanley Hacksaws

  • Renowned American tools giant with 100+ years of history
  • Supplies hand tools, power tools, measuring devices 
  • Stanley hacksaws include mini hacksaws and razor tooth variants
  • Emphasis on innovative designs for better grip and ease of use

Why Buy Hacksaws from Moglix?

Hack saws are the go-to tool when working with various metals and materials unsuited for wood saws or axes. Powered models allow for taking on more challenging projects. With hacksaws from leading brands available on Moglix, your workshop gets equipped for material prep needs.  

The wide range lets you handle light sheet metal cutting or heavy rod/pipe stock. Our timely doorstep delivery ensures your metal-cutting tasks continue uninterrupted by stocking these essential cutting workhorses.