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Door viewer, also known as a peephole, peek hole, spy hole or door hole is a small opening through a door that allows an individual to look from inside to outside. These security door eye viewers allow the user to visually access another side of the door. Traditional peepholes had several disadvantages; hence, today you can find a variety of door viewers that are manufactured with the latest technology that can correct these disadvantages.

Usually, the apartments or hotel rooms have these digital door peepholes. These door viewers are often fitted with a fisheye lens to allow a wider field of view.

Types of Door Peephole Viewer

Standard Peepholes: These have two lenses that offer a view range of 160 degrees. Standard door viewers are a bit inexpensive and easy to install.

Wide Angle Viewers: These peepholes have larger lenses for easier identification. Wide-angle viewers use double prisms to project the image into the rear of a large lens.

Far and Near Viewers: The design of these peepholes compromise between the size, resolution, and price. Their design uses three lenses and allows seeing more and sharper 200-degree view with minimal distortion.

Digital Door Peepholes: These door viewers comprise of a small camera connected to a video screen. The image is displayed on a color monitor mounted to the door.

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Smartshophar is a well-known brand that offers a great range of furniture. They manufacture various types of furniture. Their door knockers are one of the most durable and reliable peepholes in the market.

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