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Sardar 4 Inch Stainless Steel Grey Baby Latch Mortise Door Lock Set
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Sardar
₹65032% OFF
  • Sturdy & Stylish Design

  • Durable & Long Life, Good Quality

Europa 20mm 14 Pin Ivory Nickel Main Door Lock with 2 Dead Bolts & 1 Latch Bolt, 8013
  • Reversible Latch Bolt I.E Common for Both Inside & Outside

  • Thicker, Heavy Duty Receptacle Ensures Solid Protection Against Crowbar Attack

Atom PHS05 12 inch Silver Satin Finish Stainless Steel Pull Handle (Pack of 2)
  • This Push-Pull Handle is Quick & Easy to Install &

  • This Pull Handle is Made of High Quality Stainless Steel...

Europa 18mm Antique Brass Hexabolt Main Door Lock with 5 Dead Bolts, 1 Latch Bolt & Plate Handle, H647
  • Aesthetically Unique Design

  • Number of Latch Bolts: 1

Godrej 6079 Ultra XL+ Rim Deadbolt 1 CK Antique Brass Door Lock with 4 Keys
4.0 (9 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹1,7531% OFF
  • This 14 Pin Technology Provides 10 Cr Key Combinations Which

  • Double Throw Deadbolt: Strong Double Throw Deadbolt Provides Optimum Security

Godrej Nav-Tal Ultra XL-Plus 3 Ton Brass Padlock with 4 Keys, 5100
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Grip & Hassle Free Operation

  • Double Locking Shackle for Dual Security & Rivet Less Construction

Europa 5 Pin Shell White Night Latch Main Door Lock, 6010
  • 48 hrs Spare Key

  • Number of Dead Bolts: 1

Link 73mm Hi Tech Side Shutter Padlock Left with 3 Keys, SSL-L
  • Three Turns Throw

  • Lock with 3 Hi-Tech Nickle Silver Keys

Atom 6 inch Brass Antique Finish Aluminium Tower Bolt, TB001 (Pack of 6)
  • In Addition to Not Being Much Affected By Moisture, It

  • It is Durable, Sturdy & All having been made From...

Atom Dot 10 inches Aluminium Brass Antique Single & Double Door Fittings Full Set
  • In Addition to not being much affected by moisture, It

  • It is Durable, Sturdy & All having been made from...

Atom PHS08 18 inch Silver Satin Finish Stainless Steel Pull Handle
  • This Door Handle is Compatible with many kinds of the...

  • This Pull Handle is Made of High Quality Stainless Steel...

Atom Mayur Brass Antique Finish Cylindrical Mortise Lock Set With 3 Brass Keys
  • Extruded brass locking bolt

  • Extruded brass latch bolt

Corvids 3 inch PU Black Caster Wheel for Office Chair, CWRB-01 (Pack of 5)
  • Precision Ball Bearings in the Caster Swivel & Axle Provide

  • Easy Rolling While Causing No Squeaky Sounds or any Damage

Atom 7 inch Brass Antique Finish Mortise Door Handle Set with Lock Body
  • Solid Square Tongue & Quality Assurance Makes It a Good

  • The Selected Mortise Handle Pair is Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Dust & Oil

Godrej Stainless Steel Door Handle with Lock Set, 1CK
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 209 5511

Atom 4 Inch 2 in 1 Deadbolt Main Door Lock with 2 Reversible Keys, WDL4
  • This Keyed Locks Come with Rust Resistant Brass Keys &

  • Nothing Says Secure Like a Deadbolt, Rest Easy at Night...

Atom Alloy Steel & Iron Bullet 2 in 1 Deadbolt Main Door Lock with 3 Reversible Keys, WDL3
  • Nothing Says Secure Like a Deadbolt, Rest Easy at Night...

  • This Commercial Grade Locks Offer a Higher Level of Protection

Godrej 60mm Satin Steel Finish Pin Cylinder Lock, 8451
  • Corrosion free brass

  • Tough and long lasting

Europa 18mm Antique Brass Hexabolt Main Door Lock with 6 Dead Bolts, H641
  • Number of Dead Bolts: 6

  • 48 hrs Spare Key

ATOM 7 inch Iron Black Silver Finish Mortise Door Lock Set, MH-1002-KY-BS
  • Key Operation from Both Inside & Outside

  • Premium Quality

ATOM 8 inch Stainless Steel Brass Antique Finish Mortise Door Lock Set, MH-O31-CLOSED-BA
  • Premium Quality

Godrej 6 Lever Kadi Tala with 3 Keys, 5092
By: Godrej
₹1,26015% OFF
  • Anti-theft mounting screws.

  • Precision 6 lever double locking mechanism.

Godrej Duralock Stainless Steel Padlock (3 Keys), 8349
4.2 (12 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹94516% OFF
  • Rust proof stainless steel body with a superior finish and

  • Drill resistant plate fixed on the cylinder

Godrej Classic Lock Keyless Stainless Steel Door Knob, 5805
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Godrej
₹1,01026% OFF
  • Convenient & Attractive:-� a Convenient & Aesthetically Appealing Solution for

  • Automatic Deadlocking

Europa 9.5mm 14 Pin Brass Matt with Insurance High Security Disc Padlock, P370 TW (Pack of 2)
  • Corrosion Free & Rust Resistant Brass Cylinder for Enhanced Durability

  • 5 Ton Breaking Force Withstand Capacity

Godrej 7 Lever Square Padlock with 4 Keys, 8153
  • Rivetless tamper proof clinched construction of body

  • Hardened electroplated Shackle for greater strength

Godrej ELC-01 6 Leyer Mortise Lock With Satin Finish Handle, 7383
  • Dual lock with deadbolt and latch bolt

  • Elegantly designed

Godrej Multipurpose Furniture Lock, 9350
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Godrej
₹39932% OFF
  • Reversible key mechanism for more convenience

  • Slip-on mechanism for smooth mounting

Godrej NEH 15 200mm 2C Satin Steel Door Handle with Lock Set, 5985
  • Strong, Secure, Stylish & Durable Handle Set & Lock Body...

  • Reversible Latch & Optimum Strength

Atom 6 Lever Rose Wood Finish Mortise Lock Set with 3 Keys, MZ1
  • Consummated and professional surface treatment and anticorrosion technology

Godrej Classic Lock Keyed Stainless Steel Door Knob, 5808
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹1,13026% OFF
  • Knobs Made of Stainless Steel

  • Pin Cylinder Mechanism in Brass

Europa Parma 16mm Satin Nickel Main Door Lock with 3 Vertical Interlocking Dead Bolts, V621 SN
  • Premium Finish with Textured Duo Tone & Lockable Anti Burglar

  • 6 Axes Locking & Aesthetically Unique Design

Europa 9.5mm Brass Matt 5 Pin Disc Padlock, P170 BM
  • Hardened Thicker Shackle with Wicked Chrome & 270 deg Overlap

  • Fully Welded Whether Tough & Rustproof Case

Godrej Heavy Duty Hydraulic Door Closers, 1938
By: Godrej
₹3,08017% OFF
  • Door weight upto 60kg

  • Customer Care Number: 1800 209 5511

Godrej Ultra Vertibolt 2C Texture Brown Rim Lock, 8109
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹2,5167% OFF
  • A master key so secure that only one in a

  • Can be opened with key from inside and outside

Godrej Nav-Tal Ultra XL+ Brass Padlock with 4 Keys, 5100
  • Double Locking Shackle, Boron Hardened Shackle & Bigger Key head

  • Comes with 3 Ton Pull Load Resistance which Provides Higher

Europa 12mm 14 Pin Powdered Brown Center Shutter Lock, S310
  • Anti Drill Bush for Cylinder

  • Extra Flange for Welding

Europa 12mm 5 Pin Black Center Shutter Lock, S110
  • Lock Case Cover Plate Interlocking

  • Heavy Duty, Double Layer, Self Locking Receptacle with Torsteel Rod

Godrej Duralock Ultra XL+ 70mm Padlock with 3 Keys, 4066
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 209 5511

  • Corrosion Resistant & Crowbar Resistant

Hardware and Accessories That Can Make Your Life Easy

Hardware tools are widely used by technicians and builders, who use them to assemble different parts. Tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and pliers, to name a few, are standard household tools that help solve problems in our everyday lives. New and innovative devices have been developed over time, bringing forth new ways to tackle issues like complex assembly and repair work.

Hardware tools are the most critical components of any building or construction project. They connect different items, creating a sturdy and finished product. Hardware tools and accessories ensure that every operation is done correctly and efficiently. For example, a handy screwdriver set can help you: tighten screws while working on furniture or bikes; open paint cans; install switches, outlet covers and electrical outlets; remove broken bolts; loosen stuck nuts and bolts; loosen stripped nuts.

Variety of Hardware Tools Out in The Market

Locks: Locks are a vital part of any house or building. The right locks are essential to your safety strategy at home or elsewhere. A good lock will keep all your things safe when you need them and help ensure that criminals don't get into areas they shouldn't so quickly. They prevent unwanted entry while providing protection and safety to homeowners. However, choosing the ideal locks for your property might be challenging. The variety of hardware tools out in the market these days can make this task overwhelming for most people.

Door Hardware: Door hardware is a must-have for any home or business. It's what keeps your doors secure, closed and safe from damage. If you need to repair or replace door hardware in your home, you can find hangers and closer mechanisms like deadbolts, mortise locks and handle sets in various finishes, designs and styles that work best for your doors.

Cabinet Hardware: Cabinet hardware, such as hinges and handles, is the functional hardware used to hold your cabinets together. The type of hardware you choose should match the style and design of your kitchen. Cabinet hardware perfectly complements cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other casework. It is one of those things that you may not think about when designing a room, but it can ensure the difference between a good and a great space.

Glass Fittings and Accessories: A variety of hardware tools out in the markets are glass fittings and hardware accessories used for many different purposes. These products offer an array of options for all of your home projects. Each product we carry has unique features, so do your research before choosing one over another. Glass-fitting accessories are a great way to accessorise your windows and doors. Glass faucet attachments are perfect for creating your glassware.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting Hardware Tools

If you're looking for new hardware tools for your home or office, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing the correct ones. Consider these factors:

Material: Material quality is considered when purchasing Hardware tools. Stainless steel equipment is generally better and corrosion free.

Safety: Examine the hardware in terms of safety measures. This is particularly essential while buying hardware tools and their accessories.

Easy of Use: It is an important consideration when purchasing a hardware tool. It is impossible to give preference to a particular hardware tool without considering its ease of use. The best way to determine whether a hardware tool will be easy or difficult is by trying it out in your hands.

Durability: Durability is another important factor when purchasing hardware tools. Durable tools last a long, reduce frequent changing options, and save lots of money. Cost: Remember to compare costs before purchasing the hardware tools. Several stores offer Hardware tools at the best prices, so you must pick the one with the most significant price for the required hardware tools.

Top Brands Selling Hardware Tools

Smart Shophar Hardware: Smart Shophar Hardware is a company that specialises in manufacturing high-quality, budget-friendly products. Their products are designed to solve common problems that people face when they want to upgrade their current technology. They offer the best quality padlocks, cabinet handles, brackets and aldrops.

Bonus Hardware: Bonus Hardware Company has been a family-owned and operated business since 1954. They offer all hardware products, including nails, screws, handles and knobs. The Bonus Hardware Company is a neighbourhood hardware store offering high-quality lock systems at a community-minded price.

Atom Hardware: Atom Hardware is a small business that sells high-quality hardware. Atom Hardware is the best place to buy computer parts, especially for the price. They have a wide selection of parts, and they offer great prices. Atom brand grips the door locks and cabinet handles. Their products have been made of premium quality stainless steel for long-time durability. Their customer service is also beneficial if you have questions or concerns about buying things from them.

Aquieen Hardware: Aquieen Hardware is a leading hardware and accessories manufacturer for homes and businesses. They are a leading supplier of hardware products, including door hinges and handles, cabinet latches, drawer slides and locks, wall plates, and more. They offer quality products at competitive prices in a wide range of sizes and finishes to meet your requirements.

Zaha Hardware: Zaha Hardware is a well-known hardware tool brand. Zaha has a wide range of products for both homeowners and professionals. Their product ranges include glass fittings and accessories, hinges, drawer slides and safes. Besides this product series, they also provide different hardware accessories to make every work efficient.

Godrej Hardware: Godrej Hardware is a leading manufacturer of locks, hinges and fittings. The items are manufactured in-house, ensuring that quality is never compromised. The Most popular Godrej item is safes.

Shop the Best Hardware Tools from Moglix!

Regarding tools and hardware, Moglix offers various products for your different needs. Whatever project you are working on, they have the tools you need to complete the job in no time. Their brand new website offers you easy navigation to help you find the product that perfectly matches your requirements. Every product sold is high in quality so that you can be sure about its effectiveness. Why are you waiting? It is a one-stop shop for all of your hardware tool requirements. Place your order today!