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Godrej Duralock Ultra XL+ 90mm Padlock with 3 Common Keys, 4073 (Pack of 2)
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹6,00062% OFF
  • Ultra Axl+ Technology

  • Hardened Shackle & Bigger Key Head

Shrida 503 Alloy Steel Black Silver Finish Mortise Lock Set
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Shrida
₹1,10056% OFF
  • Highly Durable, Strengthened for High Security & Elegant Styling

  • Two Keys Included

Link 8 inch Plate Zinc Key Mortise Door Lock Set, 2022
  • Aesthetically Well Thought Design

  • with 1001 Bullet Lock

Onjecx RPL65 65mm 6 Levers Steel Padlock(Pack of 4)
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Onjecx
₹1,17050% OFF
  • Size: 65Mm

  • Durability: Made from Hardened Steel for Strength

Moglix Insights

Top 4 categories of Locks

51% of users prefer Padlocks

40% of users prefer Door Locks

3% of users prefer Cabinet Locks

3% of users prefer Shutter locks

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Locks

47% of users prefer Locks of Onjecx brand

27% of users prefer Locks of Shrida brand

11% of users prefer Locks of Godrej brand

6% of users prefer Locks of Europa brand

Link Silver Mild Steel Mortise Door Lock Set, 2006
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Link
₹1,40230% OFF
  • Aesthetically Well Thought Design

  • Attractive Design & High Quality Lacquered for Longer Finish Life

Link 70mm Stainless Steel Hi-Tech Round Padlock with 3 Keys, DL-01-70MM
Link 65mm Stainless Steel Hi-Tech Round Padlock with 3 Keys, HT-R-65
Link 90mm Stainless Steel Hardened Shackle Round Padlock with 3 Silver Keys & Free Key Hanger, DL-01-90 SS (Pack of 5)
ATOM 7 inch Brass & Iron Silver Gold Finish Mortise Door Lock Set, MH-606-KY-SG
  • Key Operation from Both Inside & Outside

  • Premium Quality

Link 50mm Steel Round Long Shackle Padlock with 3 Keys (Pack of 5)
  • 50000 Key Combinations & Lever Technology

Sardar 4 Inch Stainless Steel Grey Baby Latch Mortise Door Lock Set
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Sardar
₹65032% OFF
  • Durable & Long Life, Good Quality

  • Sturdy & Stylish Design

Foora Bio-46 Silver Zinc Fingerprint Biometric Smart Pad Lock with 10 Fingerprint User & 2 Admin
  • Enter the First Fingerprint, the Second Administrator Must Be Authorized

  • Other Fingerprints Must be the First or Second Administrator Can...

Link 67mm Stainless Steel Hardened Shackle Round Padlock with 3 Silver Keys & Free Key Hanger, HT-R67-SS (Pack of 5)
  • Hardened Shackle & Double Locking System

Europa 20mm 14 Pin Ivory Nickel Main Door Lock with 2 Dead Bolts & 1 Latch Bolt, 8013
4.5 (18 Reviews)
By: Europa
₹2,13514% OFF
  • Anti Theft Engineering

  • Dead Bolt Hold-Back Button to Prevent Unforeseen Door Closing

Europa 20mm 14 Pin Nickel Silver Main Door Lock with 2 Dead Bolts & 1 Latch Bolt, 8023
  • Number of Latch Bolts: 1

  • 3 Alloy Brass Double Stroke Dead Bolts Provide Enhanced Security

Europa 5 Pin Internal Round Door Lock with 3 Keys, R150 SS
  • Anti Theft Engineering CK/MK/ACS, 48 hrs Spare Key, Anti Theft

Link 4x4cm Alloy Steel Multipurpose Furniture Lock for Drawer & Cabinets, 709 (Pack of 12)
Link 73mm Hi Tech Side Shutter Padlock Right with 3 Keys, SSL-R
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Link
₹1,92229% OFF
  • 5 Pieces Laminated & Riveted Latch Bolt

  • Lock with 3 Hi-Tech Nickle Silver Keys

Europa 20mm 14 Pin Antique Brass Main Door Lock with 3 Dead Bolts for Highest Security, 8113
  • 3 Alloy Steel Double Stroke Dead Bolts Provide Enhanced Security

  • 6 Axes Locking

Godrej Duralock Stainless Steel Padlock (3 Keys), 8349
4.1 (17 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹94516% OFF
  • Drill resistant plate fixed on the cylinder

  • Rust proof stainless steel body with a superior finish and

Voltizi 10 inch Stainless Steel Matt Finish Cylindrical Plate Mortise Door Lock Set with 3 Keys, LB10001
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Voltizi
₹3,99957% OFF
  • Heavy Duty & Easy to Install

Godrej 6079 Ultra XL+ Rim Deadbolt 1 CK Antique Brass Door Lock with 4 Keys
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹1,7536% OFF
  • Double Throw Deadbolt: Strong Double Throw Deadbolt Provides Optimum Security

  • Bigger Key Head

Link 65mm 8 Levers Gold Round Hardened Shackle Brass Padlock with Double Locking, 4 Keys & Free Key Hanger (Pack of 5)
  • Protects Cutting & Prevents Rusting Under Normal Atmospheric Conditions &

  • Durable Design, Easy to Use & Strong Safety

Godrej Classic Lock Keyed Stainless Steel Door Knob, 5808
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹1,13024% OFF
  • Pin Cylinder Mechanism in Brass

  • Entrance Doors for Residential & Commercial Establishments

Godrej Ultra Vertibolt 2C Texture Brown Rim Lock, 8109
4.3 (20 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹2,5167% OFF
  • Vertical bolt for added strength

  • Safeguard your home with this unpickable, strong and corrosion free

Europa Night Latch Ivory 14 Pin Main Door Lock, 8010 IV
4.5 (18 Reviews)
By: Europa
₹1,78514% OFF
  • Free Fitting Service, CK/MK/ACS & Anti-Theft Engineering

  • Double Stroke Brass Dead Bolt with 22 mm Stroke

Link 65mm Alloy Steel Round Padlock with 3 Keys, New-Round-65
  • Double Locking, Rivet less Joint & 50000 Key Combination

Link 90mm Stainless Steel Hardened Shackle Round Padlock with 3 Silver Keys & Free Key Hanger, DL-01-90 SS
Voltizi Viva Stainless Steel Mortise Door Lock Set with 3 Keys
  • Heavy Duty & Easy to Install

Europa 9.5mm 5 Pin Stainless Steel High Security Disc Padlock, P170
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Europa
₹39014% OFF
  • 48 hrs Spare Key

  • Hardened Thicker Shackle with Wicked Chrome & 270 deg Overlap,

Shrida 511 Aluminium Black Silver Finish Mortise Lock Set with 3 Keys
4.5 (13 Reviews)
By: Shrida
₹1,10060% OFF
  • Highly Durable with Aesthetic Design

  • Easy Reversible Latch Mechanism

Godrej Duralock Ultra XL+ 70mm Padlock with 3 Keys, 4066
4.3 (6 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹98021% OFF
  • Corrosion Resistant & Crowbar Resistant

  • Customer Care Number: 1800 209 5511

ATOM 7 inch Alloy Steel Brass Antique Finish Mortise Door Lock Set, MH-606-KY-BA
4.4 (19 Reviews)
By: Atom
₹1,54934% OFF
  • High Quality Lock Body

  • Key Operation from Both Inside & Outside

Link 50mm Solid Brass Hardened Shackle Padlock with 3 Keys, PT-50
  • Lacquered Lock Body for Longer Finish Life

  • Precisely Machined Solid Body

Onjecx 7 inch Alloy Steel Mortise Door Lock Set with Double Action Brass Latch & 6 Lever, BML65+S07MBS
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Onjecx
₹1,07148% OFF
  • Double Action Lockbody, Long Life & Durable

Link 67mm Silver Stainless Steel Painted Finish Combination Hardened Lock with Free Key Hanger, HT-S67-SS
Godrej Ultra XL+ Rim Deadbolt 1 CK Satin Nickel Rim Lock, 6078
  • Protect your home and office with this durable rim lock...

  • Long keys with extra large-head for easy operation

Godrej ELC-01 6 Leyer Mortise Lock With Satin Finish Handle, 7383
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹1,73021% OFF
  • Corrosion & force resistant

  • Can be opened with key from inside and outside

Godrej MyLock Padlock for Small Locking Needs
  • Padlock for Small Locking use

  • Rust-Resistant Shackle

Godrej Pentabolt Aries 1CK Vegas Gold Rim Lock, 6362
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Godrej
₹11,4404% OFF
  • Can be used for both left and right hand doors

  • Protect your home with this tough, unpickable and high-performance rim

Related Locks Articles

Check Out the Best Locks for Your Home and Workshops

Locks are devices that use a latch, rigid cylinder, screw, or some type of thick metal piston that reaches through the strike to link an entrance to its frame. These metal barriers limit entry or access for privacy, safety, or security purposes. A lock's mechanism secures or pushes a hook, pin, or shackle aside or towards the lock. Padlocks, sequence locks, door locks, restraining bolts, electronic locks, and key locks are just a few examples of the many devices that are added as additional security precautions. Lock mechanisms are classified as keyed, combination, or electronic.


Furthermore, getting robbed of your valuable stuff will make you feel uneasy. Robberies can harm a person's beliefs, dignity, and life satisfaction. As a result, to guarantee that you are protected from such an assault, you must ensure that you're fully prepared with the most special security measures and that you've installed the highest quality locks to protect your property.


Various Types of Locks one can Buy

Door Locks:  Door locks are vital in providing you with safety. Locks have become an aspect of our lives for generations since protection is now a top priority. It is essential to purchasing strong, durable locks that are made with modern technology so that you and your family feel safe at all times. Good door locks ensure the security of the premises. Many dangers have made door locks an essential purchase. 

Cabinet Locks: Like all other types of locks, Cabinet locks come in various styles for fastening cabinet doors. Magnetic & latch for house cabinets are two typical kinds of cabinet locks. For commercial cabinets with bolts, valves, combinations, & latches, more protective cabinet locks are offered. Every one of these is customized to a particular purpose and security level.

Padlocks: Padlocks are the most popular locks because they are safe and can be taken from one another. Padlocks are easily identifiable because of their loop-handle shackle design. To prevent screw cutters from breaking through locks, these locks are made with elevated shoulders surrounding the shackle, sometimes called protected or veiled padlocks.

Rim Locks: Rim Locks are the most traditional door locking system. Their basic design consists of a surface-mounted box with a deadbolt type lock and a latch. They are simple to install since they are attached to the base of the door instead of mortice-set into an edge. Many doors are appropriate for Rim Locks, but you must ensure that the door entrance surrounds permit the guard's installation. You'll need a Rim Lock combination if the door isn't thick enough to accommodate an internal locking mechanism. Rim locks also add a vintage charm to properties.

Shutter Locks: Shutter Locks uses a strengthened bar for enhanced safety. This lock features hidden bolts & an appealing facia—a dirt cover, to keep dust out of the keyhole.

Cylinder Locks: Cylinder Locks are a mechanism that may be opened using one or multiple keys. Cylinder locks are commonly seen on doors, garages, shutters, and even padlocks. Cylinder locks necessitate not only the closing or unlocking of the cylinder but also the use of a unique key or rotating operation for unlocking and locking. Combined with an entrance door knob set, the Cylinder Lock functions as an additional precaution. Cylinder locks may be accessed with keys or sequences, adding a degree of security when used with door knobs.


Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Locks

There are several varieties of locks, and selecting the right one depends on several factors. 


Type of Door: The primary factor you should consider is the type of door of the premises. And whether it is timber or a metal door? These options help you select the right type of lock.


Material of the Lock: The material of the lock is an essential factor to consider. Locks are made of several materials, including brass, iron, and zinc. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Buy the one you feel will be the best for you. 


Size of the Lock: Another significant consideration is the lock's size. Locks are available in various sizes, so choose something that is perfect for you. 


Warranty: Another crucial consideration is the warranty. Many locks feature a limited guarantee, so check the small print before purchasing.


Price: Price is a significant consideration when selecting a lock. But it's important to put your safety first and then choose a lock that suits your budget.


Buy Locks Online From Premium Brands at Low Prices

Plaza Locks: Bharat Lock House is a firm that manufactures plaza locks and builders’ hardware. We have been a pioneer in producing the most comprehensive range of locks and building hardware for over 50 years. Because of the high quality and low prices, the items are well accepted internationally and internationally. The company's lock collection includes 20 mortice locks with several types and styles of matching grip sets in Metal, chromium polishing, powder coating, and other finishes. The company also manufactures several varieties of Steel and Brass Pad Locks and a wide range of quality Builder Equipment necessary for all types of Interiors and Furnishings.

Bonus Locks: Lock Master India Private Limited is part of a team of firms that manufacture various sorts of security & hardware solutions. Lock Master India is now the leading maker of motorbike locks in Southern Asia. With over 50 years of expertise in the sector, it has made a place for itself in India and other parts of the world. Its popular sub-brands MOBAJ, MORRIS, and BONUS are synonymous with excellence; Bonus locks are famous for their strength and longevity. 

Atom Locks: Atom locks are used in over six countries and stand for innovation and protection of homes and companies worldwide. Atom is one of the most well-known and recognized brands in the lock market, with thousands of Atom Locks being used worldwide. 

Godrej Locks: Godrej Group is a multi-business conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, India.   Created and built-in in 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej & Pirojsha Godrej, it has a global presence in more than 16 nations. Property, consumer items, commercial engineering, electronics, furnishings, security, & agricultural products are some industries that use Godrej Locks.


Why Choose Moglix for Locks Online

We sell a wide variety of locks as well as latches for both business and residential applications. The high-grade locks that we keep on hand are guaranteed to give unrivaled protection to your house, and, as a result, you can be sure that you and your belongings are protected from any unpredicted disaster. Moglix has a wide range of cylinder, shutter, and cabinet locks. Furthermore, we realize the importance of security for you and your things; therefore, we have limited our product selection to quality and well-established companies like Godrej, Yashika, Kawachi, and Link.

Frequently Asked Questions about Locks

What causes a lock to jam?

Consequently, clogged mechanisms, broken keys, rust, and misalignment could result in blocked door locks. Depending on the cause, you can solve a problem with a few minutes and everyday objects.

How do you fix a jammed lock?

Just use your key to slowly massage the lubricant into the lock after gently squeezing a very little amount of graphite powder into the keyhole. Another method is to first cover your key with the graphite powder before inserting it into the lock.