Feel secure and protected in your home with these smart key and lock types

Feel secure and protected in your home with these smart key and lock types

A lock is a mechanical or electrical device that is used to safeguard things by using a mechanism to bolt doors, gates, cases, windows, boxes etc. A lock is used when there are valuables residing inside which need protection. Valuables could be anything, your jewellery in a locker, your clothes inside a suitcase, your earnings inside your home or your documents inside your office...!

In a world like this, where everything and anything is at a threat of being stolen, security of every kind has become vital. There are big gangs working in cities and towns that dedicate their lives religiously robbing innocent people of their earnings. Also, so many working parents or guardians are forced to leave their children or pets at home unguarded. As such having the toughest security is a must.

The first step towards this is having a good quality lock on your main gate. Having a gate lock which is not just hard to break but also can perform other useful functions can prove to be a real saviour.

If you are looking to take forward a step towards safety and security of your possession and your loved ones but are unaware of all the options available, we will help you by discussing all there is to know for you to make the right purchase.

Types of Locks for complete safety and protection:

Firstly let us look at the types of locks you will come across in the market.

  • Link Lock-

The most basic mechanism available to you- consisting of a basic lock with a key unique to that lock is called a link lock. The outer coverings are made up of metals or a mixture of many metals like brass, nickel, chrome and steel. While the internal mechanisms are made of die cast zinc, brass or any material which is harder. These can be availed at a very cheap price or at a very high price, depending upon the quality. Every other kind of lock is built upon the basic principle of this privacy lock.

  • Fingerprint lock-

A fingerprint lock, widely known as a biometric lock, uses a fingerprint to get unlocked. Fingerprint door locks are smart locks as they use technology in place of the mechanical working of a lock. As it is a fact that fingerprints are unique and no two finger impressions can ever be the same, these impressions act like keys. The finger print, generally the thumb or index fingers impression is fed into the system initially. A thermal or optical scanner scans the print and matches it to the ones present, after the authorization it asks to put in the PIN, thus kind of providing a double security, making it ultra secure!

  • Timer Lock-

Timer Locks or Time lock is found to be used mostly in vaults or other high security cases. These locks do not allow the unlocking unless the preset time is reached, even if the code or the key used is correct. Time locks were invented to protect people who knew the codes from being tortured by kidnappers or criminals. These provide an intense security and are best suited for banks and offices.

  • Door Handle Lock-

A door handle is attached to doors with a lever latch to open the door and a key hole below it. This way a key can be inserted which controls the mortice sash lock, which are inbuilt locks inside these handles. These door handle locks provide a mechanism to lock a door without a key like a door knob, but also allow locking them with a key for more security.

  • Main Door Lock-

Another kind of inbuilt lock is the main door lock, in which the entire mechanism is fit in the main door of your bungalow or apartment. These are quite popular as they eliminate the need of a lock and just require a key. These can be digital or mechanical. Most commercial places like hotel rooms use various types of main door locks, as it saves them the cost for buying a separate lock for every room.

  • Chain Lock-

Chain locks are a combination of chain and a lock, which can be bought separately or together. Chain locks are used extensively to lock bicycles. These are also good for when you have to travel via a train or any other public transport. Chain locks are also often used as main gate locks for big gates. However, cable locks are often used as replacement for these, which are iron cables covered with PVC pipe with an inbuilt lock. These not only provide security, but also look stylish.

  • Number Lock-

As the name suggests number locks are locks which require a combination of numbers to get unlocked. A number lock is available in ever form digital, mechanical, or inbuilt in a door. It depends upon you which kind of lock you want with the number key.

  • Electronic Lock-

Electronic lock or digital lock uses electric current to run. This consists of the lock attached to an electrical system attached to it. Electronic locks are linked to an access control system. This system can perform functions like unlocking without a key, adding more keys, rey-keying and recording activity. Electronic door locks provide a high level of authority and many advanced features, making them truly modern.

  • Glass Door Lock-

Glass doors add an extra quotient to your place by making it look elegant. These kinds of doors are mostly found in commercial buildings. Cylinder locks work fine as glass door locks. These locks are attached to the end of the door, they use a lever which gets attached to a bar over the frame of the door. This can be opened using a key. These provide the much needed security which glass doors inherently lack.

  • Sliding Door Lock-

A sliding door if often thought to be as unlockable, but that is not the case. Sliding doors are not just appealing to the eyes but can also provide security if the right locking system is mounted inside these. Sliding door locks are mostly fixated inside in the same way a main door lock is. For this a cylinder lock or a foot bolt can be used. However you must keep in mind, sliding doors in general possess less strength, so using these as the main entrance will always pose some danger.

  • Cupboard Lock-

The kind of cupboard lock you need completely depends upon your cupboard. Any kind of lock mentioned above can be installed in your cupboard. Most cupboards either come with an inbuilt lock or have handles where a link lock or a chain lock can be used. So it completely depends upon you what kind of security lock you need.

  • Double Door Lock-

There are many types of a double door lock, but the most popular one is a deadbolt lock. These also can be digital or mechanical. Double doors are said to be less secure, as such using a double bolt lock which is considered to be one of the safest is a wise option. The mechanism present in such locks prevents any kind of forcing, thus barring unwanted entry at any cost. These do not use spring, instead use a mechanism that completely prevents any sort of jerking or breaking, making them extremely strong.


These were all the kinds of locks that you might need. Whichever lock you go for, be willing to spend a considerable amount so that you do not compromise with the quality, as it is obvious, that better the quality, more the price! So, go ahead, find your perfect fit and unlock a safer future..!!