Pick the best bike lock and cycle lock to keep them safe from thieves

Pick the best bike lock and cycle lock to keep them safe from thieves

Riding a bicycle is one of the most benefitting tasks not just for the health of the rider but for the health of the environment. Using a bike instead of a fuel run transport adds greatly to nature. Cycling also is a wonderful replacement for cardio, as it helps in building muscles.

Due to health reasons, as well as environmental reasons, riding a bike is no longer an activity for the kids, it is being opted by adults increasingly across the globe. Add to all these advantages, the cost of a bike, which is remarkably less than a motor bike or car. All these aspects have made bikes a popular means of transport in today's world.

However, one of the inherent downsides that a bike or cycle comes with is the ease of getting stolen. In a country where even big vehicles like cars get stolen smoothly, it is very easy for thieves to steal a bike.

A bike generally does not come with a lock and even if it does, being lightweight will always give the thieves the option to lift it up. This is the reason, bikers not only lock the wheel to prevent paddling but also chain the bike to the nearest sturdy and strong object.

If you are a cyclist and are looking to add this extra safety to your bike you can do this by using a cycle lock. It might get confusing to know which bike lock will provide the utmost security, considering all the brands and types available. So, we will cater you with all the must have information that will help you in getting the best bike lock for your cycle!

Types of Bike Locks-

  • D-Lock-

As the name suggests a D-lock is shaped as the letter D, it is often interchangeably shaped as a U-Lock. These are one of the oldest bicycle locks. A D-lock locks the bicycle to a crosspiece of metal. These are resistant to bolt cutters, drilling and leverage attacks. These are available in many sizes. These can be used to lock your bike in a place where there are some solid metal bars around. However, due to their heavy weight it can get difficult to carry them around.

  • Chain Lock-

Chain lock is the most popular bike lock. It consists of metal links forming a chain, this chain is used to bind the cycle to any pole, metal handle or any sturdy structure by locking it with a padlock. The heavier the chain, the more protection. Sometimes the chain is covered in a plastic cover. A chain lock is also very economical and can be a decent choice.

  • Folding Lock-

A folding lock is a compact cycle lock. These are much lighter than the previously mentioned locks. A folding lock consists of a mechanism, rather a bracket that can be folded. These are very easy to carry. However, these are thin and provide less security compared to other locks.

  • Cable Lock-

A lot of people now opt for cable locks. These are portable, easy to carry and look appealing. A cable lock is a flexible cable covered in PVC pipe or plastic covering, with a locking mechanism at the end of the cables. These work just like a chain lock and are a great option for when you want to lock your bike by attaching it to any stable object. However, these might not be as secured due to their light weight. These are also not resistant to bolt cutters. These are good for low risk areas.

Top Sellers

  • Ground Anchor-

Ground anchors are locks that are attached to the ground. An anchor is fixed to the ground. This anchor provides a fixing point where the cycle can be chained or locked. These are the best options for cyclists who park their bikes daily at the same spot or even for people who park their bike at home. Any place which can become your personal parking spot can be fitted with a ground anchor and give your bike a secured space.

  • Bike Wheel Lock-

A bike wheel lock is a lock that is put between the spokes of the back wheel. These are convenient to use and are best suited for when your bike is parked for a very less time. These can also serve as extra security along with the other lock that you might use, because a bike wheel lock alone would not give you much peace of mind. A bike wheel lock is a good option for an ultra safe area or as an additional security means.

  • Smart Bike Lock-

A smart bike lock is a lock that can be operated from the palm anywhere in the world, using smartphones. Smart bike locks give you access to your bike's security without a key. Along with the basic controls, these also provide many other features like auto lock and unlock, and notifications through the linked app. These are very helpful if your bike is parked at a place for many hours by giving you a continuous watch over its security. So, if you want an advanced level of security you should go for this.

Tips to choose the right bicycle lock-

Now that you are aware of all the types of locks available in the market, let us also throw some light on certain aspects that can help you find the perfect fit!

  • Area-

One of the first things to ask yourself is what is the level of security in the area you park your bike in? Certain areas are far more safe than others in terms of theft. In such places you can even use a cable lock and go about your day happily, for example the parking area of your office. However, some areas would require not just one, but multiple locks to safeguard your bike. So, research about your target area.

  • Fastening System-

Depending upon your parking area and the options available for you to fasten your bike with any object, you must choose the fastening system. A chain lock will give you more flexibility and length, while a D-Lock will be rigid and might cause some trouble to you to find a spot where it can be locked.

  • Portability-

Another thing to look out for is the ease with which you can carry the lock around. You should go for lightweight and compact locks, but make sure that this does not compromise with the quality of the lock and protection.

  • Brand-

Do not go for an unknown brand just because it is available at low price. We are talking about your bikes safety here, as such going for reputed brands with a legacy that assures of the quality and good warranty should be the foremost aim.


This was all about bike locks that will guide you to reach the right match for your bike. Carefully knit all the information together and find what suits your needs. Make sure you do not compromise with the quality and standards, which will in turn ensure you a fulfilling ride..!