Enhance the security of your home and office with the most trusted Lock brands in India

Enhance the security of your home and office with the most trusted Lock brands in India

Human beings from the beginning of modern civilization thought of keeping their possessions and valuable things safe. Starting from that era initially woods were used, later metal was used in the world. In the ruins of Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria, the discovery of locks and keys started. Later on, Egyptian wooden pin locks were invented with bolts, door fixtures or attachment and key were its major components.

The technicality behind lock is as when the key was inserted, pins within the fixture were lifted out of drilled holes within the bolt, allowing it to move. When the key was removed, the pins fell part-way into the bolt, preventing movement. In ancient Egypt over six thousand years ago, locksmiths used to create simple but effective pin tumbler locks that were made entirely from wood.

Later , Roman Empire based on Greek design for locks to make it stronger and sustainable so as to safeguard the valued items. It was used to wear keys as jewellery as a sign of their affluence. Keys and locks were designed in such a way that a unique key was meant for a particular type of lock and vice versa.

In the today's modern day, lock is made as a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object like key, key-card, fingerprint, RFID card,security token and coin by providing secret information such as a number or letter permutation or password or by a combination thereof.

Most trusted and popular Lock brands in India:

Godrej door lock

  • For more than two centuries , Godrej locks have been used as a prime security arrangement in India with high degree and precision in it.
  • It consists of most modern safety technology, body strength and elegant look.
  • In India ,the name as known for Godrej door locks , is widely used for protection and safety of homes.
  • It also consists of digital door locks such as high-tech electronic locks with use of science and science fiction.
  • It is an advanced lock with all the latest technology based functions and simple to use.
  • The lock has a high style quotient with sleek elegance and brings more to the future of home safety.

Europa lock

  • The Europa locking system started its journey in 1984 with the Mission Anti-Theft Engineering which is backed by world class technology originating from Germany to meet International Standards and product reliability.
  • It ranges from Padlocks, Dead Locks, Night Latches, Cylindrical locks, Jemmy Proof Locks, Furniture Locks and Shutter locks etc.
  • The Europa lock brand suits to provide security to the houses with high inbuilt technology.
  • It handles the situation where customers specify their respective security needs and it devises alternatives.
  • Europa have specialised some of their products and patented following such Centre Shutter Lock, SMART Key Locking System (iFBM), Drawer & Cupboard Lock, Diamant Padlock, Mortise Cylinder with 3 Axis Dimple Key, Mortise Cylinder with Centre Slot Dimple Key, Main Door Lock.

Golden lock

  • Golden lock brand came into existence way back in 1954 with initial products ranging from door handles to pull Handles, Curtain Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Chandeliers and metal decoration for the home with high quality global standards.
  • With its enticing ability and the constant outreach to be able to make out for the best quality of locking system, the company has been able to imbibe the electronic locking system which is finger-print based as well as face-recognition which is important in modern-day.
  • The company provides bank-lockers, personal home based locking systems, locks for protecting military ammunition and more which require a high amount of security.
  • With its ability to be able to provide for quality security, the lock can be used in storing important documents as well as for door-locking systems.

Kensington lock

  • Kensington lock is an anti-theft system based design invented in the early 1990. It is a small, metal-reinforced lock used for laptops,computer monitors, desktop, gaming laptops as well as banking systems.
  • The digitalised basis of the technology and adapting to various circumstances which have become of value, the locking system which has been provided will be giving out the budgetary based on the consumers utility as well as providing for the benefit as well as the consumers opinion based.
  • The company provides a lock system ranging from personalized lockers, bank-locker system, home security etc.

Tsa lock

  • Tsa lock is a global security system allowing passengers to lock their luggage permitting security authorities to inspect them without damaging the lock.
  • The authenticity of the company goes back in time where an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security developed used Tsa lock.
  • With the coming in of the International treaties requiring all luggage to be security screened before loading onto passenger airplanes, the lock system provided the standard matched service which ensured that there is a quality which ensures safety and security.
  • The tsa locking system can be very well used in airport security as well as provide for the quality of locks for the bank lockers, gold-depository offices, personal usage and safety protection.

Samsung door lock:

  • The Korean systematic locking system has been one of the most revered ones in recent times which is not only promising but also gives the prospective customers a variety of reasons to diversify their options which keeps them in a loop of variation and budgetary set ups in the longer run.
  • Samsung door lock system is a smart lock based technology which is utilised to keep the home secured.
  • It is used on exterior doors where keyed entry and security is needed. It has an adjustable latch to fit door preparations.
  • It is a wi-fi enabled door lock.
  • It is a robust and safe lock preventing forced intrusion, user friendly ,graphic interfaced based.
  • It is also Infrared Ray sensor based with stronger security features like anti-theft function


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