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Bestor 4-in-1 USB to USB Mini Splitter Docking Station with 5Gbps Fast Data Transfer for Laptop, iMac, MacBook & Surface Pro
  • Equipped with 1xUSB 3.0 Port, Which can Provide Additional Power...

  • The USB Splitter Equipped with Micro USB Port, Which can...

Bestor 4-in-1 USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter with Fast Data Transfer for Surface & MacBook Air/Pro M1
  • The USB Splitter Equipped with Micro USB Port, Which can...

  • Multiple USB Port Hub Turn One Type-C Port of the

Bestor 7-in-1 USB-C 4K 30Hz Multiport Adapter Hub for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad Pro & XPS
  • Expand the Capabilities of Your PC, Laptop, or Mobile Phone

  • It Transforms a Single Type-C Port or Thunderbolt 3 Port...

iBall USB 2.0 4 Port USB Hub, Piano 423
By: Iball
₹79949% OFF
  • Small design with integrated USB cable

  • Slim and cute design with Piano Shiny finish

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits

48% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits in price range of ₹200-₹300

15% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

13% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits in price range of ₹400-₹500

24% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits

76% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits of Bestor brand

8% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits of iBall brand

6% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits of Portronics brand

10% of users prefer USB Hubs & Cleaning Kits of other brands

Bestor 6-in-1 USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter Hub for MacBook Pro, Laptops & Nintendo
  • USB-C Hub Instantly Adds 2xUSB 3.0 Ports, 1xSD/TF Card Reader,...

  • Equipped with the Newest Generation Super-Smart Chip, Supports USB-C Pass-through...

Bestor 3-in-1 USB-C Mini Hub Multiport Adapter for MacBook Pro Air, ChromeBook, XPS, Galaxy S9/S8 & USB Flash Drives
  • Portable can Let them be Carried to Anywhere You Want

  • Split Your Single USB Port Into 3, USB Interface can

Bestor 4-in-1 Type-C to USB Multi Port Connector for MacBook Air/Pro M1/M2, iPad Pro, Dell & Samsung Galaxy
  • Save Users Time & Equipment Costs, Every Port is Equipped...

  • The Combination of USB-A & USB-C is Designed to Allow...

Zebronics Black USB Hub with 4 Ports, ZEB-100HB
By: Zebronics
₹39923% OFF
  • Compact USB Hub

  • Port for Optional Power Adapter

Bestor 10-in-1 HDMI 4K 60Hz USB-C Hub for Projectors, Tablets, Monitors & Laptops
  • Display Functionality When You Use the HDMI & VGA Ports...

  • Multi-Expansion Convert One USB-C Port Into 1xHDMI Port 4k 60Hz,...

Portronics M Port 24 Aluminium HUB with 4 USB 2.0 Ports For Mobile & Tablets, POR 717
  • Velcro Stripe: Provided Velcro strip fixes the hub in place...

Implemental 10 Module Hydraulic Cable Cubby Popup Box with HDMI, VGA Connector, Audio Connector, LAN, Power & USB Port
  • The Wires are Reserved at the Bottom of the Box...

Portronics Mport 31C Grey 4 USB Ports USB Connector, POR 1485
  • Small & Powerful

  • Strong & Tough

Portronics Mport 31 Grey 4 USB Ports USB Connector, POR 1484
  • Small & Powerful

  • Strong & Tough

Implemental Silver Hydraulic Popup Box for Conference Table
Portronics Mport 60 White Type C 4 USB Ports USB Connector, POR 1608
  • USB C & USB A

  • Universal Connectivity

Portronics Mport 51 Grey Type C 5 USB Ports USB Connector, POR 1557
  • HDMI Port & USB 3 Port

  • RJ45 Ethernet Port

Portronics Mport 11C Grey 11 in 1 C Type USB Ports Hub, POR 1678
  • Enough Space for Multitasking Perfection & Portability to Resolve Your

  • Maximum Support with Multiple Ports, High-Speed Data Transfer, Better Ethernet

Honeywell Black 4 USB 2.0 Hub with 60m Cable
By: Honeywell
₹79943% OFF
Portronics Clean N White 18-in-1 Smart Gadget Cleaning Kit with Sim Remover & Tweezers, POR 1835
  • More Than a Cleaner: The Kit Comes With a Duster,...

  • Dirt No More: The Clean N has 1 Metal Nib....

Portronics Clean P White 10-in-1 Smart Multipurpose Gadget Cleaning Kit, POR 2100
  • Ergonomic Design: Each Cleaning Tool is Thoughtfully Designed With Ergonomics...

  • Versatile Cleaning Tools: This Multifunctional Cleaner Kit Includes a Diverse...

Portronics Clean G White 20-in-1 Smart Gadget Cleaning Kit for Laptops, Smartphones, Keyboards, Desktop & Earphones, POR 2031
  • Efficient Dust Removal: Equipped With Specialized Brushes & Microfiber Cloths,...

  • Wide Compatibility: Suitable For a Wide Range of Devices, Including...

Portronics Clean M White 8-in-1 Multifunctional Gadget Cleaning Kit with Mobile Holder, POR 1791
  • The 8-in-1 Cleaner: The Gadget Cleaning Kit That Can Clean...

  • More Than a Cleaner: The Kit Comes With a Duster...

Asus 90XB067N-BDS010 White USB-C Dongle with Two USB 3.0 Ports, Gigabit Ethernet Port, HDMI & VGA
  • Slim Design, Dual Display Support for HDMI & VGA

  • Single Cable Connection for Conveniently

Portronics M Port 5R Black USB Hub, POR-976
By: Portronics
Available on Request
  • Compatibility & Lightweight

  • Fast Charging & Data Transfer

Frontech 4 Port USB Hub, FT-0821
By: Frontech
Available on Request
  • LED Light Indication

  • Simply Plug & Play

Asus 90XB013N-MPW070 Black Universal Mini Multi Tips Adaptor
Snapmaker Docking Station Hub with 1 Port In & 4 Ports Out
By: Snapmaker
Available on Request
  • The Can Hub can be Easily Installed on Snapmaker 2.0...

  • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity, Low Heat Generation & Anti-Reverse Connection Protection,

Orico Black 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with 100cm Cable, FL01-BK-BP
Enter E-U4P 4 Ports USB HUB
By: Enter
Available on Request
  • Use in Printers, Digital Cameras, Scanners, USB Hard Drives &

  • Small & Light Weight

Portronics M Port 24 Aluminium HUB with 4 USB 2.0 Ports For Mobile & Tablets, POR 717 (Pack of 5)
By: Portronics
Available on Request
  • Velcro Stripe: Provided Velcro strip fixes the hub in place...

Portronics M Port 34 Silver Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Port, POR 697
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Portronics
Available on Request
  • No drivers are necessary as this is a simple plug

Quantum QHM6660 Black 4-Port Usb Hub With Switch
By: Quantum
Available on Request
Orico 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub with Micro USB & Power Supply, W5P-U2
Quantum QHM6660 White 4-Port Usb Hub With Switch
By: Quantum
Available on Request
QZ USB 3.1 Type C Hub with USB Ports, QZ-HB18
By: Qz
Available on Request
  • Sleek Design, Saves Space, Enhances Mobility

  • The Built-In 1 inch Usb-C 3.1 Cable It Offers Greater

Quantum QHM6633 4 Port White Hi-Speed USB Hub (Pack of 3)
4.6 (7 Reviews)
By: Quantum
Available on Request
  • Truly Plug & Play Automatic with All OS Including Windows...

  • Provides Full Over Current Protection & Signaling Rates, Low-Speed Rate...

Enter E-HP70 7 Ports USB HUB
By: Enter
Available on Request
  • Small & Light Weight

  • Quick Plug & Play

Tessco 7 Ports Silver USB Hub for Smartphones & Tablets, NU-501
  • It has a Extended 2.0 High Speed Transmission Socket with

Portronics U Box 4 Ports 4.2A USB Charging Hub, POR 760
By: Portronics
Available on Request
  • Fire Hazards, Short Circuits, Over Heating, Over Voltage & Over

Portronics M Port 34 Silver USB 3.0 Hub For Mac with Type C Cable, POR 696
  • No drivers are necessary as this is a simple plug

Premium Quality USB Hubs to Improve The Functionality of Your Computer

Nowadays, with the increase in technology and technical equipment, people are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Most modern devices have USB ports, yet they aren't enough sometimes. You need to simultaneously connect keyboards, scanners, hard drives, and printers to your computers. If you're tired of the limited number of USB ports, all you need is a USB hub. It helps you to connect your device with other devices at once. If you're looking for something more productive and do not wish to change cables every hour, be sure you purchase the right hub for your needs.


USB hubs can be understood as simple extenders of your USB sockets in the system. They increase the number of available ports that can be used on your PC or laptop, giving you more scope to amplify your connections. They allow you to access multiple USB devices at one go and thus ease your life to the tee. 


While a USB expander increases the number of ports on a system, cleaning kits are an equally essential accessory. They revive and clean dirty USB ports that have begun losing their newness due to increased use. Cleaning kits play a major role in aiding you in the upkeep and maintenance of your USB hub.


USB Port Hub: Types, Relevance, and Usage 

While we have largely transitioned from a single USB to hub in the technological scenario, given below are the types of USB port hubs available for you.


Powered USB hubs:

  • A powered USB expander for laptop, as the name says, has the potential to charge devices even without a host system. 
  • It does not rely on a host system to derive power, and can suffice to charge devices on its own.
  • It comes with an adapter, and can be plugged into an electrical outlet or source.
  • The powered port hub can charge devices as long as there is an availability of an electrical outlet.


Non-powered USB hubs:

  • A non-powered USB hub would not inherently be powered, but rather extract power from a host system, to which it is connected.
  • It heavily depends on the host system to function properly and derive its power.
  • The host system supplies the power, which in turn, the hub uses to charge other peripherals. 
  • The time for which it can power peripherals is naturally quite limited. 


Type-C USB hubs:

  • This specification caters to extending USB-C ports, a relatively new category found on modern systems.
  • The hub especially aids in increasing the number of USB-C port connections. 


Factors to Watch Out For While Purchasing Your USB Hub

Price: The USB hub price can be a crucial determinant that would affect your buying decision while choosing the USB hub. While there is a wide price range for various models in the market, you can pinpoint a particular bracket according to your budget. The price would also depend on the number of ports available, quality, and more.


Number Of Ports: If your requirement is such that you can’t do without a sufficient number of ports on your system, go for a hub with a sizable number of connections. Naturally, investing in a good hub would be wise for a one-time decision. The first factor you need to consider while choosing the right USB hub is the number of ports available. Make sure you buy USB hubs with extra ports than your requirement.


Speed: The speed at which USB port hubs operate can vary depending on the model you go for. While most hubs work at speeds of 5 Gbps, some also operate exceptionally fast at 10 Gbps. Keep in mind that a swiftly working USB hub would make your life easier.


Type: While non-powered highly depend on host systems, powered versions bring a lot of flexibility. If you are sure that you can arrange a host system most of the time, going for a non-powered one is not a bad idea. Otherwise, powered hubs are always the best option.


Power Output: Your next step is to consider the power output of the USB hub. Always consider the type of devices you wish to plug into the hub.


Devices Connected: Count the devices and calculate the power drain to ensure that you choose the right type of hubs without making your system crash down.


Durability: Be sure you choose the durable USB hub so that it won't damage in case of overheating. It is one of the best ways to save your future trouble and get the maximum benefit from your investment.


Brands to Explore if You Seek a USB Hub for Laptop

Zebronics USB hubs:

  • The swift and smooth plug-and-play experience in devices rolled out by Zebronics makes them convenient for usage.
  • The brand has been captivating customers with user-friendly USB port hubs that work at decent speeds. 
  • Its models usually house USB 2.0 ports.


iBall USB hubs:

  • iBall is a brand known for launching USB hubs that are high on look and design, with a piano-shiny finish.
  • Extremely ideal for laptop users, the brand’s offerings are one of the best in the category. 
  • The models usually have USB 2.0 ports.


Bestor USB hubs:

  • A leader in the market in the category of USB hubs, Bestor offers hubs that allow you to split a single USB port into three.
  • Designed for data transfer, the offerings are diverse, including Type-C versions.


Portronics USB hubs:

  • Known for rolling out lightweight and compact USB port hubs, this brand has been promising quality for its customers.
  • The multi-function hubs are small and powerful.
  • The presence of a velcro strip fixes the hub in place.



Reliance ones are specially designed to offer extra speed and smooth data transfer ports. Whether you're looking to choose Reliance hubs with a Linux system or you wish to use it with Mac OS X, you don't have to use any drivers.


Quantum Hubs: 

The Quantum hubs offer full over-current protection for your devices. If you're considering picking a hub for USB 2.0 ports, look no further than Quantum USB ports. They will offer you high value on your investment. It goes great with those who wish to have affordable and good-quality hubs.



The USB ports manufactured by Portronics come with built-in protection. Thus, you can use these hubs with your devices without worrying about over-current or over-voltage. Moreover, the multi-purpose utility comes with a slim and compact design. You can even choose the Portronics hubs with LED indicators with a smart look.



Orico is the fastest-growing manufacturer of USB hubs and other technology products. To meet the diverse demands of the customers, Orico supplies Orico USB hubs with high-speed data transfer. It is well-made and comes with a thick cord to connect devices.



QZ hubs feature a lightweight and sleek design that enhances mobility and appearance. The high-speed data transfer facility available in the hub will help you make your task smooth and quick. It will help you connect devices very safely and securely.


Purchase the best quality USB Hubs today from Moglix

Whether it be a USB port splitter or a cleaning kit, Moglix has it all. Visit your favorite destination for a wide variety of brands that deal in the most authentic and functional USB port hubs. Quality, price, and collection woven into one spot, Moglix houses nothing but the best for you. So hurry up and don’t hesitate to explore the world of USB port hubs on today.

When purchasing a USB hub, it's important to watch for "hidden" specs. It's possible to find a hub that fits all of your requirements like the quality, how much power you need, the number of ports you want, and a little fine-print reading to make sure you're receiving the extras you want. Prior research will help you make the right choice and ensure that you buy the product without breaking the bank. If you're wondering where you can grab high-quality and branded USB hubs manufactured by QZ, Reliance, Orico, Portronics, and Quantum, look no further than Moglix. Browse through the USB hubs at Moglix to grab your favorite at discounted rates.