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HP V220W 8GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive (Pack of 2)
  • Durable & Data Sharing

  • High Speed USB & Shock Resistant

HP V220W 16GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive (Pack of 2)
  • Solid Metal Design

  • High Speed USB & Shock Resistant

Kingston 16GB Se 9 Mattel Usb Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Sony 32Gb Usm32Gr Usb 2.0 Pendrive Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Sony Pendrive Tiny Metal 128Gb Usm128Mx Usb 2.0 Pen Drive
Sony 64Gb Pendrive Metal 3.0 2 Years Warranty Pen Drive
Kingston 32GB Pendrive Data Traveler Se9 Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Kingston Dtm30 32GB Pendrive Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Sony Pendrive Tiny Metal Gold 64Gb Usm64Mx3 Usb 3.1
By: Sony
Available on Request
Sony 8 Gb Gr Pendrive Usb 2.0 White Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Samsung 32GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive (Pack of 2)
By: Samsung
Available on Request
  • High-Speed USB 3.0 Flash Drive for Fast Data Transfer

  • Nand Flash Technology

Kingston 16GB Pendrive Data Traveler G4 Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Sony Pendrive 8Gb + SanDisk Pendrive 16Gb 2 5 Years Warranty
Sony Pendrive Tiny 32Gb Usm32M1 Usb 2.0 Mix Colour Pen Drive
Kingston 32GB Metal Pendrive Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Sony Pendrive 8Gb Sliding Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Sony USM64GR 64GB Classic White USB Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
  • Compact Size & Attractive Color Design

  • Easy Use- Simple plug, Drag & Drop functionality

Sony Pendrive 16Gb Led Indicator 2Year Warranty Pen Drive
Kingston 16GB Se9 Metal Pendrive 5 Years Warranty
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Kingston DataTraveler-50 32GB Grey USB Flash Pendrive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
  • Sturdy, Lightweight Design & Store Everything You Like

Sony 32 Gb Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Kingston 32GB Red Datatraveler 50 Usb 3.0 Flash Drive Dt50/32GBfr
  • Compact, lightweight, capless design

  • Customisable with your logo and/or digital files through Kingston's Customisation

Consistent 32GB Metal Silver USB 2.0 Flash Pen Drive, CTP10032
Sony Pendrive 32Gb Tany Usb Impoter Goods 1 Year Warnty
Sony 16GB Micro Vault M Series USB 2.0 Flash Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 1800 103 7799 & Email Id:

OTG Sonilex SL OTG101 Pen Drive
By: Sonilex
Available on Request
Sony 16GB USM R Series USB Flash Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Sony Pendrive 32Gb Usb Flash Drive Gr Slider 2 Year Seller Warranty
Sony Pendrive Tiny 64Gb Usm64M1 Usb 2.0 Mix Colour Pen Drive
OTG Sonilex SL OTG103 Pen Drive
By: Sonilex
Available on Request
HP 16GB USB 2.0 Pen Drive, v152
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Hp
Available on Request
  • Handy Lidless Design with Retractable Connector & Convenient One Hand

  • Upto 64GB High Storage Capacity Offers Ample Storages for your

Kingston 8GB Dt50 3.0 Pendrive Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Adata UV120 128GB Metal Metallic Grey USB 2.0 Pen Drive
  • Advanced COB Process & Delivers a Stylish Statement of Simplicity

  • Capless Design & Large Strap Mount

Kingston Dual Drive Otg Metal.3.0...64 GB Pen Drive
By: Kingston
Available on Request
Sony 32gb Metal Pd 2years Company Warranty Pen Drive
By: Sony
Available on Request
Sony 32Gb Pen Drive Usb Flash Drive White/Black 2 Year Warranty
By: Sony
Available on Request
Strontium Nitro 64GB Black Pen Drive, SR64GBBOTG2Y
By: Strontium
Available on Request
  • Compact & Contoured Design

  • Micro B & Standard USB 3.0 Dual Connector

Sony Usm32X/B2xSeries 32Gb Usb 3.1 Pen Drive Black
By: Sony
Available on Request
Kingston 16GB Datatraveler Se9 Pendrive Metal 5 Years Warranty

Related Pen Drives Article

Purchase the Most Efficient Pen Drives at Affordable Prices

A portable data storage device is known as a pen drive or a USB flash drive. Floppy drives have been superseded by pen drives, which are now the most widely used data storage devices among consumers. Students, professionals, academicians, and independent tech consultants can simply transport a pen drive from place to place because it is small, light, and convenient. You can store graphics-intensive papers, images, audio files, and video clips on pendrives that are currently on the market with varying storage capacities. We feature good quality 64GB pen drives from highly reputed brands such as Samsung, SanDisk, HP, Sony, Kingston, and many more.


Various Types of Pen Drives to Choose from

USB 3.1 and 3.2 ports: The most recent and quickest thumb drives available today, with read and write speeds of up to 2500 MB/sec and 1250 MB/sec, respectively.


USB 3.0 flash drives: In any case, everyone is aware that a USB 3.0 flash drive performs substantially faster than a USB 2.0 one under identical circumstances. Data may be transferred on a 3.0 flash drive at a rate of 625 MB/sec. Most users of flash memory sticks are increasingly choosing USB 3.0 thumb drives because of their quick read, write, and transfer speeds.


USB 2.0 flash drive: The typical memory stick is this one. Only 60 MB/sec can be sent using the USB 2.0 interface at any given time. It is now regularly utilised on many PCs. Therefore, even if you use a USB 3.0 pen-drive to transfer data, the speed will only be as fast as the 2.0 port on your computer.

Features to Take into Consideration When Buying Pendrive

Purpose - Before making a purchase, you must determine whether a USB pen drive or flash drive meets your needs and budget. Your budget and required transfer speeds will depend on the kind of data you intend to keep. A safer and more encrypted card pen drive is required if you need a pen drive of 64GB to hold highly sensitive data. Your objective will determine your device's capabilities and requirements if you want to transfer large video files for your YouTube channel frequently.


Data Storage - Pen Drives are available in various forms, including OTG pen-drives, USB flash drives, mobile pen-drives, type C pen drives, and WIFI pen drives, but what matters most is the data storage capacity, which can range from 2GB to 1 TB. The quantity of data that can be stored on a pen drive increases with its size. These pen drives can be used with computers, gaming consoles, laptops, and pretty much any other device that can read data. The type of files you intend to transmit or preserve will determine your required storage. Keep in mind that text files require less space than video and graphic files.


Transfer Speeds - Once the data is located, the data transfer rate dictates how quickly it can be transferred. The rates of internal and external data transfer together determine this component. The ideal option from the perspective of the typical user is a pendrive connected to a mobile device because it provides incredibly high data transfer speeds. When this space is full, the 32GB and 64GB versions of USB and card flash drives offer fantastic expansion options!


Privacy Protection and Warranty - If you're searching for a pendrive used just to save secure and secret information, hardware and software encryption should be needed. This is crucial if you want to lock and store data at the same time. Making sure that a pen-drive has a sufficient warranty covering fundamental fixes or faults outside the user's control is another way to feel confident about your purchase.

Reputable Brands to Choose OTG Pen Drives from

Samsung Pen Drives - One of the exceedingly sought-after brands in the market of electronics, Samsung manufactures pen drives with NAND Flash Technology that helps in the fast transfer of data. These high-quality OTG pen drives are made with metal casings for long-lasting performance to prevent loss. They are shockproof, magnet-proof, x-ray-proof, and waterproof.


SanDisk Pen Drives - The most popular pen drives are SanDisk models. They have a highly fashionable and exquisite appearance, are shockproof, and are quite strong. They have a variety of pendrives with different storage capacities that can store a lot of data. SanDisk pen drives come with a warranty and are made in a way that prevents them from overheating even after extended use. Their products work with desktop PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.


HP Pen Drives - To guarantee that the pen drives it delivers to customers are always at the top of its game, HP places a strong focus on high quality standards. They have become experts at adapting to changing consumer wants. These premium pen drives are produced under the supervision of professionals. They simplify, speed up, and make data storage and transfer more convenient.


Sony Pen Drives - The market acknowledges Sony products as being of the finest calibre. All Sony pendrives are created with premium components and cutting-edge production techniques to meet the standards of this incredibly difficult industry. Their 64GB pendrives are made to protect your data from loss and harm. They have an elegant and compact design.


Kingston PenDrives - Kingston produces goods of the best quality and is well renowned for its attentive customer care. After extensive market research, the most recognised and authorised vendors are chosen to provide the materials utilised to create their pen drives. Customers trust Kingston's products because of its wide selection of high-end pendrives.


Apart from these brands, we also offer pendrives from other reputable brands like Brother, Consistent, Adata, Strontium, Sonilex, and more.


Functions and Benefits of a Pen Drive

A USB stick can be used as an interface device to transmit files, documents, and images to a PC when connected to a USB port. Selected files on the USB stick can also be copied to any machine compatible with it. The rising use and popularity of flash drives have been attributed to consultants, academics, professionals, and others. USB flash drives can be used for a variety of applications, depending on the user's preferences, qualities, and requirements. Pen-Drives are used to store files based on their usage, user characteristics, or storage capacity. PDF files, word processing documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets can all be saved on 4GB or 8GB of storage. On a 32GB or 128GB USB drive, media and entertainment workers can store large-capacity music videos, soap opera episodes, graphics-heavy photographs, and even movies. They also come with a slew of advantages, including:


  •  Transferring Files
  •  Easily Portable
  •  Backup Storage
  •  Transport Technical Data
  •  New Promotional Tool.

Buy Secure Pendrives Online from Moglix

Providing you with a flawless buying experience is our goal at Moglix. Thanks to our built-in filtering mechanisms, you can choose and filter information based on your needs more efficiently. The pendrive's quality and aesthetic appeal are crucial and it's also crucial to keep your data safe and secure. After conducting several quality checks, we always send only the best and safest pendrive. You can choose from a variety of the most outstanding OTG pen drive manufacturers in India that are of the highest quality. We have deals and fantastic discounts all year round. Go to our site and get great discounts on bulk purchases of pendrive.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Pen Drives

Are pen drives and flash drives the same?

The appearance of both the devices may look a lot similar but the functionalities differ from one another. A flash drive is a small mechanical device that contains flash memory. Whereas a Pen drive is used to store data, records, or any information from the computer.

Which specification does one need to check to purchase a pen drive?

While buying a pen drive you have to be cautious about both technical details and the design. The performance of these devices depends on the read and write speed of the flash drive, the higher the speed the better the product is considered.

How can one speed up the transfer speed of a USB?

The very basic thing that you may do is update your device from time to time. Other than that you may also format your device but in that case, you may lose all your data stirred in the pen drive.