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Related Microscopes Article

Essential Laboratory Equipment - Microscopes

A microscope is an essential research laboratory instrument, extensively put to use, for the study of elements that are too small, to be aided by naked eye! A microscope is high precision optical equipment, fortified with a combination of meticulous optical lenses that helps in the creation of highly magnified images, for an easy projection of tiny objects, to be studied and researched upon.

A microscope basically works on the function of light, to create highly magnified images. The light travels through its eye-piece and, passes through an optical lens, which scatters the light evenly over the subject, for clear, unobstructed viewing.

What Can Microscopes Be Used For?

Microscopes are employed for observing specimens that are relatively minuscule in size; moreover, they are used in viewing the cellular structures of organs, germs and bacteria. They hold a significant importance in laboratory, for exploring tissues and, organisms which are too small to be seen clearly with the naked eye.

Types of Microscopes

There are more or less, five important types of microscopes, namely, simple microscope, compound microscope, electron microscope, phase-contrast and interference microscope. However, a compound microscope is the most extensively used one, pertaining to its cheap price, high zooming potential and uncomplicated functionality. Compound microscopes are largely used by educational institutions and biologists, to carry out research work.

Where to Buy Microscopes From?

Moglix offers a full line of professional microscopes, ranging from educational, and research to compound microscopes! We have put on offer a fairly large assortment of microscopes, to help you choose the one, best fitted to your unique requirement.

Precision is something, which is crucial while carrying out complex research and observations; this is why we have restricted our product line to well-renowned and trustworthy brands, such as, Kawachi and Gemko to ensure that every minute glitch is kept at bay!

Microscopes - Price Range

MicroscopesMin PriceMax Price
Gemko Labwell Microscopes₹368₹24472
Magnus Microscopes₹15186₹1056435
Labomed Microscopes₹14829₹129597
Droplet Microscopes₹838₹46609
This data was last updated on 9/17/21.