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Best Binder Clips To Keep Your Papers Intact

The binder clips are also called paper clamps or fold-over clips. These are simple things used to bind sheets of paper together. So they have received such a name. It keeps the loose papers intact and can be removed easily and quickly when you want to separate the papers. This is the advantage of using these paper clamps when compared to using staples. Staples leave paper holes behind when staples are removed, and there are chances of the paper tearing too. But these binder clips are safe and serve the best of their purpose.

Bulldog Clips and its Uses

Bulldog clips help in binding sheets and are used for various purposes like-

  • --> They are used in art and crafts.

  • --> They are best used to create flicker books.

  • --> You can easily attach and detach as per your need. So, you can add sheets to the file or remove some when it is not needed quickly with these clips.

  • --> They can be used in a computer station by clipping it to the edge of the table and passing the wire through the hole of the other end of the clip, which helps in sorting the wires, organizing them, and also can prevent the cables from falling behind the desk.

  • --> You can use them to seal an open bag.

  • --> Regular and usual help from this is for people who want to tie their hair back and don’t have anything else around, but this clip can be used to tie the hair back.

Ring Binder Clips for Wider Spread of Sheets

Ring binder clips are used for files and various other purposes. They are used in schools, offices, industries, etc. The most favorable use of these paper ring clamps is that the papers or sheets will never cut loose on their own. It stays stiff and sturdy. When you open the file, you can stack more papers in ring binder clamps and still open each paper to give a clear view without making one end of it too sticky and sturdy to not open. This helps in opening the file flat open and provides a broader view area of the sheets with a full paper view.

Metal Binder Clips and Some Interesting Life Hacks

Metal binder clips or any other regular paper foldback clamps have some unimaginable hacks that you can try at different places for different purposes like-

  • --> You can use them as a small carriable money binding wallet.

  • --> You can use them as cloth clips.

  • --> You can use them as DIY hangers for clothes or shoes.

  • --> You can use them as a mobile stand.

  • --> It will also be a handy and clear bookmark to find the page where you have stopped easily.

  • --> You can use them as table cloth holders, curtain binders, etc.

  • --> It can be used as simple photo holders.

  • --> You can use them as extension cord organisers.

  • --> You can hang your artwork with these clips.

  • --> It can be used as an ID badge holder.

  • --> You can use it as a toothpaste squeezer.

  • --> You can use it as a safety cover for razors.

Buy the Best Paper Binder Clips Online

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Oddy Binder Clips₹1529₹3109
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GBC Binder Clips₹14699₹58496
Omega Binder Clips₹7₹85
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