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Trodat 47x18mm Pocket Printy Rectangular Text Print Stamp, 9512
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Trodat
₹60073% OFF
Trodat Printy 3.8mm Self Inking Date Stamp, 4810
  • Mechanism Rotates Ink Pad Into Close Position

  • Stamper will Print Thousands of Sharp

Trodat 49x22mm Flashy Rectangular Text Print Stamp, 6903
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Trodat
₹51068% OFF
  • Very Easy to Use & Handy to Carry

  • Customised As Per Order

Trodat 30x30mm Flashy Square Text Print Stamp, 6330
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Trodat
₹48067% OFF
  • Razor Sharp Print-Like Impressions Without Stamp Pad

  • Very Easy to Use & Handy to Carry

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Rubber Stamps

64% of users prefer Rubber Stamps in price range of ₹200-₹300

36% of users prefer Rubber Stamps in price range of ₹100-₹200

Trodat Printy 38x14mm Blue Commercial Formula Stamp with Auto Ink, 4911
  • Printing Dries Quickly & Does Not Smudge

  • Includes Interchangeable Bi-Colour Ink Cartridge

Trodat Printy Black 6 Band Self Inking Numbering Stamp, 4846
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Trodat
₹79925% OFF
  • Re-Inkable with Waster Based Self-Inking Stamp Ink

Trodat 30x30mm Micro Printy Round Text Print Stamp, 9330
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Trodat
₹60065% OFF
Trodat Printy 47x18mm Blue & Red Entered Self Inking Stock Message Stamp, 4912
  • The Stamp Features a Bold Entered

  • Uses a Water Based Ink

Trodat 41mm Chrome Monogram Seal Press Stamp, 971041
  • Simple & Precise Impact Positioning

  • Plate Holder is Easy to Fit & Change

Trodat Printy 58x22mm Black Business Card Self Inking Stamp, 4913
Trodat Printy 25mm Self Inking Stamp, 46025
  • Stamps Over 1000 Impressions Before Re-Inking

  • Customize Upto 4 Lines of Text

Trodat Printy 20mm Self Inking Stamp, 46019
  • Customize Upto 4 Lines of Text

  • Stamps Over 1000 Impressions Before Re-Inking

Trodat Professional 85x55mm Self Inking Stamp, 5211
  • Stamp is Climate Neutral

  • Customize Upto 12 Lines of Text

Trodat Printy 70x30mm Self Inking Stamp, 4931
By: Trodat
₹1,08058% OFF
  • Stamps Over 1000 Impressions Before Re-Inking

  • Customize Upto 5 Lines of Text

Trodat 63x23mm Flashy Rectangular Text Print Stamp, 6904
  • Razor Sharp Print-Like Impressions Without Stamp Pad

  • Very Easy to Use & Handy to Carry

Trodat Printy 13x6mm Blue Self Inking Stamp with Protective Cap, 4907
  • Incredibly Small & Light

  • Precise Imprint Positioning

Trodat Pocket Printy 47x18mm Sky Blue Self Inking Stamp, 9512 Typo
  • Perfect Portable

  • A Pocket Full of Impressions

Trodat Pocket Printy 38x14mm Sky Blue Self Inking Stamp, 9511 Typo
  • Just Slide & Stamp

  • A Pocket Full of Impressions

Trodat Printy 82x25mm Rubber Stamp, 4925
By: Trodat
₹1,05051% OFF
  • Customize Upto 5 Lines of Text

  • Self-Inking with the Pad Inside Makes It Quick & Easy

Trodat Printy 50x30mm Self Inking Stamp, 4929
  • Customize Upto 5 Lines of Text

  • Stamps Over 1000 Impressions Before Re-Inking

Trodat 30mm Original Printy Round Date With Text Print Stamp, 46031
  • This is a Self Inking Stamp of Trodat. You will...

  • The Maker of Stamp/s (Stamp World) Will not be Responsible...

Trodat 41mm Pink Ideal Seal Stamp with Deluxe Bag, 970041
  • Perfect Impression

  • Smallest Effort

Trodat 25X51mm Black Ideal Seal Stamp, 972551
By: Trodat
₹3,12063% OFF
  • Superior Ergonomics

  • Pocket & Desk Seal

Trodat Printy 25mm Round Self Inking Date Stamp, 46125
  • Plate Size: 1 inch Diameter

  • Choice of Five Ink Colors

Trodat Professional 41x24mm Self Inking Date Stamp with Blue & Red Color Ink, 5430
  • High Quality & Durable Heavy Duty Construction

  • 12 Years Date Band

Trodat Printy 42mm Round Blue Self Ink Stamp with Rubber, 3642
Trodat Professional 45x45mm Self Inking Date Stamp, 5415
  • Comfort & High-Speed Stamping

  • 10 Years Date Band

Trodat Printy 42mm Original Stamp, 4642
By: Trodat
₹87049% OFF
  • Two Special Grip Zones Allow Pad Changes without Touching

  • Soft-Touch Elements Ensure a Stamp, Which is Easy to Use

Trodat Printy 30mm Round Date Self Inking Stamp, 46130
  • Two Lines Below The Date

  • Upto 4 Lines of Text, Die Plate Dater & Date

Oddy Six Digit Numbering Machine with Japanese Machine Font Style & Spare Parts, NM-607 (Pack of 2)
  • Made of Finest Quality Material

  • Durable, Easy to Use

Trodat 14cm Metal Black Rotating Double Hand Stamp Rack, 3016/M
  • Keeps your Desk Tidy & Organized

  • Space-Saving & Practical Stamp Holder

Trodat 14cm Metal Black Rotating Hand Stamp Rack, 3010/M
  • Platzsparend & Practical Stamp Holder

  • You can Instantly Griffbereit any Stamp

Trodat Printy 75x15mm Personalized Individual Custom Self Inking Stamp, 4918
  • Allowing you to Create Upto 3 Lines of Customized Text

  • Perfect Stamp for Printing Contact Information Along with a Company

Trodat 12cm Plastic Black & Grey Rotating Hand Stamp Rack, 3008
  • Keeps your Desk Tidy & Organized

  • Platzsparend & Practical Stamp Holder

Trodat Printy 75x38mm Self Inking Stamp, 4926
  • Largest Plastic Self-Inking Stamp on the Market

  • Complex Forms can be Created with Lines & Checkboxes

Trodat Printy 15x7mm Blue Self Inking Stamp with Protective Cap, 4908
  • Climate-Neutral & Up to 49 % CO2 is Saved During

  • Clean Ink Cartridge Change, Small & Light & Imprint Positioning

Trodat Printy 40x40mm Self Inking Stamp, 4924
By: Trodat
₹1,44058% OFF
  • Number Codes, Personal Initials, Signature Stamp, Perfect for Initials &

Trodat Printy 20mm Round Date Stamp, 46119
By: Trodat
₹66029% OFF
  • This Stamp Comes with a Protective Cap & Text

  • Highest Quality with a Modern Ergonomic Design

Trodat 23x63mm Royal Mark 2.0 Rectangular Pre Inked Text Print Stamp, 2767
Trodat 47x18mm Original Printy Rectangular Text Print Stamp, 4912

Rubber Stamps - Leave Your Mark with Customized Imprints

Rubber stamps make leaving imprints efficient for documentation, labeling, or branding needs. These stamps come in varied styles and customisations to suit different applications. Self-inking stamps provide convenience with automatic re-inking.

Meanwhile, others require separate ink pads for stamping repeatedly. Personalized rubber stamps offer custom stamps with your name, logo, message, images, signatures, or patterns.

Types of Rubber Stamps Based on Design

Here are additional details for each type of rubber stamp, with 4-5 bullet points explaining key features and usage examples:

Pre-Inked Stamps

  • Self-contained ink source for repeated stamping 
  • No need to purchase separate ink pads
  • Ink gets transferred to the surface on contact
  • Well-suited for high-volume stamping needs  
  • Integrated ink starts drying out after a couple of years with frequent use

Wood Mounted Stamps 

  • Message engraved into dense rubber or photopolymer  
  • Mounted onto wood block for stability
  • Provides good imprint pressure onto paper or cardboard  
  • Classic and versatile stamp style
  • Needs a separate ink pad for the stamping operation  

Clear Stamps

  • Made of transparent photopolymer  
  • Design customisation with images, and logos possible
  • Ink applied on the surface; visible imprint area aids precision 
  • Can create circle, rectangle and special shape designs
  • Photopolymer retains fine imprint detail  

Date and Time Stamps 

  • Auto updates for current date, time 
  • Some models show week numbers as well  
  • Useful for incoming mail management 
  • Track documents with handling/receipt times
  • Integrated or removable logo images are available

Signature Stamps   

  • Replicates signatures for authorisation needs
  • Insert customisable rubber signatures  
  • Switch between multiple pre-made signatures
  • Affix names and roles to validate documents  
  • A hassle-free way for repeated endorsements

Pocket Stamps

  • Ultra-compact size stamps
  • Fits conveniently inside pockets 
  • Easy portability for on-site stamping
  • Brass or aluminium casing for durability
  • Ideal for real estate agents, surveyors, etc

Usage of Rubber Stamps for Marking Needs

Here are some common uses where rubber stamps deliver efficiency and consistency:

  • Business Documentation: Business stamps imprint company names, logos, signatures, and messaging on invoices, bills, and letterheads.

  • Filing and Mail Rooms: Date, time and received stamps on incoming mail and documents allow quick categorisation for processing.

  • Product Labeling: Repeatedly prints product details like manufacturing date, expiry, and batch no. on items and boxes. Ensures proper identification.

  • Arts and Crafts: From cards to fabric printing, customised rubber stamps create personalised designs conveniently. The ink pad provides the colour.

  • Property Marking: Imprint house numbers and names on possessions for identification. Compact stamps are portable for outside use.

  • Academic Stamping:  Teachers apply grading (A, B+, etc.) and remarks stamps on answer sheets to save time and effort.

  • Validation Seals: Security stamps with logos, patterns, and signatures imprinted act as validation seals on important documents. Hard to duplicate.

  • Advertising Promotions: Imprint brand name, logo, tagline, and website in events, ads, etc. Raises visibility. Order self-inking stamps for convenience.


Factors To Consider When Selecting the Right Rubber Stamp

With varied self inking stamps types and customisation choices, consider these aspects to determine the optimal rubber stamp for your use:  

1. Message Style: Consider imprint size, text font, and images needed. This affects stamp size and design. Prioritise key info.

2. Stamp Base Material: Rubber suits frequent use. Photopolymer allows see-through convenience. Mounted wood stamps provide good imprint pressure.

3. Ink Type: Self-inking stamps contain an ink source and don’t require a pad. However, ink fades over time with frequent use. Separate ink pads offer colour options.

4. Frequency of Use: Self-inking stamps are suitable for frequent use. Wood mount suits heavy imprint pressure needs. Clear stamps are useful for precision alignment.

5. Ease of Storage: Compact pocket stamps are easy to store and carry. Date stamps may need protective storage to avoid damage.

6. Speed of Stamping: Pre-inked and time-date stamps allow rapid marking. Separate ink pads may slow the process. Consider usage volumes.

7. Quality of Imprint: Photopolymer stamps offer sharp imprints on paper, wood, plastic, etc. Rubber stamps work for most surfaces. Embossing stamps provide texture.

8. Ease of Customizing: Some vendors offer online stamp designing platforms. Or simple style adjustments may suffice. Evaluate the effort needed.


How To Apply Rubber Stamps - Usage Tips

Follow these tips when applying rubber stamps for good quality and safety:

  • Ensure the stamping surface, like paper or box, is flat and stable. Any curvature can affect imprint quality.

  • Use a separate ink pad for stamp types requiring it. Open the ink pad compartment/container before stamping.

  • Align the rubber stamp message/design properly on the target area before imprinting. Avoid smudged markings.

  • Press the stamp straight down onto the surface firmly to transfer ink uniformly onto the material below for clear markings.

  • Lift the stamp directly vertically off the surface after imprinting. This avoids smudging the imprint area, which leads to unclear texts/images.

  • For stamps needing separate ink pads, press onto the pad periodically for uniform ink coating. Avoid light markings.

  • Keep newly stamped items untouched for a few minutes, allowing the imprints to dry and set properly without spreads or blurs.

  • Keep stamps clean and store them appropriately to prevent damage. Ensure date-time stamps don't get pressed accidentally and change settings.

Why Get Rubber Stamps Online from Moglix

The extensive range of durable, custom rubber stamps at Moglix efficiently suits all marking, branding, documentation, and labelling needs. Find stamps delivering convenience for your applications, be it self-inking, classic mounted, or transparent designs. Leading brands ensure consistent quality and output. With volume discounts also on offer, equip your business for efficiency gains through rubber stamps from Moglix.