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Improve Business Efficiency With The Help of Staplers

Regardless of which office setting you work in, paper, staplers, rubber bands, and clippers are the most common items that will help you improve your business's efficiency. The most important item is a stapler among all the different essential items. They are an easy way to keep all the files and papers intact. There are two types of staplers that are available in the market - Manual, and Electic.

Besides the organizations, a stapler is something that you must have at your home. It will help you handle small chores like keeping the bills and other important documents intact. Luckily, there are plenty of big staplers available in the market, and each one is equipped with unique functions and features.

Let us Learn about the Types of Staplers Prevalent in the Market

Having staplers at your home or office will assist you in making your small chores easy. Let's look at the different uses and types of staplers you can use at your home/office.

Manual Staplers: You can prefer manual staplers for your home. They require your strength to get the job done.

Electric Staplers: Unlike manual staplers, these won't require your strength. You can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Heavy-Duty Staplers: These are available for industrial use. If you're involved in heavy-duty jobs you can prefer these staplers for your needs. It will help you to staple more than 100 pages with one click.

Plier Staplers: Plier staplers are most effective in packing and shipping industries. You can use these staplers to seal cardboard boxes.

Long Reach Staplers: You can choose a long-reach stapler for hard-to-reach stapling. You can mount cards on walls or cork boards with their help.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Stapler For Your Needs

If you've decided to buy a stapler for your home or office, it's time to check the right type, quality, and material of stapler that will fit your needs. Keeping a few things in mind will help you pick the right stapler for your needs.

  • --> Choosing the right stapler should be based on your specific needs and preferences. For instance, if you're buying for your home, you can purchase little less expensive staplers. Conversely, for offices that require regular staplers, you should prefer high-quality staplers.

  • --> The next thing you need to consider while buying staplers is the cost. If your budget is low and you need to bind just a few pages, you can prefer affordable manual staplers. On the other hand, if you intend to buy staplers for regular or organizational use, buying premium quality and durable staplers should be your top priority.

  • --> There are mainly two types of stapling tools - light-duty and heavy-duty. If you want to use the tool in an outdoor space, you can prefer a tool that is resistant to corrosion and durable.

  • --> Maximum capacity is another vital aspect of choosing the right type of stapler. The maximum capacity of staplers ranges from 10 to 250 sheets. You can choose the stapler according to the type of sheet that you wish to staple.

Popular Stapler Brand You Can Trust

Kangaro: Kangaro is a brand famous for high-quality manufacturing staplers in India. It was started in a small factory in Ludhiana and is now paving a way for itself globally. Every person in India is familiar with this brand. The products offered by the company can help you to fasten documents quickly.

Kaymo: Whether you're looking for electric staplers or wish to get your hands on manual staplers, Kaymo has covered it all. The brand is known to supply high operational grip staplers with low maintenance.

Miles: Miles offers staple pins and a wide range of staplers to serve you with unparalleled service. The highly specific and innovative products will help you organize the documents and enhance business efficiency. If you're looking to buy premium staplers without any extra hassle, all you need to do is check out the Miles staplers.

Ingco: Ingco is a name that stands out from the crowd in manufacturing quality staplers that are durable and long-lasting. After double-checking, all the manufactured products are offered to ensure that you get the best benefits. The brands manufacture and sell a wide range of staplers and staple pins.

REXEL: Rexel offers staplers with premium quality steel to avoid rusting. The longer legs, along with sharp points, will help you to get jam-free stapling. What's more, the staplers manufactured by REXEL are extra durable and offer smooth and quick stapling. The brand believes in offering products at affordable rates, so feel free to check out their types before buying one.

To Sum Up, Explore a Wide Variety of Staplers at Moglix

In terms of fastening papers, staples are the most professional-looking solution. But before buying any stapler for your needs, it's vital to check the different stapler types. Staplers that are quirky looking are attractive to the eyes but the recipient of your paper may not be impressed. The appearance of a well-stapled paper is one of refinement and competence. If you want to buy premium quality staplers manufactured by top brands then check out the wide range of products being offered at Moglix. Here you will get quality staplers that you can purchase for your needs at discounted rates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Staplers & Staples

How many sheets of white paper can a staple go through?

Standard full strip staplers can staple up to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper together at once. Half strip and tiny staplers, on the other hand, offer a stapling capability of 10 to 30 sheets of 80gsm paper.

What is the best way to staple two sheets of paper?

The top left corner has long been thought to be the best place for a staple. Make sure that the staple is placed at a 45-degree angle from the paper's top edge and slightly inward from the edges. Check that both staple sides are firmly attached to the paper and aren't drifting away.

What type of material is used to make a stapler?

Stapler staples are produced from zinc-plated steel wires that have been bonded together and bent to form a long strip of staples. Staple strips are frequently sold as full strips, which contain 210 staples.

Top Selling Staplers & Staples Price List in India

Latest Staplers & Staples ModelsExpected PriceDiscount
Kangaro HS-10H/Y2 Stapler & Staples Pack₹7626% off
Kangaro HP-45 Standard Plier Stapler₹23222% off
Kangaro 23/10-H Staples₹4016% off
Kangaro 26/8-1M Staples₹2212% off
Kangaro 24/8-1M Staples₹214% off
Kangaro 23/20-H Staples₹7813% off
Kangaro 24/6-1M-Y2 Staples₹3323% off
Kangaro 23/6 Staples₹2715% off
Kangaro 26/6-5M Staples₹9814% off
Kangaro T-13 Staples₹8412% off

Staplers & Staples - Price Range

Staplers & StaplesMin PriceMax Price
Kangaro Staplers & Staples₹8₹2999
This data was last updated on 10/4/22.