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TVS Electronics BSi201S BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, 3006220024
By: Tvs Electronics
₹11,99527% OFF
  • Direct Supply from TVS Electronics

  • Customer Care No: 0816 � 2214600 Email:

TVS BSL100 Plus 1D Laser Barcode Scanner
4.3 (9 Reviews)
By: Tvs
₹3,99551% OFF
  • 25% Print Contrast

  • Rugged & Durable

Newland USB Handheld Barcode Scanner, HR32 BT
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Newland
₹15,89927% OFF
  • Can be Used in Batch Collection Mode & Store Up

  • Fully Charge Your Device from 0-100% in Less That 4

Posiflex Rugtek CD3200BT 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Posiflex
₹9,99939% OFF
  • Scans Barcode on Mobile & Curved Surface

  • Posi flex Launches A Million Pixels Fast "2D Qr Bar

TVS BSC 101 Bar Code Scanner with Ultrascan Decoding Technology
  • Customer Care No: 0816 � 2214600 Email:

  • Fastest in this Segment with 330 Scans Per Second

Honeywell Voyager-XP-1470G 2D Barcode Scanner
By: Honeywell
₹7,00020% OFF
  • Motion Tolerance: 70 cm/sec for 13 mil UPC at Optimal

  • Roll: ±180 deg & Skew: ±70 deg

TVS Electronics BS-I302G Barcode Scanner, 3006220027
By: Tvs Electronics
₹11,99530% OFF
  • Auto Trigger & Manual Mode

  • Customer Care No: 0816 � 2214600 Email:

Posiflex Rugtek CD3200U 2D & 1D Barcode Scanner
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Posiflex
₹6,49913% OFF
  • BT/Wi-Fi Variant can be Set Up Inventory Made to Scan

  • Scans Barcode on Mobile & Curved Surface

Kores Endura BS21 2D Barcode Scanner with Wire, 13601030301
  • High Performance Imaging Technology

  • Precision: ≥ 5 Mil, Roll: 360 deg & Skew: 75

Retsol 5025BT Handheld 2D Bluetooth, Android & Window Bi-Directional Barcode Scanner
  • Bluetooth V4.0 with Large Field of View

  • Can work with Android & Windows

Kores BS11 Laser Barcode Handheld Scanner
By: Kores
₹2,69922% OFF
  • Decode Ability Upto 200 scans/sec

  • Full Quake Proof Design

Zebra DS2208-SR Black Handheld Bar Code Scanner
By: Zebra
₹33,48080% OFF
  • Scanning with Point & Shoot Simplicity

Retsol PD-4000 Red LED 2D Presentation Barcode Scanner
  • Low Power Consumption & Strong Performance

  • Object Self Induction

TVS Electronics BS-C103G Barcode Scanner, 3006260001
By: Tvs Electronics
₹3,99546% OFF
  • This Lightweight Scanner Delivers Superior Performance & Outstanding Durability

  • Customer Care No: 0816 � 2214600 Email:

Posiflex Rugtek LS3000 R 1D Laser Barcode Scanner
By: Posiflex
₹3,99927% OFF
  • Plug & Play, Not Need any Driver & Easy to

  • Ready for All Pos System & Ideal for Retail

Swaggers Flexible LCD Operator Billing Machine with 6000 Items Capacity
  • Ideal For Petty Cash, Fundraising, Garage Sales, School Cafeterias, Craft

Honeywell EDA-51 2GB/16GB 2D Hand Held Terminal Computer
By: Honeywell
₹96,07763% OFF
Honeywell Mobile computer CK3RAA4S000W4400 NO ICP
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
Honeywell Barcode Scanner YJ HH360 R 2USB
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
  • Class-Leading Reliability: Increases up time and reduces additional service costs...

  • The Latest 1D Imaging Scan Engine: Enables long distance and

Honeywell IP52, 6ft Drop tested 147.72g Barcode Scanner Xenon 1950g
Fronix FB1100W 2.4G 1D Black Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner
  • 2.4G Wireless Barcode Scanner & Up-A, Up-E, Ean-8, Ean-13, Bookland...

  • Built in Flash Memory

Honeywell Barcode Scanner cable CBL 500 500 C00
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
Honeywell IP52, 6ft Drop tested 147.72g Barcode Scanner Xenon 1952g
Zebra DS4608-XD Twilight Black Barcode Scanner for Electronics Manufacturing
  • Designed to Withstand Multiple Drops at 1.8 m to Concrete

Honeywell Barcode Scanner charging pad 60S HB 2
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
EBN BS1D Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner with Stand
By: Ebn
Available on Request
Honeywell Barcode Scanner 1602G2D 2USB OS I
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
  • Capable of reading bar codes off smartphone screensmobile coupons, digital

  • Features a battery rated for up to 2,250 scans over

Motorola Symbol DS4308 Barcode Scanner by Zebra
By: Motorola
Available on Request
  • Withstands Multiple 6ft Drops to Concrete

  • Ambient Light Immunity: Immune to Normal Indoor Lighting Upto 1600

Fingers QuickScan W5 Wired Barcode Reader
By: Fingers
Available on Request
  • Fast Scan & Increased Efficiency in Your Business

Honeywell Barcode Scanner charger 6000 HB 1
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
  • HomeBase US Kit (Single Bay Charge Cradle with USB and

  • Mobile Computer charger/cradle

Honeywell Barcode Scanner 1980IFR 3 I
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
  • Industrial Grade Cable Option: Tested to withstand 300,000 90-degree bends...

  • Built Granit Tough: Tested to withstand the toughest environments, Granit...

Pegasus Wireless/Memory PS2220 CCD Barcode Handheld Scanner
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Pegasus
Available on Request
  • Elevation Scan Angle: 65 degree

  • Inclination Scan Angle: 45 degree

Zebra LS2208 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner Wired Optical Laser Black Corded Reader Imager with Stand & USB Cord, LS2208-SR20007R-Y
  • Multiple Interfaces, Ideal for Everywhere, Easy to Setup & Future-Proofed

  • High Quality Laser Scanning, User-Friendly Ergonomics & Durability

iBall USB Laser Barcode Reader, LS-392
By: Iball
Available on Request
  • High performance Laser Barcode Reader with sharp aim-and-shoot scanning

  • Light weight and ergonomic design

Honeywell Mobile computer CK3RAA4S000W4400 With ICP
By: Honeywell
Available on Request
Zebra DS2208 2D Black Plastic USB Barcode Scanner
4.3 (8 Reviews)
By: Zebra
Available on Request
  • Data Capture DNA Enabled

  • Bluetooth Model That Offers the Easiest Pairing on the Planet

Motorola Symbol LS2208 Handheld Barcode Scanner by Zebra
By: Motorola
Available on Request
  • Laser Safety: CDRH Class II, IEC Class 2

  • USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge & IBM 468x/9x

Pegasus PS1156 Laser Barcode Handheld Scanner
By: Pegasus
Available on Request
  • Shock Resistance: 1.5 m

  • Maximum Depth of Field: 20 inch/sec

Pegasus PS3316 2D Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner
By: Pegasus
Available on Request
  • Full of Quakeproof, Water Splash-Proof, Dustproof, Antiknock Design & EMI

  • 32 Bit CPU for Encoding Data

Motorola Symbol DS9208 Barcode Scanner by Zebra
By: Motorola
Available on Request
  • Drop: Withstands Multiple 1.5m Drops to Concrete

Related Barcode Scanners Article

Purchase the Most Efficient Barcode Scanners at Economical Costs

Barcode scanners were developed initially as a retail solution for grocery stores, but their practical applications quickly spread to other industries such as warehouse management, libraries, asset tracking, and others. Barcode scanners have become an indispensable tool in most commercial situations. Barcode scanners are such a common piece of technology that businesses cannot function without them. A barcode scanner, also known as a price scanner or a point-of-sale (POS) scanner, is a device that captures and reads data from barcodes. The scanner is made up of a light source, a lens, and a light sensor that converts optical impulses into electrical ones. They also include decoder circuitry, which analyses and transmits the barcode image data sent by the sensor to a computer. Depending on the application, barcode scanner guns come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of scanners, regardless of type, serve the same purpose. In retail or industrial settings, barcode scanners recognise barcode symbology and transfer that information to a computer or terminal to identify the product and other product elements such as name, price, and inventory. Buy barcode scanner machines from Moglix from renowned brands like Pegasus, Honeywell, TVS, Retsol and many more at affordable prices.


Types of Durable Barcode Scanner Machines to Choose From

Wireless scanner: Wireless scanners have the upper hand in being able to move the scanner to the inventory rather than having to transport the goods to the scanner, saving time and effort. Furthermore, cordless scanners improve efficiency by extending the scanning range, which can reach up to 200 feet in some cases. Some wireless scanners include internal memory storage, allowing users to save multiple scans without being near the dock or cradle base station.


2D Scanners: Two-dimensional barcode scanners can read two-dimensional barcodes, which contain information in two dimensions rather than just black and white bars. 2D barcodes look like checkers or a stack of regular barcodes stacked on top of one another. 2D scanners use CCD and imaging technology to detect barcodes.


Handheld Scanners: A handheld barcode scanner is operated while the user holds it in his or her hand. To begin scanning, most handheld scanners include a grip and a trigger. However, the term "Handheld Barcode Scanner" also refers to scanners known as Mobile Computers, which have their own full-fledged operating system.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing the Right Barcode Scanner Guns Online

Corded or cordless: If the barcode scanner you want to buy will be used outside, on the factory floor, or across multiple warehouses, you should consider a cordless model. This is the best option, especially if your staff does not always have access to a powerpoint.


Durability: If you need a handheld barcode scanner that can withstand harsh conditions, look for one with an IP rating of IP54 or IP65. These models protect your barcode scanner from dust and water sprays. If you work in harsher environments, you will need to look for a barcode scanner designed for your specific environment, which our AIS experts can assist you with.


Connectivity: There are Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanners available, allowing you to connect wirelessly and transmit data to your database or management system.


Scanning Capabilities: It is critical to understand your company's symbologies and ensure that the barcode scanner you choose can read and decode 1D, 2D, and any additional symbologies required. Image vs. Laser Scanning Functionality: Imaging barcode scanners are more advanced than laser barcode scanners and typically provide a wider range of scanning capabilities.


Omni-Directional Scanning: It is recommended that if you plan to buy a laser barcode scanner, you get one with omnidirectional scanning so that your barcode scanner can decode 2D barcodes.


Software Compatibility: Some handheld barcode scanners are compatible with operating systems such as Android and PC, while others have their own built-in software systems. Some include a Software Development Kit, which allows businesses to create customer applications. Some barcode scanners work with Windows or iOS right away, while others require you to download specific drivers.


Scanning Distance: This tells you how far your barcode scanner can scan. This depends on the type of barcode.


Scanning Speed: If you have a large number of barcodes to scan, it is best to look for a barcode scanner with rapid, continuous scanning capabilities. Some models can scan up to 120 images per second.


Warranty: This is critical. The warranty period for handheld barcode scanners is usually between one and five years. If your barcode scanner is used in harsher environments, longer warranties should be considered.


Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Barcode Readers

Pegasus Barcode ScannersOne of the most popular handheld scanners are the Pegasus Barcode Scanner. You can scan and pass in a fraction of the time. Their scanners assist you in making your job easier and more enjoyable. Their devices are covered by manufacturer warranty.


Honeywell Barcode ScannersHoneywell barcode scanner machines have soft grip, so your hands will not hurt even after working for a long time. Their handheld scanners work well with various interfaces including USB HID/USB COM/RS 232. If you're looking for efficient handheld barcode scanners, Honeywell is one of the best options.


TVS Barcode ScannersThe Honeywell barcode scanners are high-performance barcode scanners suitable for a wide range of applications. With fast scan rates and wide depth of field, their scanners can read barcodes of all sizes quickly and accurately. TVS provides quick, free, and simple scans with a high read rate. 


Retsol Barcode ScannersRetsol barcode scanners are suitable for use in a variety of environments. Their scanners are also dust and water resistant, with an IP41 classification. The scanners are covered by warranty. The Retsol barcode scanners are ideal for use in the office.


We also offer barcode scanner guns for your office from reputed brands like Fingers, Sunmi, Dcode, EBN, iBall, Swaggers, and others.


Get the Best Wireless Barcode Scanners Online from Moglix

So, before you invest in a barcode scanner for your business, consider the factors that will or will not work. Moglix, a well-known name in the industry, provides the best barcode scanners. Moglix pays close attention to how our clients' needs evolve over time. We offer the most cost-effective barcode scanner machines. We offer a selection of classic, efficient wireless barcode scanners from the most reputable brands to ensure the best protection. We work with some of the most reputable brands in the world. This allows us to meet our client's high expectations. Our barcode scanner machines include a number of special offers and discounts. Visit our website to see the best deals on barcode scanner guns from the top brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Barcode Scanners

Can you scan a damaged barcode?

We can still read the lines whether they are partially ripped or scrawled as long as there is a relevant component. If the lines are significantly damaged yet the text is still readable by people.

How long does a barcode scanner last?

Some barcode scanners can scan up to 120 pictures per second, allowing for continuous operation with little downtime. Handheld scanners are typically covered by a one- to five-year warranty.