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Xtraon Up to A/3 Document Cutter GX 13
By: Xtraon
Available on Request
JD9 A4 Steel & Plastic Black Heavy Duty Professional Paper Trimmer
  • High Efficiency & Widely Used

  • The Durable Solid Metal Base, Sturdy Blades Make Accurate &

Hindvanture HVC-350 A3 Heavy Duty Paper Cutting Machine
By: Hindvanture
Available on Request
  • Excellent Steel

  • Heavy Duty Paper Cutting Machine

Rexel Classiccut Cl120 A3 Trimmer
By: Rexel
Available on Request
  • Blade lock

  • Blade lock: Yes

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Paper Trimmers

100% of users prefer Paper Trimmers in price range of ₹900-₹1000

Xtraon A/4 to A/3 Document Cutter GX 2CG
By: Xtraon
Available on Request
Rexel Smartcut A445 4-In-1 10 Sheet Capacity A3 Trimmer
  • Trim style: Straight, wave, score and perforate

  • Paper clamp: Auto

JD9 A4 Steel Heavy Duty Guillotine Paper Trimmer with Commercial Metal Base
  • Accurate Cutting & Easy Blade Replacement

  • Solid Heavy Duty Base & Perfect Paper Holding

JD9 A4 Steel & Plastic White Heavy Duty Professional Paper Trimmer
  • High Efficiency & Widely Used

  • Alignment Grid, Ruler Printing on the Trimmer Base for Accurate

Get the Right Paper Trimmers at Moglix at Affordable Prices

A paper trimmer often referred to as a paper cutter is a simple device that resembles a guillotine and is used to precisely and accurately cut through paper. Paper cutter machines are commonly found in workplaces, classrooms, photo studios, small enterprises, and other places. Heavy-duty paper cutters are available in a variety of styles and dimensions. To make sure that you cut the paper to the correct size, they also provide a ruler with centimeters or inches on it. Several sizes of paper can be cut using these cutters.


At Moglix, you can purchase reliable paper cutter machines from top brands such as MDI, Hindvanture, JD9, Rexel, Xtraon, Gobbler, etc., at wholesale prices.


Types of Durable Paper Cutters Available Online

Guillotine Trimmers: 

  • The guillotine trimmer is the most typical type of paper trimmer used in offices, classrooms, and print businesses. 
  • Their long, straight blade slices through the paper, and they have a flat base. 
  • Guillotine trimmers come in various sizes and have longer blades for cutting large sheets of paper. 
  • They can cut through multiple sheets of paper at once. 
  • Guillotine trimmers have the benefit of often being inexpensive and simple to use. 
  • They can also cut through a wide range of materials, including foam board, cardstock, and laminated paper.


Rotary Trimmers:

  • Rotary trimmers employ a circular blade that spins during cutting. 
  • Clamps are used to secure the paper as the blade is pushed along a rail to create the cut. 
  • Rotary trimmers are renowned for their accuracy and ability to produce precise, straight cuts. 
  • They can also cut through a range of materials, such as pictures, paper, and fabric, making them more versatile than guillotine trimmers.


Electric Trimmers:


  • A motor propels the blade of an electric trimmer.
  • They can usually cut through thicker materials and are typically more powerful than manual trimmers. 
  • Electric trimmers are a wonderful option for larger trimming projects because they are quicker than manual trimmers.


Things to Consider Before Buying High Quality Paper Cutter Machines

Dimensions of the Paper Cutter Machines:


  • There are many different sizes of guillotine paper cutters and other types of paper cutters. 
  • The length of the blade and the area of the base, where a stack of papers is placed, are taken into account when determining the size of this tool. 
  • Cutting blades come in a variety of lengths, including 12, 15, and 18, among others.


Quality Of The Blade:


  • Everyone who works in printing, binding, or resizing is aware that the blade's quality impacts the final output. 
  • They must also be concerned with how quickly the papers are sliced and how long the blades will last in the absence of routine maintenance. 
  • The cutter is used nonstop for hours or even days in some offices. Hence, if you don't check the blade's quality, the cutter can become obsolete soon.


The blade's sharpness:


  • The cutter's blade needs to be sufficiently sharp to quickly cut through the stack of papers. 
  • The quality of the trip greatly depends on the blade's sharpness. 
  • The cutter and the person using it will be able to work quickly and accurately if the blade is sharp.


Cutting Capacity Of The Paper Cut:


  • The cutting capacity of the guillotine paper cutter you have chosen to purchase is the next crucial factor you should take into account. 
  • A cutting capacity of 10-15 papers at a time is adequate if you want to use it for regular office tasks, such as at educational institutions and retail showrooms where many sheets of equal sizes are needed for printing each day. 
  • Sharp blades on high-quality paper cutters enable them to easily and smoothly cut a variety of papers, including thick sheets. 
  • Also, powerful blades can resize over a hundred pages at once.


Paper cutter safety features:


  • A risk is always involved when working with guillotine cutters because you are using a long cutting blade. 
  • Users occasionally need to work quickly and continuously on the tool for extended periods of time. Because of this, you should always take the cutter's safety carefully. 
  • The tool should feature a finger guard and a blade latch to lock the blade when not in use. 
  • The blade should be fastened with a tension spring to prevent accidental falling.


Top Brands that Sell Premium Heavy Duty Paper Cutters at Moglix

MDI Paper Trimmers:


  • MDI paper trimmers are perfect for everyone who requires accurate, adaptable, robust, and reasonably priced equipment for cutting paper. 
  • They are an excellent investment for both personal and professional use because of their precise cutting, simplicity, adaptability, durability, and affordability.


Hindvanture Paper Trimmers:


  • The flexible Hindvanture paper trimmers can work with different paper sizes and thicknesses.
  • The cuts made by Hindvanture paper trimmers are accurate and precise. 
  • They are equipped with premium blades that are sturdy and sharp to provide consistently clean cuts. 


JD9 Paper Trimmers:


  • JD9 heavy duty paper cutters are available in various sizes and can simultaneously cut through several sheets of paper.
  • They are, therefore, perfect for usage in a variety of places, including workplaces, classrooms, and creative workshops.
  • The blades of JD9 paper cutters are made of premium materials, such as stainless steel, and are meant to maintain their sharpness even after extended use. They can be used for cutting paper for a variety of tasks like crafts, printing, and clipping pictures.


REXEL Paper Trimmers:


  • The paper trimmers from REXEL are made to be simple to use. 
  • They provide simple cutting guidelines that enable users to make the desired cut each and every time. 
  • Additionally, they offer safety features like finger guards that guard against cutting mishaps. 
  • They are secure and simple to use, even for those who are not accustomed to cutting paper.


Buy Affordable Paper Cutter Machines at Moglix 

Paper trimmers can be purchased at amazing costs at Moglix, which also guarantees high-quality products, offers top-notch customer service, and allows consumers to post product reviews and ratings. Due to the wide range of options available, you can find a paper trimmer that meets your requirements and is within your price range. All of the paper trimmers sold are high-quality and adhere to industry requirements. Prior to being supplied to clients, all products are put through a rigorous quality assurance process within the business. Visit to buy reliable heavy duty paper cutters at discounted prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Trimmers

How do I choose a paper trimmer?

Think about the paper's thickness before you cut it. A 3-inch stack of paper may typically be cut through with larger guillotine paper cutters. It's crucial to take into account how frequently you'll use the paper cutter when selecting a size. You won't get much use out of a small paper cutter when you have a lot of paper.

How do you clean a paper cutter blade?

With a damp towel, periodically wipe the paper cutter. In order to maintain the hinge and spring mechanisms operating properly, apply a few drops of appropriate oil to them. If the non-slip feet should come loose from the paper cutter's base, replace them.