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GBC WireBind W25E Electric Wire Binder, Binding Capacity: 125 Sheets & Punch Capacity: 25 Sheets
  • Document Separator

  • Easy Access Clippings Tray, Wire Size Selector & Clippings Tray

GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal Binder, Binding Capacity: 400 Sheets
  • Document Support & Integral Cooling Tray Enables Documents to be

  • Extra Wide Binding Channel for One Large or Smaller Multiple

GBC ThermaBind T200 Electric Binder
By: Gbc
₹14,39019% OFF
  • Fast binding with a fixed cycle time of 40 seconds

  • Document size: A4

GBC Thermal Bind T500 Pro Binder, 4400107
By: Gbc
₹56,99017% OFF
  • Multi Cooling Rack Included, Audio and Visual Cycle Complete Signals

  • 1000 Binds Per Hour and Digital Electronic Control

Oddy 15inch Spiral Binding Machine, SBM-15
By: Oddy
₹4,68516% OFF
  • High Quality Steel Cutters

  • Punches 15 Sheets Per Time

Oddy 12inch Spiral Binding Machine, SBM-12
By: Oddy
₹3,81716% OFF
  • High Quality Steel Cutters

  • Heavy Duty, Rugged & Durable

Oddy 18inch Spiral Binding Machine, SBM-18
By: Oddy
₹5,63915% OFF
  • High Quality Plastic Mould

  • High Quality Steel Cutters

Xtraon 500 Sheets Spiral Coil Binding Machine GX 225
Xtraon 500 Sheets Electronic Spiral Binding Machine GX 49EL
Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binder
By: Fellowes
Xtraon 500 Sheets Heavy Duty Spiral Binding Machine GX220S
Xtraon 500 Sheets Spiral Coil Binding Machine GX 390X
Xtraon 500 Sheet A4 Spiral Coil Binding Machine GX 39S
Gbc Wirebind W15 A4 Manual Binder
By: Gbc
Available on Request
  • Bind capacity 80g: 125 (14mm Wire)

  • Simple and easy to use controls

Gbc Combbind 200 Manual Binder
By: Gbc
Available on Request
  • Low force "perfect" punch makes preparing documents easier than ever

  • Number of punch holes: 21

Gbc Multibind 420 Multifunctional Manual Binder
By: Gbc
Available on Request
  • Double Handle: For extra power when punching

  • Binding style: ClickBind, CombBind, WireBind

GBC Comb Bind C450E Comb Binding Machine with Electric Punch, 4400421
  • Automatic Centering of Pages Positions the Pages for Perfect Punching

  • Easy Access Clippings Tray & Clippings Tray Full Indicator

Gbc  Sb15 Manual Multi Binder Spiral Binding Machine
By: Gbc
Available on Request
  • User-friendly spiral size guide

  • Full-width handle for extra punching power

Shop for High Quality Spiral Binding Machines

Spiral Binding Machines are used to bind paper together in a spiral. Be it a journal or your old-school diary, spiral binding machines can work wonders for putting thingsthem all together. It is the favourite type of binding for most people when it comes to both commercial and personal use. Spiral Binding is really convenient as all the pages can be opened up to a full 360 degrees. Spiral Binding Machines come in handy for both low page counts and high page counts. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to spiral binding machines. All you require to do is make a choice based on your needs, preferences and budget. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical spiral binding machines from renowned brands such as Oddy, GBC, Xtraon, Fellowes, etc.

Factors to Consider While Buying Spiral Binding Machines

Size: The size is the first thing you should look for in a spiral binding machine. Smaller size spiral binding machines are easy to work with. But you must also consider the nature and scope of your binding work before you make a purchase. So, make sure the size of the spiral binding machine aligns with your needs. 

Hole to Inch Ratio: The most common among binding machines work with 4:1 pitch supplies. You can also find other patterns for the binding hole, too, based on your binding needs. So, make sure you consider the pattern before making a purchase. 

Cost: As with any other product, cost is an important factor to consider when it comes to buying spiral binding machines. Ensure that you take a look at the several options on Moglix before you make the choice that suits you the best in terms of utility and gives you good value for money. 

Length: The length of the coil is also important for any spiral binding machine. Remember to check the coil supply length while buying a spiral binding machine. It is necessary to ensure that you have enough coil supply to complete your binding project. 

Buy Spiral Binding machines from Top Selling Brands Shop for the Best Spiral Binding Machines on Moglix 

GBC Spiral Binding Machine: GBC Spiral Binding Machines are known for being convenient in use and powerful. They come with a low force “perfect” punch that makes preparing documents much easier when compared to other options. This product also comes with a 12 month warranty. The design of GBC Spiral Binding Machines is also pretty compact, making it easy to carry around for use. Added to that, GBC Spiral Binding Machine is also one of the most reasonably priced machines you will find on Moglix. This product is specially designed for the busy offices where convenience and a speedy process are paramount. That’s why GBC Spiral Binding Machines are a great choice for those looking for binding machines that are pocket-friendly, powerful, and easy to use. 

Oddy Spiral Binding Machine: Oddy Spiral Binding Machines come with a solid base and can punch up to 15 pages at a time. These are heavy duty, sturdy and durable machines that are also incredibly simple to operate. The steel cutter and the plastic mould in Oddy Spiral Binding Machines are of the highest quality as well. Oddy Binding Machines are suitable for both home and office use. In terms of pricing as well, Oddy Spiral Binding Machines are pocket-friendly while taking nothing away from the quality and the power of the machine. There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to Oddy Spiral Binding Machines. 

Xtraon Spiral Binding Machine: Made from quality assured material, using the latest technology, Xtraon Spiral Binding Machines are slightly on the heavy side because of how powerful they are. Xtraon Binding Machines are also up there in terms of convenience and the utility they provide. Xtraon Binding Machines are of the Electrical Spiral Coil Binding type and come with a binding capacity of 500 pages. Xtraon Spiral Binding Machines also come with a warranty when you shop for them on Moglix. Additionally, these Xtraon Spiral Binding Machines are widely known to be of the highest quality products. 

Fellowes Helios Spiral Binding Machine: Fellowes Helios Spiral Binding Machines is a high-quality product that is suitable for both home and office use. Fellowes Spiral Binding Machines on Moglix are sourced from the best and most reliable vendors. Fellowes Helios Binding Machines are on the more expensive side when compared to other binding machines. Fellowes Helios Spiral Binding Machines are Thermal Machines that provide much more convenience and precision in work and are often preferred for commercial use in big offices.   

Shop for Durable & Highly-efficient Spiral Binding Machines on Moglix 

At Moglix, you will find the best spiral binding machines in a variety of types and price rangesrange. We have all the top brands in binding machines that can be enough to full fill satisfy the binding needs of a variety of customers. At Moglix, you will also find amazing discounts on Spiral Binding Machines. All you need to do is look for just the perfect products in terms of spiral binding machines and look for the best offers on the same and we also provide complete customer support even after you’ve made the purchase. When it comes to Spiral Binding Machines, you will find the top brands on Moglix. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Spiral Binding Machines

What are the maintenance requirements for a spiral binding machine?

The maintenance requirements for a spiral binding machine depend on the machine's design and manufacturer, but regular cleaning and oiling can help prolong the machine's lifespan.

Can a spiral binding machine be used with different types of paper?

Yes, a spiral binding machine can be used with different types of paper, but it is important to check the manufacturer's recommendations for the best results.

What size coils can be used with a spiral binding machine?

The size of coils that can be used with a spiral binding machine depends on the machine's design and manufacturer, but most can handle coils from 6mm to 50mm in diameter.