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Hammer Drills

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Purchase the Best Hammer Drilling Machines (हैमर मशीन) at Affordable Prices

A rotary drill with a hammering motion is referred to as a hammer drill. It frequently has a masonry bit attached. Typically, it is made to drill into brick, stone, mortar, or concrete. When it comes to how a hammer drill works, it usually rotates like a standard drill and also makes a forward-hammering noise. Battery power or electricity is typically used to power hammer drills. Hammer drills are often offered in corded or cordless versions. Hammer drills are incredibly functional and may be used for various tasks. They are mainly used for drilling holes in bricks, concrete, and similar materials, but you may also use them in wood, plastic, and metal drilling. They can be utilised to create holes for hanging portraits, mirrors, kitchen, and bathroom furnishings with screws and dowels. Hammer drills can also be used for fixing skirting boards or a TV wall mount.


We feature good quality hammer drill machines from highly reputed brands such as Stanley, Hillgrove, Makita, Dewalt, Cumi, and many more.

Types of Hammer Drill Machines to Choose as Per Need

Dedicated Hammer Drill - A rotary hammer, also known as a dedicated drill, is a specialised instrument typically used when masonry drilling is required. It is practical and expedites work.


Corded Drill with Hammer Option - Using a corded drill with a hammer setting is preferable when you have access to an electrical outlet because you won't need to worry about utilising charged batteries. A corded drill ensures that there is an adequate source of power. Corded drills are more potent, slimmer, and lighter than their cordless counterparts. However, they are typically noisier, less practical, and limit your mobility.


Cordless Drill with Hammer Option - Compared to other types, cordless hammer drills are advantageous. When there is no electricity around, they are most helpful. These cordless wonders are excellent solutions if you don't need to drill hundreds of holes simultaneously. Cordless drills are bulky, hefty instruments with a short lifespan that are incredibly convenient.


Percussion Hammer Drill - Hammer drills are units of lower-power instruments that often contain a "percussion" or "cm action" pounding mechanism. However, a drill bit is rotated while being hammered by two sets of toothed gear that mechanically engage with one another. These gadgets typically use cordless technology and are smaller in size. However, this kind of drill is only occasionally used for masonry or concrete drilling, not drilling for construction.


Electro-Pneumatic Hammer Drill - Advanced power units typically use a technology known as the "Electro-pneumatic" process of hammering, which results in larger, more powerful impact forces. It typically uses a single air compressor that is directly powered by electricity. There are two pistons in an electro-pneumatic hammer—a flying piston and a drive piston.


Rotary Hammer Drill - This kind of hammer produces a far more powerful hammer stroke, making it possible to drill larger holes more quickly. The conventional masonry pieces are no longer sufficient due to this kind of hammer's impact. Concrete drilling is the primary usage of this hammer. A rotating hammer is vital for labour-intensive tasks like drilling and chiseling rigid materials.

Features to Consider Before Buying Hammer Drill Machines (हैमर मशीन)

Motor Power - Consider investing in an electric drill with a motor output of five to eight amps if you plan to do light to moderate DIY projects at home. But hammer drills in this power range may create holes up to 1/2 inch in diameter.


Power Source - Hammer drills can be run on electricity or batteries. A battery-powered device is more portable; nevertheless, you must ensure that it has a sufficient battery before using it. On the other hand, electric hammer drills must be used close to an outlet because they are larger and require an extension cable. However, compared to battery-powered drills, electric ones can provide a steady power supply and be more potent. Electric hammer drills are the way to go if you work with concrete or other tough materials.


Chuck Size - You can attach the drill bit here; this feature will define the size of the hammer drill. The chuck sizes, however, might be 5/8, 14, or 12 inches. Some models, however, include a keyless chuck, which means you don't need any tools to detach or reattach it.


Power and Speed Torque - The torque is used to calculate the drill's speed and power. In reality, if the torque is higher, the drill will exert more force. Additionally, some models show how many blows per minute they can deliver to hard building materials like concrete, brick, and stone.

Reputable Brands To Choose Hammer Drill Machines From

Makita Hammer Drill Machine - Due to their highly efficient engines, industrial personnel admire Makita hammer drills for heavy-duty use. They have two operating modes that allow for rotation solely or rotation and hammering, making them appropriate for various applications. The huge trigger switch and 360-degree swivel side handle provide a high level of ease. These hammers are simple to operate thanks to the comfortable, rubberized grip and strategically placed reverse slide switch. The torque-limiting clutch helps to minimise gear damage by automatically disengaging the gear in the event of bit binds.


Dewalt Hammering Machine - Gold, ferrous, cobalt, and titanium Dewalt hammer drills can be used to optimize metal drilling boxes. In addition to being a reputable brand with products sold all over the world, Dewalt is a guarantee of the high calibre of hammer drills. All Dewalt Hammering Machines are up to the standards in this challenging industry since they are manufactured with premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.


Black & Decker Hammering Machine - Black & Decker hammer drills come in a range of sizes and forms. They are widely known in the market for their high quality and durable हैमर मशीन. Their hammer drill can be used for masonry and brickwork in addition to fastening and basic non-masonry drilling.


Stanley Hammer Drill Machine - Power tool manufacturer & retailer Stanley is well-known for its hammer drills. These hammer drills are very secure and user-friendly. The long ropes make moving around simple and hassle-free. Stanley Drills come in various price ranges and functions, so you may choose one that fits your needs and your work style.


Cumi Hammer Drill Machine - Cumi hammer drill machines are highly durable and of the highest quality. They can be applied in numerous domestic and industrial settings. All the products produced by the reputable and well-known company Cumi are expertly crafted from materials of the highest calibre. For the purchase of the raw materials, reputable and authorised vendors are chosen. Their equipment has a handle that is comfortable and easy to hold. The hammering machines' functions are likewise simple to use.


We also offer hammer drills from other highly reputed brands like Camron, ISC, Agni, Foster, Yuri, Powerup, and more at wholesale prices.

Buy Durable Hammer Drills at Wholesale Prices

When looking for hammering drills, buyers' top worries are known to us at Moglix. We have acquired the most current selection of hammer machines that may be used in various settings to satisfy our customers' needs. Before being shipped out for distribution, the goods are subjected to quality examinations. As a result, the purchaser may be certain that their hammer drill machines will arrive in the finest possible operating condition. We provide affordable options for you to choose from, whether you're a professional or a homeowner looking to purchase a dependable drill from one of the best manufacturers in the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hammer Drills

Can hammer drill drive screws?

You can use a hammer drill to drive screws in a material. However, this is not recommended by company.

Which is better - Cordless drill or Corded drill?

Cordless drills are considered better due to their features

How many watts does a hammer drill machine use?

In general, a normal hammer drill machine uses 500-800 watts

What is Mag drill?

Magnetic drill machines are also known as Mag Drills

Can I use a hammer drill to drill into wood?

While a hammer drill can be used to drill into wood, it is not the most efficient tool for the job. A regular drill will typically be more suitable for drilling into wood as it will not damage the wood as much as a hammer drill would.

How do I change the drill bit on a hammer drill?

To change the drill bit on a hammer drill, first ensure that the drill is unplugged or the battery is removed. Then, locate the chuck, which is the part of the drill that holds the drill bit in place. Open the chuck by turning it counter clockwise, insert the new drill bit, and tighten the chuck by turning it clockwise.

Can I use a hammer drill to drive screws?

While a hammer drill can be used to drive screws, it is not designed for that purpose. A hammer drill is designed for drilling and should not be used as a substitute for a power screwdriver or impact driver. It may cause damage to the drill bit and the screw.