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Buy Milling Machine for Metal Removal Process

A milling machine is one of the common machines used in shops and industries to produce high precision products and their parts. It consists of column & base, knee, saddle & rotary table, spindle, arbor, over the arm, and ram and is used to remove metal from the workpiece with the revolving cutter named milling cutter. It feeds the workpiece against the rotating milling cutter to machine the flat, rough, and irregular surfaces. These machines are capable of milling and turning the materials as well.

Know the Types of Milling Machines at Moglix

The two main configurations of the milling operations are the types of milling machines. Know their details here:

Horizontal Milling Machines: This is similar to a cutter but in this type of milling machine, the axis of rotation of the spindle is horizontal. These also have rotary tables that help them in milling in various angles.

Vertical Milling Machines: These mills have vertically arranged spindles and rotate by staying on the same axis. The spindle can also be extended and can perform functions such as drilling and cutting. These vertical mills have two further categories, turret mills and bed mills.

Knee Type Milling Machines: A knee type milling machine has a knee like projection in the middle. It is characterized by a vertically adjustable worktable resting on a saddle supported by a knee.

RAM Type Milling Machines: These mills have RAM on the top of the column that is used in vertical milling machines.

Best Brands of Milling Machines Online at Moglix

BDS: BDS offers one of the most reliable and durable milling machines. These machines produce jobs with the highest accuracy and precision than any other manual machine.

Metabo: Metabo milling machines are ideal for heavy-duty milling operations. These machines provide high accuracy in minimum possible time.

SMS: SMS offers a vast range of vertical, horizontal, and CNC milling machines at a very reasonable price. Their machines are the best option for industrial work.

Why Buy Milling Machine from Moglix?

Moglix is a B2B e-commerce company that offers the best industrial products online. We have the most reliable milling machines that can be used to perform any operation with a great degree of accuracy. Buy these machines from and spend your money on valuable products. Along with these products, we also impact drills, hammer drills, drill press, bench drills, rotary drills, tapping machines, and many more options.

Milling Cum Drilling Machine - Price Range

Milling Cum Drilling MachineMin PriceMax Price
SMS Milling Cum Drilling Machine₹64894₹94834
BDS Milling Cum Drilling Machine₹84960₹755998
Metabo Milling Cum Drilling Machine₹141077₹436662
This data was last updated on 9/25/22.